We are family, aren't we?

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We are family, aren't we?

1 Read the ending of Misha and Rob's adventure.
We are family, aren't we?
Rob:            We have read all the stories and collected all the keys, but we still have no idea where to
                   look for the treasure.
Agent Cute: You need a break. You've been thinking for three days.
Mark:           It's useless. It can be anything.
Misha:         Let's try just one last time. Look at the keys again: hope, freedom, ship, religion, pilgrims, flower,  King James I. What does it all mean?

                   (The door opens and Emily enters the room.)

We are family, aren't we?

Emily:       Together they mean that at the time of King James I a group of brave people left England
                 on a ship called the Mayflower. Hope and love of freedom led them to the faraway country
                 called America. On the ship there was a tall, handsome man, Robin MacWizard.
Mark:         Emily! You are back!  
Emily:       Yes, I'm back. I'm glad that I came in time and that I was able to help.
Misha:       Will you explain everything now?
Emily:       Certainly. Actually, I have already told you
                everything. In 1620 Robin MacWizard left for America on the Mayflower.
Rob:         What do you know about Robin MacWizard? Have you met him?
Emily:      Of course I've never met him. He died in the 17th century. But I know that he was Rob and
                Mark's nine times great-grandfather.
Mark:       How do you know that?
Emily:      Don't you understand yet? He was my nine times great-grandfather too. My mother's surname is MacWizard.
               When I was a child, I was told a lot of stories about Robin MacWizard. Of course I didn't believe
              that Grandfather Robin was a wizard and that he was able to fly and talk to animals. But when
              I laughed at the stories, my grandmother used to show me a book which has always been our
              family treasure. On the cover someone had written "The Diary of Robin MacWizard who sailed to America on the Mayflower in 1620." Unfortunately,   that                    was the only thing that we were able to understand.
Mark:     I think I know why. The diary was written in runes, wasn't it?
Emily:    Yes, it was, and we always wanted to translate it.
Rob:       Did you know anything about us, the English MacWizards?
Emily:    No, we didn't, not until my aunt Minnie met Agent Cute on the
            train. She had come from America to help me during my first weeks in England. Agent Cute
            told her about the MacWizards and the family treasure, and aunt Minnie understood that the
            MacWizards were our relatives. But she didn't steal the secret note — I think Agent
            Cute lost the note somewhere.
Rob:      But then she broke into our house and tried to steal some of our family manuscripts.
            Emily: That is not true. My aunt is not a bad woman. She just wanted to have a look at your
            books and find out more about your family. She didn't take anything. Then she went back to
            America and told all our family about the English MacWizards. One of my uncles heard about
            the treasure and decided to find it all by himself. It was Uncle Terry who kidnapped Rob.
            I didn't help him.
Mark:    Why did we find the book in your room then?
Emily:   I didn't know that you were looking for it. I only knew that it was yours after Mark
            said something at the History club. I was going to return it to you, I just wanted to learn the
            code and read "the diary of Robin MacWizard", but then you sent me the virus and found the book
            in my room. I was so scared. I thought, "They'll never believe me," and I ran away. I flew back
            to my family in America and told them everything. They were really angry with Uncle Terry and me.
            Then I decided to come back to you and tell the truth. Now call the police if you want to.
Mark:    We don't want to call the police, Emily. From the very beginning Misha didn't believe that
            you were guilty (виновата). And... we are family, aren't we?
Emily:   I'm so happy that you're not angry with me. Maybe you'll come to visit my family in the summer.
            They'll be so happy to see you all!
Mark:    Why not?
Rob:      That's a good idea.
Emily:    It's great that you have agreed to come. Our grandfather Robin from the 17th century wanted it too.
Mark:     How can you say that?
Emily:    Look, I've translated the first page of the diary. But the translation is very strange.  I've probably made some mistakes.
Rob:      Let's look at it.

Dear Rob,
if you are reading this, it means that you've found all the seven keys. The treasure is in America. Are you already there? Have you met your American relatives? I hope Misha and Mark are with you.

Emily:      It's very strange. How could Grandfather Robin know your names?
Misha:      Well, he was a wizard, wasn't he?
We are family, aren't we?


К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 8 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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