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Can Education System become perfect?
Yes, if it finds the answers on 7 basic key questions as it shown on these arrows

Now we have these answers.

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Many people upset with the boring school lessons and
search how to substitute them with something better and smarter.

Now this problem is solved!

7W ® case-lessons lively spread all over the world because of their usefulness, attractiveness and efficiency.

Choose your option of cases!

All cases

They contain all themes and sets in order to embrace the curriculum and switch on the motivation for learning and exploring the new knowledge

Language courses

These cases complement the topics that are included in the programs of language courses, camps, development multicultural programs

Elementary school

Cases on subjects and topics studied at primary school. Develop complex thinking, curiosity, interest in learning, memory, cognition, logics and imagination

Secondary school

Cases on subjects and topics studied at secondary school. Develop complex and critical thinking, team building, communication, interest in independent learning and research activities

High school

Cases on subjects and topics studied at high school. Develop system and critical thinking, creativity, decision making, chosing priorities self-knowledge and self-realization

Theme cases

Each case, together with the fundamental knowledge based on the school curriculum, gives new practical approaches and modern vision. There are 100+ cases four your convivience and pleasure

Special offer

Here you can find different cases for Holidays: Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day etc.

Best offer

This section provides cases on variety of topics in different languages for elementary, secondary and high schools.

21st century Formula:
More knowledge - in compressed time - for all kids.

7W ® Ed Platform

It's a new generation of school content and technologies that meets all modern challenges of the 21st century.

7W ® Education Platform leads to the Future

The transformation of learning has a trend to create several huge Education Platforms, similar to the world level Brands, as it happens in computers (Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia etc.).
They will compete with each other, suggesting different approaches. Our 7W ® Education Platform becomes a leader of the modern Education Stream. We believe that in 50 years Education in the world will not be the same.
It will be different. So we have to bring the future closer. Now you can see it here.

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7W: Always fresh knowledge.

What is new?

Everything is new: environment, content, technologies, proportions, goals, roles, financing, results.
Slide show displays the main features of 7W Education Platform.

How does it work?

7W ® case-lessons combine a set of curriculum disciplines.
For instance 'Smart phone': physics, chemistry, literacy, business, information, math, art, etc.
So it falls into memory as a neural connections that increases remembering and understanding of learning issue.
The combination of theoretical and practical in 'one bottle' gives excellent results.


" Educational System is built in such a way that the schoolchildren don`t understand why they need to learn this or that subject. The children are thrown into Math in the truest sense of the word. They don`t understand why they should solve these strange Mathematical problems. And our brain is used to skipping the information that seems useless to it. Approach to education, when children study disciplines exemplified by certain case lessons, has been known in Pedagogy for quite a long period of time. There is a real urgency to introduce changes. Designing of satellites and disassembling of engines provide good understanding of Mathematics and Physics, and the skills to use a spanner and a screwdriver will be of practical use. Such approach will help to master knowledge and combine it together with real life scenarios. "

Elon Musk

Business magnate, investor

" I appeal to the governments of all countries to pay attention to the sphere of education as it is of vital importance to give children not only knowledge, but also right values "

Nicholas Vujicic

Evangelist and motivational speaker

" The one who has seen how unanimously children fuss around a computer – approximately like my friends and I in 1968, - how delighted students are when they exchange friendly messages over the ocean, knows that technology is able to humanize the sphere of education. By forcing to study constantly, it transforms this process into pleasure and gives a chance to see some practical results at once. Foreseeing the opportunities provided by information technology, not only corporations will change their regular processes, there will be changes in school classes and students` lecture rooms "

Bill Gates

Business magnate, investor

" Case-based courses are an integrated tool that helps me to set and track goals, learn unique content at student's own pace and complete deeper learning projects. Case-based courses are unique with exclusive texts and visualization. Thank you for this brilliant chance! "

Emily Goodwin


" Within the framework of the Natural Sciences we conducted the case avout soap. Teachers and students did not only discover the secrets of ordinary soap but also acquired important knowledge of school curricula (and not only) such as chemistry, biology, natural science, astronomy, life safety, technology, ecology, history, futurology, art and business, and received many necessary competencies such as positive thinking, teamwork, self-control, caring for quality etc. "

Dayna Anthony

Private couch

" Teaching should be a prestigious career. Those who use cases have more chances to make a career in education."

Helena Atkins


" Case-based courses are the best option for us in our schools and for our students who want to get up-to-date knowledge easily and effectively. It's very important that they consist of exclusive and helpful information. There are many topics – we have found what we really need! "

Jacob Porter


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What else is interesting?

The Education Blast

The book received an Award «The Book of The Year» among 3000 book-competitors of different genres in 2011.

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Information about the most advanced and significant achievements in the World of Education.

Author Vladimir Spivakovsky

Founder of 7W Education System, President of Grand Corporation, Ph.D.Ec, The Author of 7 books-bestsellers and 56 patents.


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