"The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4" by Sue Townsend

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Etxtensive reading

Unit 1

1 Look at the dictionary entry and answer these questions:

Diary - a book in which you write down the things that happen to you each day.

1 Have you ever kept a diary?
2 Why do you think teenagers very often keep diaries?
3 What do you know about diary style?

2 A. Read this extract from the book "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged
13 3/4" by Sue Townsend and answer the questions.

Saturday June 6th

Oh Joy! Oh Rapture! Pandora is organising a sock protest! She came round to my house today! Yes! She actually stood on our front porch and told me that she admired the stand I was taking! I would have asked her in, but the house is in a squalid state so I didn'l. She is going round the school with a petit/on on Monday morning. She said I was a freedom fighter for the rights of the individual. She wants me to go round to her house tomorrow morning. A committee is being set up, and I am the principal speaker! She wanted to see the red socks but I told her they were in the wash.

Doreen Slater and Maxwell went home today, My grandma is coming round tonight, so all traces of them have got to be wiped out.

1 Why did Pandora come to Adrian's home?
2 What did she do to support Adrian?
3 Do you think Adrian told Pandora the truth about his red socks?

английские слова


Monday June 8th

Woke up, dressed, put red socks on before underpants or vest. Father stood at the door and wished me luck. Felt like a hero. Met Pandora and rest of the committee at corner of our road; all of us were wearing red socks. Pandora's were Jurex. She has certainly got guts! We sang "We shall not be moved" all the way to school. I felt a bit scared when we went through the gates but Pandora rallied us with shouts of encouragement. Popeyed Scruton has been tipped off because he was waiting /n the fourth-year cloakroom, He was standing very still with his arms folded, stanng with poached egg eyes, He didn't speak, he just nodded upstairs, All the red socks trooped upstairs, My heart was beating dead loud. He went silently into his office and sat at his desk and started tapping his teeth with a school pen, We just stood there. He smiled in a horrible way and rang the bell on his desk...

4 How did Adrian prepare for the "red socks" protest?
5 How did he feel when he went to
6 Where did the headmaster meet the protestors?
7 How did Adrian feel in the headmaster's office?


She has certainly got
guts! - She is brave,
...rallied us - cheered us
...tipped off - warned
poached egg eyes -
с выпученными глазами

B. Answer the questions before you read the end of the story.

1 Why do you think the headmaster "smiled in a horrible way"?
2 How do you think the
storyis going to contInue?
3 Do you think the school administration is going to punish the students? How?

C. Read the next part of the story and choose the best answer from the ones below.

He smiled in a horrible way then rang the bell on his desk. His secretary came in, he said, "Sit down and take a letter, Mrs Claricoates". The letter was to our parents, it said:

Dear Mr and Mrs...,

It is sad to inform you that your son / daughter has deliberately flaunted one of the rules of this school. I take an extremely serious view of this contravention. I am therefore suspending your son / daughter for a period of one week. Young people today often lack sufficient moral guidance in the home; therefore I feel that it is my duty to take a firm stand in my school. If you wish to discuss the matter further with me do not hesitate to ring my secretary for an appointment.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Your faithfully,   R. G, Scruton Headmaster                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Pandora started to say something about her O-Ievels suffering but Scruton roared at her to shut up! Even Mrs Claricoates jumped. Scruton said that we could wait until the letters had been typed, duplicated and signed and then we had better "hotfoot it out of school". We waited outside Scruton's office. Pandora was crying (because she was angry and frustrated, she said). I put my arm round her a bit. Mrs Claricoates gave us our letters. She smiled very kindly, it can't be very easy working for a despot.

We went round to Pandora's house but it was locked, so I said everyone could come round to my house, It was quite tidy for once, apart from the dog hairs. My father raged about the letter. He is supposed to be a Conservative but he is not being very conservative at the moment.

I can't help wishing that I had worn black socks on Friday.

flaunted - намеренно нарушил
contravention - violation of rules
to take a firm stand - продемонстрировать твердость
hotfoot it out of school - leave school immediarely

1 The headmaster told the secretary:
a) to invite the students' parents to school,
b) to type a letter to the parents.
c) to make students write letters of apology,

2 The letter said that:
a) the students were suspended from school for one week.
b) the students were given extra task to do at home.
c) the students were allowed to wear red socks.

3 When the letters were typed and signed:
a) the students stayed at schoo.
b) they were told to leave the SChool immediately.
c) their parents came to the headmaster's office.

4 Pandora:
a) ignored the punishment.
b) encouraged other students not to be upset.
t c) was crying.
5 Adrian's father:
a) was very angry about the letter.
b) took Adrian's side In the conflict.
c) didn't pay attention to the letter.

3 A. What is your reaction to the story?

. Draw a line like this on a piece of paper and put a cross on it to show how you feel about the extract. Do you think it is:

английский язык

B. Choose episodes you think are the funniest.

What makes them funny?
What could happen if the whole of your class wore red socks to school one day?

C. Select from the following adjectives and put them in the appropriate place on the line.

. Consult a dictionary to check the meaning if necessary.

awful                                           pretty good                                              dire
dreadful                                       not particularly good                                 quite funny
hysterically funny                         so-so                                                       superb
mildly amusing                             brilliant                                                    fabulous
quite good                                    great                                                       a bit boring

D. Work in pairs or in small groups.

. Think of a book, lV programme or a film and tell your partner what you think of ii,
. Ask your partner about his / her reaction to it.

- I think "Home Alone" is hysterically funny, especially the episodes where Kevin protects his home against burglars, Have you seen it? What do you think about it?
- Well, in my opinion, it's pretty good.

4 Translate into Russian the letter the school administration sent to Adrian and his friends' parents.

O. Л. Гроза, О. Б. Дворецкая, Н. Ю. Казырбаева, В. В. Клименко, М. Л. Мичурина, Н. В. Новикова, Т. Н. Рыжкова, Е. Ю. Шалимова, Английский язык нового тысячелентия, Учебник английского языка для 10 класса общеобразовательных учреждений. — 2-е изд. — М. Титул, 2004. — 175 с, ; ил.

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