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Module 7 In days to come

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Module 7

Before you start...

•    Do you think there is life on other planets?
•    In what ways do you communicate with people?

Look at Module 7

Find the page numbers for pictures 1 -4.

Find the page numbers for

•    a poem        
•    a joke        
•    a webpage        
•    a filmstrip        

 Listen, read and talk about...

•    hopes & dreams
•    plans & ambitions
•    If by Rudyard Kipling
•    a biography of Rudyard Kipling
•    voluntary work & positive actions
•    university life
•    Dian Fossey

Learn how to ...

•    talk about plans & ambitions
•    ask after friends

    Practise ...

•    conditionals (type 1,2,3)
•    inversion in conditional sentences
•    unreal past
•    phrasal verbs: carry
•    prepositional phrases related to goals & ambitions
•    idioms related to education
•    phrases with 'hope'

    Write /Make...

•    a verse of a poem
•    a formal letter/email
•    a paragraph about a way to change the world
•    a short article about university life in your country
•    a presentation about an environmentalist


1   Look at the titles and picture on the website. Who do you think it is for? What do you expect to learn from it?   Read, listen and check.

Life as a student is all about sitting through endless boring lectures, working all night to meet essay deadlines and of course scraping bv on your meagre student loan, right? Well, sometimes, but it can also be a lot of fun 11 We asked some first year students to give us the low-down on student life in the UK!

Matthew Springer, University of Leeds (B.A. History and Political Science):

"One of the best things about the first year is 'Freshers' Week' . You hardly sleep all week - there are so many parties, concerts and other events! And then there's the 'Clubs & Societies Bazaar' where you get the chance to join any kind of club or society you can imagine. It's difficult not to get carried away -1 signed up for the university newspaper, and the drama and canoeing clubs!"

Sylvie Leg range, Swansea University, Wales (B.Sc. Biological Sciences):

"I'm an overseas student from France. In my country, a lot of students live at home while studying, but here almost everyone goes to university in another town. This year, I got a place in halls  with most of the other first year students. It's so much fun hanging out in each other's rooms, drinking tea and ordering pizza at two o'clock in the morning! Next year, I'm going to rent a student house just off campus with four of my friends."

Sarah Miles, Keble College, Oxford (B.A. English and Modern Languages)
"I only have about ten hours of formal lectures every week, but I have to spend quite a few hours in the library doing research for essays. I also have to prepare for seminars, which are smaller interactive classes, and a weekly tutorial, which is basically a one-on-one discussion with my tutor . Oxford is a lot more traditional than most other UK universities. We still have to wear a black academic gown when we do exams and when we attend formal dinners in the college dining hall!"

Steven Howard, University of Bradford (B.A. Media Studies)
"University is hard work and I'm always skint but the social life is stormin'l My favourite hang-out is the Student Union . There's always something going on there, like a big band playing or some kind of special theme night. After a big night out, my mates and I always stop off for a kebab or a curry on the way home!"

1 week of events/activities to welcome first year students 2 halls of residence = shared university accommodation 3 university teacher 4 building on campus with facilities for social and organisational activities

Student talk: our mini-guide
hole-in-the-wall = ATM
rank = awful
sorted = under control
stormin', kickin', slammin' = exciting
skint = to have no money
mate = friend
2 RNE    Read again. Which student(s) mention(s):

1  getting involved in organised activities?
2  a nighttime snack?
3  a special dress code?
4  self-study?
5  lack of money?

3 Match the underlined words with their meanings: involving only two people, loose formal robe, be over-enthusiastic, managing to live with very little money, happening, allowing communication, very small.

4  List all words related to university from the text in Ex. 1 under the headings:

•    places   •    lessons  •    accommodation  •    teachers  •    after-school activities

Imagine  you are studying at Oxford University. Use the words to talk about university life.

5  Portfolio: Think of the most prestigious university in your country. Write a short article about it. Include: where students live, academic life, social life ets.


1   Read the equation above. How can small actions change the world?

2   Read the case study below to find out what Jacob does. Why does he do it? What does he feel that he achieves?


"I volunteer at a retirement home for a few hours each week. All I do is sit and chat with people for a while, read to them, tell them some jokes, but they really seem to look forward to my visits. I get a lot back, too. It makes me feel really great to know that I'm giving something and to see people's faces light up when I arrive. The elderly are wise. On more than one occasion they've given me advice that I just know I wouldn't have got anywhere else. I think volunteering in the community is one of the many things you can do to make the world a better place."
Jacob (17)


b  Read the case study again and explain the words in bold.

3    Read the suggested actions (1-6) and match them with the reasons (A-F). Suggest two more actions and their corresponding reasons. Compare your ideas with your partner.

английский язык

1  Learn basic first aid.
2  Spend time with people from different generations.
3   Become a community or  international volunteer.
4   Buy Fair Trade products.
5   Throw your rubbish  in the bin.
6   Give your spare change to charity and pay more when you buy things at charity shops.

A Both you and the peopl you help will feel great.
B It could save someone's lif
C Even a small purchase can help and charity shops give all the money they make to people in need.
D Rubbish on the streets is ugly and costs millions to clean up.
E It will cheer you/others up and change the way you/they behave.
F Producers get fair prices f( their goods and their livins working conditions improvi

4  THINK!   Consider the list of actions again. Which would you: definitely do? definitely/probably not do? possibly do? Discuss your answers in small groups, giving reasons.

>   A: I would definitely like to learn first aid.
     B: Yeah. Me too. I think it would be useful. I'd possibly become
           a community volunteer and help others feel well.
     C: That's a nice idea but I would probably not become a community
           volunteer,  because I'm not good at socialising.

5 THINK!    Portfolio: Work in groups. Use the ideas from Ex. 3 to help you think of another project that, if a lot of people took part, could really change the world e.g. planting one tree each. Think about the following:

1    What exactly would you do?
2    Who else would you get involved & how?

Write a paragraph about your idea, then present it to the class. The class votes for the best idea change the world.

Dian Fossey loved animals, trained as an occupational therapist and worked miracles with disabled children.| 1 | | After reading some books by George Schalles she decided to save up and go to Africa for 6 weeks to see the wildlife. When she first saw some mountain gorillas she became fascinated with them and began watching and recording their behaviour. She went home, studied to become a zoologist, and then returned to Africa to spend the rest of her life studying mountain gorillas.

| 2 | |  One day, a young male gorilla she named Peanuts, came over and touched her hand. After some time, Dian earned their trust and was able to sit with the gorillas and play with them and their babies.     
Dian's favourite gorilla was a young male named Digit. | 3 | | The poachers were locals making money from selling the hands, heads and feet of the gorillas. They sold their heads as wall decorations, and hands and feet as ashtrays. Several other gorillas met the same fate. Dian declared war on the poachers. Unfortunately, she was so outspoken that she became a target for violence.

On December 26th, 1985, she was found murdered in her cabin. She was buried in the cemetery next to her beloved gorillas. She was 53 years old. | 4 | |

What happened to Dian's beloved gorillas is what can happen to all animals whose parts are used to make souvenirs. So, be aware and never bring back any exotic gifts along with your beautiful memories. Buying souvenirs made from ivory, animal skins, teeth, bones, coral or turtle shells endangers animals and keeps poachers in business. Don't help drive innocent animals to extinction.

1  Close your eyes. Listen to the sounds. Where do you think you are? What is happening? How do you feel?

2  Describe the pictures. How do you think this woman made a difference to our world? Read the sentences A-E below and try to guess her story.

A Her killer, probably a poacher, was never found.
B Tragically, on New Year's Day, 1978, Dian found he had been killed by poachers.
C She didn't have any children herself.
D However, she had always had a desire to see more of the world.
E Over time, Dian came to know the gorillas as individuals and gave them all names.

3  RNE  Read the article and put the sentences A-E in the right place to complete the text. There is one extra sentence you do not need to use. Explain the words/ phrases in bold.

4   THINK!   Listen and read the text again. Which of these adjectives best describe Dian?
Tell your partner. Give reasons, sensitive, dishonest, caring, patient, nervous, determined.

> I think Dian was a very sensitive person because she worried a lot about the fate of animals.

5   Project: In groups collect information about Dian Fossey or another environmentalist. Present it to the class.

английский язык

RNE   Reading

Fill in the gaps (1-6) with the phrases (A-G). There is one phrase that you do not need to use.


A McJob? What on earth is that? Well, according to a recently- added dictionary entry, a McJob is a low-paying job that requires little skill and provides little opportunity for advancement.

You dream of a job like this, right? A monotonous, tedious job | 1 |  |? No? Then, why are thousands of educated young people spending hours each day folding jumpers, grilling burgers, serving cappuccinos and unpacking boxes of books?

Katie Underwood, a twenty-three-year-old university student, has had around twenty jobs just like this. She has worked night-shifts, has been told she can't have a break or a day off | 2 |  |.

Fast food adverts and movies may make us think that these jobs are held by pink-cheeked, trendy teens | 3 |  |, but in actual fact, most people in these jobs are in their late teens and twenties.

Like Katie, these youngsters are juggling these part-time jobs and university classes | 4 | |.

So, how sorry for yourself should you feel if you have to take a McJob? Well, perhaps you're actually one of the lucky ones! First of all, some well-known former McDonald's workers include Jeff Bezos, founder of and Carl Lewis, Olympic gold medallist, and according to a recent article, around 20 of the 50 top worldwide managers began by grilling burgers! Secondly, most young people who take these jobs have little or no previous work experience. Learning how to get to work on time, operate a machine, count change, serve customers politely, co-operate with fellow workers and accept orders from a boss are skills | 5 | |.

So, a McJob might be boring, tiring and badly-paid, | 6 | |. Undoubtedly, it will also make you appreciate just how lucky you are when you finally get your dream job!

A   so that they can pay for skyrocketing tuition fees and living expenses
B    which can give you valuable experience and maturity before you enter your chosen
C    career who have worked in factories, shoe shops, restaurants, bars and museums
D    who are just looking for a bit of extra spending money
E     but it can help prepare you better for the harsh world of work
F    that involves washing dishes, delivering parcels or asking "Would you like fries with that?"
G    and has usually been paid no more than the minimum wage

Listen to speakers 1-5. Which of the comments below might each speaker say? There is one comment you don't need to use.

A I realised what I wanted to do at a particular moment.
B I want to do something that lets me see lots of different places.
C I want to be my own boss.
D I want to do something to fight unfairness in the world.
E I want to work for an environmental organisation.
F It's difficult to earn enough money doing what I love.


Complete the text below by choosing the best word (A-D) for each gap (1-7).

 Victor Tsoi was born in Leningrad in 1962. His mother was Russian and his father was Korean. 1).........did they know that their son would grow up to be one of the pioneers of Russian rock music.

He started writing rock songs 2).......... he was 1 7, and by the time he was 20 he had formed a band called 'Kino! They made their first recording in Tsoi's flat and the demo tape was passed 3)    ............. the city and then the country.

Kino quickly 4)............. a large cult following. When their first album 45' was released in 1982, the political 5) .......... of their lyrics both excited a lot of Russian youth and angered the authorities. The band was the runaway winner of the Leningrand Rock Club Concert, mostly due to the popularity of their anti-war songs.

1985 proved to be a very important year for Tsoi and for Kino. Tsoi got married and had a son, Alexander. Social reforms allowed rock bands to be written about and 6).......    on TV which up until then had not been allowed. Kino then quickly became the most popular rock band in Russia.

Sadly, Victor Tsoi died in a tragic car accident in 1990. Amazingly, a tape of his vocals for the next album survived the crash and the band made the album after his death. This album was called the 'Black Album' and it was the band's 7).............   

Their music is still popular today and Victor Tsoi remains a cultural hero.

1    A    Few             B    Less              C    Small               D    Little
2    A    then             B    when             C    so                    D    because
3    A    through         B    up                 C    down                D    around
4    A    reached        B    caught           C    attracted           D    attained
5    A    essence       B    way                C    nature              D    spirit
6    A    happen         B    occur             C    see                   D    appear
7    A    final              B    last                C    end                   D    concluding

RNE    Speaking
Give a two-minute talk about a person you admire. Remember to say:

•    who the person is and what he/she is like
•    what he/she does/has done in life
•    why you admire him/her
•    what you can do to become like him/her

You have to talk for 11/2-2 minutes. Your partner will listen until you have finished. Then he/she will ask you some questions.

RNE   Writing

Read the extract from your pen friend Pete's letter. Write a letter to Pete. In your letter:

•    tell him how you feel about finishing school and your plans for next year
•    ask three questions about his brother's graduation

Write 100-140 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.

I can't believe we've both finished school now! How do you feel about it? What are your plans for next year? My brother Michael has just graduated from university and we all went to his graduation ceremony last week...

1   Fill in: achieve, overcome, reject, drop out,  attend, dream up, triumph, worth, meagre, long in the correct form.

1    Mike wants to ............ the Royal Ballet School.
2    It takes a lot of courage to ........... over adversity.
3    Sam ........... to become a fire fighter.
4    Stan ............... a plan to solve all his problems.
5    Jane ............. many obstacles to succeed as an actress.
6    Oh no! I've lost my file. That was 3 hours' .......... of work.
7    John's application was .............. because the course was full.
8    Students often live off a ........... amount of money.
9    You can ............... your goal if you work hard.
10 A small percentage of students    every year.

10X2     20

2   Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

1    If I pass my exams, I...............(go) to university.
2    If Jane misses the bus, she ................... (take) a taxi.
3    I ............. (apply) for the course earlier if I had known the closing date was today.
4    If I were you, I ............... (revise) a little every day.
5    If he................. (not/be) on time for the interview, he will not make a good impression.
6    If you hadn't helped me, I don't know what I ................(do).
7    If I ............. (be) ready for the exam, would I be panicking like this?
8    I wish I     ............. (go) to college, but my parents couldn't afford to pay for me.
9    If she............. (not/spend) her weekend socialising, she would have been able to study more.
10 Tom wishes he............. (get) better exam results, but he didn't study hard enough.

10X2  20

3  Complete the sentences using the words in bold. Use two to five words.

1    I think you should apply for the course, were If ........ apply for the course.
2    It's a shame he failed his exam, wish I.............his exam.
3    He didn't get a place on the course because he didn't apply in time.
got If he had applied in time,............. on the course.
4    Suppose you hadn't passed your exams, what would you have done?
hadn't What would you have............... passed your exams?
5  I suggest that we go home now.
rather I    ........... home now.

 5X4     20

4   Complete the phrasal verbs with the correct particle.

1  James carried .............. first prize in the essay writing competition.
2  Your friendship carried me.............a difficult time in my life.
3   If you carry............staying out late every night, you will soon be exhausted.
4  Kim has the experience to carry ............ any project she is asked to do.
5  I just have one or two errands to carry .......... then I'll be ready.    

 5X2     10

5  Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition or paticle "to".

1   Tom's doing research............ cultural differences.
2   You must never cheat ............ an exam.
3   I graduated ............ university with a first class degree.
4   Gail longs .......... finish college and start earning money.
5   He succeeded ......... becoming a professional athlete.

 5X2     10

6   Match to form exchanges.

1   Have you made any plans                              a I love it! for next year?    

2   I've decided to be an                                      b Really well, thanks,

3   How's your course going?                              c I camimagine!

4  It's really hard work.                                       d I think I'll do  a Masters.

5    How's student life?                                       e Good for you!

 5X4     20

My score    


Now I Can ....

•    talk about my hopes and dreams
•    talk about plans & ambitions
•    ask after friends
•    use conditionals
•    write a formal letter/email
•    write a verse of a poem
•    write a short article about university life
•    give a presentation about an environmentalist & how to make a difference

Английский язык. 11 класс : учеб. для общеобразоват. учреждений / [О.В. Афанасьева, Дж.Дули, И.В. Михеева и др.]. - 2-е изд., доп. и перераб. - М.: Express Publishing : Просвещение, 2009. - 244 с. : ил. - (Английский в фокусе).

Английский язык для 11 класса, учебники и книги по английскому языку скачать, библиотека онлайн

Содержание урока
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1236084776 kr.jpg опорный каркас  
1236084776 kr.jpg презентация урока
1236084776 kr.jpg акселеративные методы 
1236084776 kr.jpg интерактивные технологии 

1236084776 kr.jpg задачи и упражнения 
1236084776 kr.jpg самопроверка
1236084776 kr.jpg практикумы, тренинги, кейсы, квесты
1236084776 kr.jpg домашние задания
1236084776 kr.jpg дискуссионные вопросы
1236084776 kr.jpg риторические вопросы от учеников

1236084776 kr.jpg аудио-, видеоклипы и мультимедиа 
1236084776 kr.jpg фотографии, картинки 
1236084776 kr.jpg графики, таблицы, схемы
1236084776 kr.jpg юмор, анекдоты, приколы, комиксы
1236084776 kr.jpg притчи, поговорки, кроссворды, цитаты

1236084776 kr.jpg рефераты
1236084776 kr.jpg статьи 
1236084776 kr.jpg фишки для любознательных 
1236084776 kr.jpg шпаргалки 
1236084776 kr.jpg учебники основные и дополнительные
1236084776 kr.jpg словарь терминов                          
1236084776 kr.jpg прочие 

Совершенствование учебников и уроков
1236084776 kr.jpg исправление ошибок в учебнике
1236084776 kr.jpg обновление фрагмента в учебнике 
1236084776 kr.jpg элементы новаторства на уроке 
1236084776 kr.jpg замена устаревших знаний новыми 

Только для учителей
1236084776 kr.jpg идеальные уроки 
1236084776 kr.jpg календарный план на год  
1236084776 kr.jpg методические рекомендации  
1236084776 kr.jpg программы
1236084776 kr.jpg обсуждения

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