What's in?

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What's in

1 Listen to the words and expressions and repeat them after the speaker.

2 Listen to the dialogue and answer the questions: Where are the friends going? Who likes the idea of shopping? Who doesn't?

3 Read the dialogue for detail to be able to answer the questions in Ex 4.

Emily: Today we should go shopping, guys. New York is famous for its shopping. It'd be a pity to miss the opportunity.
Misha:That's great!
Rob:   What a good idea!
Mark:  Oh, Emily, please let me stay at home. I can't stand shopping.
Rob:   But, Mark, you really need some new clothes.
Mark:  What's wrong with my jeans, T-shirts and trainers? They're OK for travelling.
Emily: To tell you the truth, they are a little out of fashion.  
Mark:  I don't care about fashion. I prefer casual clothes, I feel more comfortable in them.
Misha: But those who don't care about fashion miss on a lot of fun. I like to look round
       the shops and find something original that doesn't cost too much. Clothes show my individuality.
Emily: Well, I think it's better to buy clothes that are in at the moment. I don't like to stand out. My hobby is buying things in the sales. Most of my clothes  come from discount stores that sell designer clothes, so they don't cost that much. My favourite jeans are Calvin Klein, and they only cost $10. It was a real bargain.
Rob:   You can call me a snob if you like, but I think clothes are a status thing. "Clothes make the man" they say and I agree. People make up their minds about you  when they look at your clothes, so my clothes have to be the latest fashion. Ralph Lauren is one of my favourite designers. His shirts and jackets are very expensive.
       Look at this jacket, for example. Isn't it smart?
Emily: Yes, I think it's very elegant. You could wear it to any nice party or fancy restaurant.
Rob:   Thank you, Emily. So when are we leaving?
Emily: In a second. Before we go, I'd like to look through the latest magazines. It's so easy to make a mistake with fashion...
Mark:  I still think it's ridiculous to care about clothes so much. I believe in the old saying "Never judge a book by its cover."

4 Answer the questions. (More than one answer can be correct.) Support your answers with facts from the dialogue.

1.    Who likes to wear expensive clothes?
2.    Who doesn't like to pay a lot of money for clothes?
3.    Who doesn't care about clothes?
4.    Who likes to buy things in the sales?
5.    Who wears only expensive clothes?
6.    Who doesn't buy expensive clothes?

5 Look through the dialogue again and:

a)    find out the meaning of the words and expressions

•    a bargain
•    discount stores
•    to be a status thing
•    a snob
•    to buy things in the sales
•    "Clothes make the man"

b)    find the synonyms for:

•    unusual, extravagant
•    practical
•    fashionable and elegant
•    to be in fashion

c)    find the opposite of:

•    to go out of fashion
•    casual clothes
•    I don't like to stand out.
•    "Never judge a book by its cover."


How to build words?

Суффиксы прилагательных -ful, -able / -ible, -al

Для образования прилагательных от существительных и глаголов используются суффиксы:

-ful                       beauty — beautiful
-able / -ible            rely — reliable
-al                         culture — cultural

6    Translate the adjectives into Russian. How were they formed? Look in the dictionary if necessary. Which of the words can be used to describe clothes?

Model:readable = the verb to read + suffix -able

useful, wonderful, enjoyable, hopeful, helpful, political, musical, fashionable, peaceful, comfortable, natural, sensible, changeable, successful, meaningful, colourful, suitable, tasteful

7    Form the adjectives from the nouns in brackets. Complete the sentences.

1.    This blouse is very .... (fashion)
2.    I like ... clothes, (comfort)
3.    These jeans are not very .... (practice)
4.    What a ... (beauty) dress! (beauty)
5.    I like ... sweaters, (colour)

8    Try to remember how the friends choose their clothes and what's important to them.

Model: Emily buys things that are in
           fashion.— Because she doesn't
           like to stand out.

1.    Rob wears designer clothes.
2.    Emily wears clothes that are fashionable.
3.    Misha likes to wear original clothes.
4.    Mark doesn't care about clothes.
5.    Mark wears casual clothes.

9    Look ot the factors that are important for teenagers when they buy clothes. Which of them were mentioned in the dialogue?

1.    price                                               7. friends' advice
2.    comfort                                            8. other people's style (famous
3.    fashion in your class (group)                   people, role models)
4.    fashion magazines                            9. individuality
5.    adverts on TV                                  10. status
6.    parents' advice

10    Choose the three factors that are important to you. Explain your choices.


А Match the words with the definitions.

1.    Something you buy really cheaply.    
2.    Somebody who thinks that he is better than    
3.    Something unusual.    
4.    Something that's OK for the situation.    
5.    When shops reduce their prices.
6.    Comfortable clothes that you wear in informal situations.    
7.    Expensive and elegant clothes.    


В Fill in the gaps with the words last or latest.

1. When did you see him ... ?                            5. Have you read the ... book by
2.1 couldn't hear the ... news.                             Marinina?
3.1 didn't forget our ...                                        6. It was the ... train for today.
conversation.                                                    There won't be any more trains
4. This dress is the ... fashion.                           until tomorrow.

С Translate the sentences into English.

1.    Я не люблю выделяться.
2.    Я покупаю вещи на распродажах.
3.    Эта рубашка очень дорогая, но немодная.
4.    Это платье — крик моды.
5.    Мне нет дела до моды, я ношу удобные вещи.
6.    Его одежда и модная, и практичная.
7.    Эти туфли красивые, но непрактичные. Они белые.
8.    "Что сейчас модно?" — "Яркие пуловеры и клеши".
9.    Последний поезд только что ушел.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 9 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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