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We must leave our land

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We must leave our land

1 Listen and read.

We must leave our land

2    Try to answer the questions.

1.    После нескольких веков римского завоевания на Британских островах жили

а) только римляне
Ь) потомки римлян и кельтов
с) только кельты

2.    После ухода римских завоевателей Британские острова

а) больше не пытались завоевать
b) начали завоевывать германские племена
с) снова завоевали римляне

3.    К пятому веку нашей эры кельты — жители Британских островов — были

а) язычниками
b) друидами
с) христианами

4.    Что вам известно о короле Артуре и рыцарях Круглого стола?

а) Их не существовало.
b) Это средневековые рыцари — участники крестовых походов,
с) Король Артур был кельтским королем, жил в Камелоте и был другом волшебника Мерлина.

3 Listen, read and check your answers.

We must leave our land

We must leave our land

The ring sfiozus the way


Something was happening. Artos could feel it. Their little farm was quiet as usual, but yesterday he saw a lot of carts on the road. They went past Artos's house all day and all night. "Where are the reople going?" he asked. "People are going to the mountains — to safety his father said. He looked orried. Artos began to feel afraid.

"What's the matter. Father?"
Artos, you are only seven, but we must talk.
Do you remember our great King Arthur?"
"Of course, I know all about him. Every boy in the tribe does. Arthur was a rreat king and Merlin, the greatest wizard of all time, helped him. He had thirteen knights - his friends. When they had meetings, Arthur never sat on his throne. He had a special Round Table for the meetings to show (чтобы показать, что) that he and all his knights were equal. And..."

"Don't forget the most important thing, Artos. King Arthur beat our enemies, the pagan Angles and Saxons, and gave us fifty years of peace."

"Yes, Father. I know that. I hate the Angles and the Saxons. They first came to Britain in the fifth century after the Romans left."

"Yes, son, it was a hundred and fifty years ago. The Angles and the Saxons landed on the east coast, near London, and moved west. They are slowly taking all of Britain. They even call our land Anglia — the land of the Angles. It is so unfair."

The father sighed. "Now be brave, son. A Saxon king is coming here with a great army. They will burn our beautiful farm and all the farms of the tribe. We must leave our land forever."

Artos began to cry.
Artos, do you remember the motto of our tribe?"
"Yes, Father."
"Put your hand on mine and say it."
"Fight for the ring. Fight with the ring. Fight in the ring."
And what does it mean, Artos?"
"It means our tribe must stay together and help our friends. We are the People of the Ring. Together we are free and strong like Arthur's Knights of the Round Table." Artos said.
"Tomorrow we will have a special ring meeting. There we will make the decision. I think we should move to the North."

Suddenly Artos was angry. "Why do these Angles and Saxons want our land, Father? They have nearly all our land. WE always have to move. Why?"

"Because," said his father, "behind them in Europe are other tribes. They attack the Saxons, and then the Saxons attack us."

That night Artos couldn't sleep. He was sitting next to the fire and thinking about the horrible news. But the boy wasn't looking at the fire, he was playing with his father's ring. It was the main treasure of their tribe. Artos put the ring on his finger and... fell asleep.

He had a very strange dream. In the morning Artos went to the priest. The boy told the priest about his dream. "What should I do?" he asked. "The ring has spoken (Кольцо заговорило•)" the priest answered. "Do what you have to do. Don't be afraid."

King Arthur — король Артур. Кельтский король, прославившийся победами над англами и саксами. В шестом классе вы узнали о государстве короля Артура — Камелоте — и его друге — волшебнике Мерлине, который, по преданию, велел воздвигнуть Стоунхендж на Солсберийской равнине, где это каменное сооружение находится и по сей день. Об этом периоде истории Британии известно немногое, и, несмотря на большое количество легенд, факт существования короля Артура вызывает большие сомнения.
The Angles and the Saxons — англы и саксы — германские племена, захватившие Британские острова к концу пятого века.

4    Answer the questions.

1.    Where did Artos and his family live?
2.    Why did his father look worried?
3.    Who were the enemies of Artos and his tribe?
4.    What was Artos' tribe going to do?
5.    Why did Artos hate the Angles and the Saxons?
6.    What happened at night?

5    When and why did these things happen? Use the words from the text.

Model:1. Artos knew that something was happening. — Because yesterday Artos saw a lot of carts. They went past his house all day and all night.
2.    The father sighed.                    4. Artos felt angry.
3.    Artos began to cry.                  5. Artos couldn't sleep.

6    a) Who said these words?

1.    "Fight for the ring. Fight with the ring. Fight in the ring."
2.    "We are the People of the Ring. Together we are free and strong like Arthur's Knights of the Round Table."

b) What do the words Fight for the ring. Fight with the ring. Fight in the ring mean? Choose the right answer.

1.    The main treasure of the tribe is the ring. People know that the ring is magic. The ring always helps the tribe and people are ready to fight for the ring.
2.    People of the tribe must always be together (in the ring) and are ready to fight for their friends (for the ring).

с) Why does Artos compare the ring of the tribe with King Arthur's Round Table?

1.    Because Arthur's Round Table was magic and the ring is magic.
2.    Because the ring is round and the table is round. If you sit in the rine. everybody is equal. Nobody is better or worse.

7 True or false? Read the sentence from the text and explain your answer.

1.    The Romans had to leave the British Isles.
2.    The Angles and the Saxons were Germanic tribes.
3.    The Celts, the Angles and the Saxons were friends.
4.    The Celts had to leave their land.
5.    The Celts were pagans.
6.    The Angles and the Saxons were Christians.
7.    The word Anglia" means "the land of the Angles'.'

А Look at the map of England in the 7th century.
Некоторые из этих названий вы можете найти и на современной карте Великобритании. Догадайтесь о происхождении географических названий. Сопоставьте названия на карте и их значения.

1.    Sussex
2.    Wessex
3.    Essex
4.    East Anglia

a)    East Saxons
b)    East Angles
c)    West Saxons
d)    South Saxons

We must leave our land
2-10-38.jpg What will happen next? Try to predict. You can check your guesses at the end of the next unit.

В Look at the map again. What do you think? Where will Artos and his tribe go?

С Look at the pictures of the ring meeting. Only one picture is right. Which one? Explain your answer.

We must leave our land

We must leave our land

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман
Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 7 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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