"The Teen Commanderments" by Jilly Cooper.Turn Right at the Spotted Dog

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ExtensIve reading UNIT 2

Unit 2

1 The text you are going to read is called "The Teen Co mmandments".

Commandment - one ofthe ten rules given by God in the Bible that tell people how they must behave.
What do you think it is going to be like?
Do you think it is going to be serious or humorous?
Why does the author use "teen" instead of "ten"?

2 A. Read the text quickly and say:

who the author and the target reader are.
how many commandments it contains.


I was thirteen when I wrote my first book. It was called The Teen Commandments, and consisted of advice to parents on how to behave and not to irritate their children to death, Sadly, before I could ram the book into a safe, and profit from its sage counsel in later life, I lost it. To jog my memory and in a faint hope of reducing the guerilla warfare at home. I asked my own children for their list of "Do's and DonTs" for parents.

Top of the list was unanimously: parents should not pry. This involved askIng questions such as: "Where are you going?" "Who with?" "Will you be back for supper?" "Who was that on the telephone?" 'Why were you so long on the telephone?" "Was it a good party?" And (worst of all). "Did you meet anyone nice?"


Parents should not then resort to MI5 tactics, ringing up best friend Louise's mother, asking if Louise had a nice time at the party then casually asking if Louise mentioned Emily getting off with anyone - and then saying: "Oh, his parents are supposed to be rather nice, aren't they?" Parents should not force their children to go to frightful parties where they won't know anybody, on the premise that they might meet Master Right.

Parents should cook and foot the drinks bill for their children's parties, but not attend them. Nor should they invite any guest without consultation - just because a boy washes and goes to Winchester, it doesn't stop him being a wimp.

Parents should never make comparisons, saying: "When I was your age, I had hordes of boys from Elon, Marlborough and Radley after me, but we never did anything, of course - we were so innocent those days".

to ram - to force into place with pressure profit from its sage
counsel- извлечь пользу с мудрого совета
to jog oDe's memory - рыться в памяти
guerilla warfare - партизанская борьба
unanimously - that everyone agrees with
to pry - допытываться, подглядывать
to resort to - прибегнуть к чему-либо
MI5 - the British secret service responsible for catching foreign spies
casually - как бы между прочим
to get off with - (colloquial) to start relationship with somebody
on the premise - под предлогом
Master - an old-fashioned way of addressing a young boy in Britain
to foot the drinks hill - оплачивать счет за напитки
Winchester - a city with a famous public school
a wimp - a thin. weak and useless person
a borde - a large crowd moving in a noisy uncontrolled way


Parents should not automatically turn the volume knob 45 degrees to the left whenever they enter the room. They must appreciate that homework is only possible if stereo, radio and television are blaring. They must never storm into the sitting room howling: "I'm not having you glued to the television on a lovely day," then spend the rest of the afternoon themselves watching the rugger international.

Parents should never make personal remarks. If their children wish to appear with their hair like an upside down lavatory brush, dipped in plum jam, that's their problem.

Parents should provide a twenty-four-hour taxi service and always lend their children the car to practise driving. After all. Volvos are built to withstand a few gateposts and stone walls.


Parents should never dictate their children's diel. Four Mars bars, seventeen packets of crisps, two pounds of Granny Smiths, a litre of Coke and four mugs of hot chocolate - leaving the relevant milk-coated pans in the sink - are the ideal substitute for three meals a day.

Parents should never answer Yes to the question: "Is there anything I can do?" Nor make the most biddable child do the most housework. Parents must appreciate that there's no time like the future. Bedrooms can be tidied next year, washing brought down next week, as long as it's then done immediately, as the child needs it before lunch.

Parents should not throw tantrums. over inessentials such as every towel in the house wet under the bed, topless ketchup bottles. encrusted forks in ancient half-filled baked beans tins behind the sofa, and twelve newly ironed shirts hopelessly Creased because someone rammaged through the hot Cupboard after a pair of tights.

Children should not lose too much sleep - their mothers and fathers may just be going through a difficult, rebellious ageю. But sadly, as Anthony Powell once pointed out: "Parents are often a great disappointment to their children. They seldom fulfil the promise of their early years".

Jilly Cooper "'Turn Right at the Spotted Dog" 1989

to blare - to make a very loud unpleasant noise
to howl - to make a long loud cry like a dog or wolf
rugger - Rugby Union Football. Many people think of this word at upper class or used only in the British public schools.
Volvo - these cars are considered safe and dependable and besides. they are a middle-class status symbol
Granny Smith - a kind of eating apple with a slightly sour taste.
substitute - замена
a hiddabte child - производить обыск в Antony Powell (b. t905 ) - British novelist. born in London and educated at Elon and the University of Oxford.

B. Choose any 5 questions from the 15 below and answer them.

1 Why do you think the relationships in this family are called "guerilla warfare"? What is meant by this?
2 Would you describe your family relationships as "guerilla warfare"? Why? jWhy not?
3 Which of your parents' Questions would you find "TIost irritatIng?
4 What kind of tactics are MI5 tactics?
5 Do you sometimes have to go to "frightful
parties"? Can you describe one of them?
6 Who is meant by "Master Right" in the text? Can you describe Master or Miss Right as your parents imagine him or her?
7 Does the author mean the city, the cathedral or the school when she mentions Winchester?
8 What kind of boys are those who study at Eton or Marlborough?
9 Do you have the same problem with the volume of stereo, radIo and television? Why do parents do this?
10 What is the Russian equivalent for the hairstyle described? Would you like to do your hair in this style? Why? jWhy not?
11 Do you like this diet? What diet would you have if you could choose?
12 "There is no time like the present" is a popular saying. Why has it been changed in the text?
13 Do you have sImilar arguments about housework with your parents? Do you think it is important to keep one's house tidy?
14 When do parents go through "a difficult. rebellious age"? Is the author serious here?
15 Whose "early years" are meant - parents' or children's?


3 Translate the two highlighted paragraphs of the text into Russian.

1 Do it on your own, then compare your translation with your partner's.
2 Note down what sentences, phrases, or words you have translated in different ways.
3 Agree on the best versions.
4 Write your common translation.

4 Sort the expressions below into three columns as in the chart and compare the results with another pair.

                              Refers to:
    children        both

a) to provide a service
b) to foot the bills
c) to force sb to do sth
d) to resort to MI5 tactics
e) to reduce guerilla warfare

f) to be glued to the televisIon
g) to be a wimp
h) to go through a difficult age
i) to profit from sb's counsel
j) to pry

k) to make sb do housework
I) to irritate sb to death
m) to dictate sb's diet
n) to get off with sb
0) to make personal remarks

5 Choose one paragraph from the text and discuss it in pairs.

1 Is this "commandment" a fair demand? Why? /Why not?
2 Is it possible for
parentsto fulfil this "commandment"?
3 What is the author's message? What does she want to say?

6 Write your own "Ten" or "Teen" Commandments for teenagers on your parents' or teachers' behalf.

. Try to maintain a light, humorous style and cover the following areas.
. Choose between "must" and "should" for each commandment.

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