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7 Wonders of education

One of them is unique and interactive case-lessons.

They are the main innovation in the world in 2018-2019. A lot of teachers, parents and students use them at school or as homeschooling, every month and every week. Enjoy!

Case-lessons solve your problems!

Case-lesson is a unique study material structured in a special format.

Many people upset with the boring school lessons and search how to substitute them with something better and smarter.

Now this problem is solved!

7W ® case-lessons lively spread all over the world because of their usefulness, attractiveness and efficiency.

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Do not miss the main educational innovation of the year. Choose your favorite case, hold a lesson and you will see how interesting classes can be in the 21st century! It contains all themes and sets in order to embrace the curriculum and switch on the motivation of students for learning and exploring the new knowledge.

What problems does it solve?

75% of teachers note that case-lessons increase effectiveness of lessons perception, improve educational activity of children and motivate their participation in studying and practicing of the material.
69% of the students note that cases are more intriguing and fascinating than ordinary text books.
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Students become smart, clever and successful

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Teachers get efficient tool and attractive bonuses

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Practical and creative

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Topics for lively debates in the classroom

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Parents satisfied with the results

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Schools are happy with motivated students

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Useful cascade structure of educational material

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Large number of bright illustrations and infographics

Look how easy it is!

Children like to diassemble toys. Let`s give them an opportunity to do it once again, splitting, for instance, smartphone, “water”, credir card, feeding, or drone, etc… - into vectors of maths, chemistry, business, art, physics, etc. When children compose and decompose something many times they simultaneously learn academic knowledge and soft skills – fascinatingly and usefully.

The Map of worldwide spread of case-lessons

This map shows countries that apply case-lessons. Just at this very moment, this map can be replenished with one or more countries in which students take case-lessons at 7W® EduFuture educational platform.


These books are dedicated to the best in the world education systems, that already became bestsellers. They are written in easy language, full of aphorisms and fine illustrations. They are a real manual for teacher's usefulness, student's relief, savings for governments and inspiration to clever people.
The Education Blast

A new book by a famous researcher, businessman and author Vladimir Spivakovsky.

Atlas of the Perfect Education System

Everything progressive new in education industry is systematized and generalized here. This Atlas is irreplaceable and it “must have” every school, family, university, researcher, policy maker, teacher and principal.

21st century Formula:
More knowledge in compressed time for all kids.


The most fashionable in the 21st century is diffusion and synergy of academic knowledge and soft skills. The only method and approach to achieve these both goals is to implement interactive case-lessons. Those students, who tried these case-lessons, are smart and happy.

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So, if you ask, ‘Can education system become perfect’?

Yes, of course.