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7 Wonders of education

One of them is unique and interactive case-lessons.

It's a main innovation in the world in 2019. A lot of teachers, parents and students use them at school, or as homeschooling, or online. Enjoy!

Case-lessons solve your problems!

How? They give more knowledge in less time. They focus attention on the right knowledge. With them students never get tired

Many people upset with the boring school lessons and search how to substitute them with something better and smarter.

Now this problem is solved!

7W ® case-lessons lively spread all over the world because of their usefulness, attractiveness and efficiency.



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  • - Relevant in any part of the world
  • - High results and many reviews

7W Case-lessons. Options

Choose your favorite case, and you will see how interesting lesson can be in the 21st century! These cases contain all school themes and sets in order to embrace the curriculum and switch on the motivation of students for learning and exploring the new knowledge. Here you will find packages, each of them consists of 9 case-lessons, for every month of the school year, that is very popular.

What are Case-lessons?

7W ® case-lessons combine a set of curriculum disciplines. For instance 'Smartphone': physics, chemistry, literacy, business, information, math, art, etc.

So it falls into memory as a neural connections that increases remembering and understanding of learning issue.

The combination of theoretical and practical in 'one bottle' gives excellent results.

What are cases
For whom
What benefits can you get

What problems does it solve?

75% of teachers note that case-lessons improve educational activity and get better remembering.
69% of the students note that cases are more intriguing and fascinating than ordinary text books.
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Students become smart, clever and successful

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Teachers get efficient tool and attractive bonuses

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Practical and creative

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Topics for lively debates in the classroom

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Parents satisfied with the results

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Schools are happy with motivated students

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Concentration of attention and other skills

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Large number of bright illustrations and infographics

Look how easy it is!

Children like to diassemble toys. Let's give them an opportunity to do it once again, splitting, for instance, smartphone, “water”, credir card, feeding, or drone, etc… - into vectors of maths, chemistry, business, art, physics, etc. When children compose and decompose something many times they simultaneously learn academic knowledge and soft skills – fascinatingly and usefully, in short time.

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What will you get:
  • Powerful and remarkable educational tool
  • Formula of the lessons' success and drive
  • Quick memorization secrets

The Map of worldwide spread of case-lessons

This map shows countries that apply case-lessons. Just at this very moment, this map can be replenished with one or more countries in which students take case-lessons at 7W® EduFuture educational platform.


These books became already bestsellers, because they are devoted to the goal of creating the perfect education systems - as a dream of many generations. They are written in easy language, full of aphorisms and fine illustrations. They are a real manual for teacher's usefulness, student's relief, savings for governments and inspiration to clever people.
The Education Blast

How to crack the Education system from the bottom and organize a breakthrough to the future.

Atlas of the Perfect Education System

Everything progressive in education industry is systematized and generalized here. This Atlas is irreplaceable. It “must have” every school, family, university, researcher, policy maker, teacher and principal.

21st century Formula:
More knowledge in compressed time for all kids.


The most fashionable in the 21st century is a diffusion and synergy of academic knowledge and soft skills. The only approach to achieve both goals is to implement interactive case-lessons. You just look at the list of these skills and you will see the most important values, that you expect and get from the school.

7W ® facts of what is on the way:

Always fresh knowledge









This article was surprisingly published in Independant newspaper that in Finnish schools subjects scrapped and replaced with integrated topics-cases.
Thanks to this innovation, Finland became a leader, creating the best education system in the world (PISA rating). Due to this case-movement in the world, we completed a generalized education platform 7W with big variety of case-lessons, and we proud that they satisfy the demand of the education market, and spread all over the world.

7W ® Edu Future Platform

It's a new generation of knowledge, content and efficient technologies that meets all modern challenges of the 21st century.

If you ask, ‘Can education system become perfect’?
There is an answer: Yes, of course.

Here you can see magical solutions, that lead to the perfect education system. Because they respond on the main challenges and expectations of all kids, parents and educators.

Indeed, this is very important to have comprehensive answers:

1. Why should students learn?

2. What should be the content then?

3. Where to learn (not only in the school!)

4. HoW to learn?

5. Who will teach?

6. HoW much should education cost and who will pay?

7. What results should we expect "at the end of the day"?

You can see the answers in cases and in the book "The Education Blast".

Start with case-lessons and you will see how much your school life will change.

The best education for all kids!

Sample Case:
to me"