Конспект до теми Знайомство з темою”Тварини"

Конспект до уроку з предмету Англійська мова 1 клас
Тема: Знайомство з темою”Тварини
Надіслано Ключніковою І.І.,вчителем Міжнародного ліцею "Гранд"

 Stand up, please.
Good morning, boys and girls.
 I’m glad to see you.
 My name is O. N.
 I am your English Teacher.

Sit down ,Please.
Get ready for the lesson.
Let’s start our English lesson now.
 Who  Is on duty today?

Today we are going to speak about animals.
You like going to the Zoo, Don’t you?
Let’s invite your friends to the zoo!

Repead after me!

Is this right?
Yes, it is good / fine / OK /right
Well done!
Very ,very  good  work!
It’s time to finish our work.
 I’m pleased with the work of the group.  You worked hard at the lesson and all of you have excellent marks.   

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