Повторення “Present Simple”. Виконання вправ. Розвиток діалогічного мовлення.

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Тема уроку: Повторення “Present Simple”. Виконання вправ. Розвиток діалогічного мовлення.

Мета уроку:
1. Повторити та закріпити знання про Present Simple (Теперішній Час)
2. Здобути навички використання Present Simple шляхом виконання вправ
3. Розвинути діалогічне мовлення

Хід уроку:

1. Привітання та зазначення теми уроку.
Good morning children! I'm glad to see you. Today we will speak about Present Simple and revise your knowledge about it.

2. Повторення правил утворення Present Simple.
At first let us remember what is Present Simple and how it is formed.

Present Simple describes the action that repeats or takes place usually. It can be a habbit, a daily event, a hobby or something you do often.

Present Simple has its own formula:[VERB] + s/es in third person

Пояснення до формули:
Теперішній час в англійській мові формується за допомогою дієслова у першій, другій або третій формі. Якщо дієслово стоїть у третій формі, до нього додається закінчення s/es.

Present Simple Tense is used in several cases.

1. If the action repeats or happens usually.


I go to school every morning.
She gets up at 8 o'clock and goes to the office.
My mother cooks pies on Sundays.

2. If is a fact or generalization.


London is a capital of Great Britain.
I am a pupil of the fourth form.
Dogs like meat.

3. If it is a planned event in the future.


The lesson begins at 9 o'clock.
The train comes tomorrow at 11 AM.
The show ends at 20 o'clock.

4. If you need to describe an action that is happening now (with non-continious verbs).



He is there now.
I don't need your help now.
She has money in her pocket.

2. Виконання вправ.
Let's do some exercises to revise how Present Simple is used.
Вправа 1. Choose the right variant of answer.

1. I ____ to play tennis.
don't like
doesn't like

2. He _____ at 8 o'clock.
go to sleep
doesn't goes
doesn't go

3. My parents ______ in the office.
doesn't work

4. She ______ to school every day.

5. My sister and I _____ in the yard.
doesn't play

Вправа 2. Match the phrases to form the right sentence.

I                                    come to see me when I am at home.
Jenny                             like to drink tea in the morning.
My friends                      watches TV before going to bed.
Mark                              play football after school.
Boys                              draws very well.
Our teachers                   go to theatre with us every week.
Use the sentences in the negative form.

Вправа 3. Translate the sentences.
1. Моя мама дуже добре готує.
2. Ти ходиш до школи кожного ранку?
3. Ганна любить читати книжки ввечері.
4. Мої батьки не ходять на роботу в суботу.
5. Ми часто граємо у футбол після школи.
6. Тобі подобається ця картина? - Ні, я малюю краще.
7. Моя сестра прокидається о 8 годині та йде до парку.
8. Я завжди роблю уроки ввечері.

3. Розвиток діалогічного мовлення.
Read and translate the dialog.

- Hello, what is your name?
- Hi, my name is Ann.
- Do you go to school?
- Yes, I go to school every morning.
- What do you usually do in the morning?
- I get up at 7 o'clock, wash, dress, do my morning exercises and go to school.
- Do you often have breakfast before school?
- Sometimes. But I usually have my breakfast at school with my classmates.
- Do you like to walk in the park after school?
- No, I don't. I often draw or listen to the music after school.
- When do you do your homework?
- I always do my homework in the evening. If I have time I watch TV or play with my little sister. Then I go to bed.

Now try to create a similar dialog. Спробуйте скласти свій власний діалог, на будь-яку тему, але так, щоб в ньому використовувався Present Simple, у стверджувальній, запитальній та заперечній формах.

4.Відповіді на питання. Діалог із вчителем.

Let's do the following. I will ask questions and someone will answer them all.

1. What is your name and how old are you?
2. Where do you study? Do you like to study in this school? Why?
3. What do you usually do after school? Do you play with your friends after your lessons?
4. How many members are there in your family? What are they?
5. What do you parents do in the evening?

Thank you!

Okay, noe I want you to ask me some questions. You can ask whatever you like, use Present Simple in your questions.

5. Читання та переклад тексту. Складання діалогу по тексту.

I will give you a text, you will read and translate it. (Вчитель роздає учням текст).

My name is Olga, I am the pupil of the fourth form. I like my school very much because I have a lot of friends there. The teachers in our school are very good and their lessons are interesting and funny. I usually go to school with my little brother. We wake up at 8 o'clock, wash, dress, have our breakfast, take the bags and go to the buss-stop. The buss arrives at 9 o'clock. Our lessons begin at 9.30 and end at 14 o'clock. Sometimes my brother and I stay after the lessons and do our homework at school. Then we go to walk in the park or play tennis with the pupils of our form.
In the evening I usually watch TV or play with my dog. It's name is Jack and it is very nice and clever. Sometimes I read books or draw some pictures because I like to draw very much and do it well. My brother and I often go to sleep early because the next day we get up and go to school again.

Good for you!

Тепер розбийтеся по парам та задайте один одному по декілька запитань щодо тексту.

Наприклад: Whe does Olga wake up? - Olga wakes up at 8 o'clock. Does she like to go to school? - Yes, Olga likes to go to school.

У вас повинен вийти короткий діалог.

6. Кінець уроку.

Our lesson is over. Thank you for your attention, I liked your answers very much! Goodbye!

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