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7 Wonders of education

Can Education System become perfect?
Yes, if it finds the answers on 7 basic key questions as it shown on these arrows

Why learn?..
What to learn?..
Who should teach?..
When to study?..
Where to learn?..
hoW to teach?..
What if?..
Now we have these answers.

What are Case-courses?

7W ® case-lessons combine a set of curriculum disciplines. For instance 'Smart phone': physics, chemistry, literacy, business, information, math, art, etc.

So it falls into memory as a neural connections that increases remembering and understanding of learning issue.

The combination of theoretical and practical in 'one bottle' gives excellent results.

What are cases
For whom
What benefits can you get

How does it work?

Case-lesson is a comprehensive educational technology developed according to a special algorithm, which displays 2 in 1 advanced formula: Standard school program + Skills and competences "which are needed in life, except knowledge" = High result.

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Many people upset with the boring school lessons and
search how to substitute them with something better and smarter.

Now this problem is solved!

7W ® case-lessons lively spread all over the world because of their usefulness, attractiveness and efficiency.

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This year's Back to School begins with a case-lessons all around the world. Do not miss the main educational innovation of the year. Choose your favorite case, hold a lesson and you will see how interesting classes can be in the 21st century!

Choose your option of cases!

21st century Formula:
More knowledge in compressed time for all kids.

«The World of Cases» Program

Buy cases and become an expert, having documented cooperation with 7W Educational platform on favorable terms!

Our program will allow you to earn by attracting your colleagues, friends, acquaintances.


7W: Always fresh knowledge.

7******* Schools 7W

Modernization of education systems is already taking place in many countries where powerful innovative projects are developing. Our Educational Platform 7W participates in the rating international competitions where projects of the 7******* schools on the basis of advanced technologies of 7W are intensively developed.

The Map of worldwide spread of case-lessons

This map shows schools that apply case-lessons. This map of the world, perhaps just at this very moment, can be replenished with one more country in which students take case-lessons at 7W® educational platform.

Our achievements and development

7W ® Education Platform leads to the Future

The transformation of learning has a trend to create several huge Education Platforms, similar to the world level Brands, as it happens for instance in phones (Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia etc.). They will compete with each other, suggesting different approaches.

Our 7W ® Education Platform becomes a leader of the modern Education Stream. We believe that in 50 years Education in the world will not be the same. It will be different.

So we have to bring the future closer. Now you can see it here.

7W ® facts of what is on the way:









7W ® Ed Platform

It's a new generation of school content and technologies that meets all modern challenges of the 21st century.

Our mission:
To overcome civilization crises and deal with the global
challenges due to the unique 7W Education Platform.

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