Конспект уроку на тему “British Mass Media”

Конспект уроку до предмету Англійська мова, 7 клас
Тема уроку «Читання тексту Osborne Housе. Додатковий матеріал про Великобританію»

Lesson Plan on the topic “British Mass Media”
Class 7

1.    to teach the students communicative skills on the topic, logical speech with the help of textbooks.
2.    to acquaint students with different types of newspapers.
3.    to practise dealing with cultural references in texts.
4.    to practise identifying the type of newspaper an article is from.
5.    to make a project-survey on the topic.
6.    to develop good taste in reading the press, to broaden peoples outlook.

Equipment: tape recorder, handout, bilingual dictionaries, books, one quality, one tabloid and local newspaper.


Greeting and warm-up.
P1.:  What day is it today?
         Today is ………….
P.:     How are you today?
         I feel on the top of the world.
         I’m walking on air.
         I’m thrilled to bits.
         Things are looking bright today.
         My face lights up.

         I have been in a black mood all morning.
         I am in depth of despair.
         I am felling quote down actually.
         I am sick and tired of studying.

         I have mixed feelings.

Aim: to broaden children’s vocabulary and develop listening skills.
T: What cannot we imagine our live without? Can we leave isolated from the information? Can you imagine your life without watching the TV or reading popular magazine?
P: No we cannot. For example I cannot imagine my life without watching six o’clock news. What about you, Anna?
P: I, personally, read at least one newspaper everyday…

T: If you are so keen information seekers it will not be difficult to cope with new Key Words.
 TV programmes: chat show, documentary, game show, soap opera, the news
The Internet: website
Magazines about: cars, computers, current affairs, fashion, films, music, sport, travel
Newspapers: ‘quality ’newspaper, ‘local’ newspaper, ‘tabloid’ newspaper
T: Please read through the Key Words and make a list of the things you can see on the page. If you exercise problems, consult your dictionaries.
(Answers: ‘tabloid’ newspaper, ‘quality ’newspaper, computer magazine, fashion magazine, TV programme (the news), website.

T: That is O.K. But what about TV programmes. Will you be able to identify four types of the programmes? First read them through, then listen to the tape-recorder and identify the types.
Quizmaster: Now, if you get this question right, you and Tony go through to the final. Listen carefully. What Italian word do we use to describe photographers who follow famous people? Right, Janet, here’s your chance to get into the final.
Contestant: Is it the paparazzi?
Quizmaster: Yes, that’s absolutely right, the paparazzi! Congratulations, you’ve made it to…

Newsreader: …and the secretary of the United Nations is giving a news conference later today on the situation in the Middle East. Last night, two men and one woman were arrested by the police after a bomb went off the centre…

Presenter: So, Alan, what made you leave the television and go into the films?
Guest: Ah well, I guess I wanted to see what I could do, I was in the same series for three years, and, er, I just wanted to go to Hollywood, you know, that had been always been my dream.
Presenter: And how did you meat Spielberg? Did he….

Commentator: And there is only five minutes left in this exiting cup match, and it’s still Liverpool one, Manchester United one. And Michael Owen pushes the ball out to the right…
 (Answers: a game show, the news, a chat show, a sport commentary)

T: I see that you understand the meaning of the words, but can you name Ukrainian magazines or chat shows. Say you sentence and write it down. 
Aim: to develop reading and comprehensive skills.

T: What do you think is a ‘quality’ newspaper?
P: These are newspapers where they give you the information of the best quality.
T: You are nearly right. Quality newspaper or broadsheet is British paper that usually has large pages and contains a lot of serious articles.
T: What kind of newspaper do you think the ‘tabloid’ and ‘local’ papers are?
I have three different types of newspapers with me, can you tell me what sort of newspaper they belong to?
You made the task perfectly, but will you be able to tell the sort of the newspaper just by the article?

Skim the articles quickly and give your answers.

(Answers: A quality (TV violence), B local (pensioners), C tabloid (Mum finds four girls)

Aim: comprehension check.
T: read the article once more and be ready to answer my questions using the exact phrases from the text.
•    How old were Lillian’s children when she last saw them?
•    Why did some people find violent scenes in films acceptable?
•    Why were the pensioners lucky to escape?
Aim: to train usage of compound adjectives, to develop written skills.

T: Probably you have mentioned that some words in the text are written through the hyphen. Sometimes you can join the words with a hyphen to make an adjective, find and write down phrases with compound adjectives in the text which mean the following:
•    A famous film (text A)
•    A coach with 34 seats (text B)
•    A very long holiday (text C)
•    A journey of 3,000 miles

Notice how words after numbers are singular.
So, you are ready now to rewrite these sentences using compound adjectives. First say it aloud and the write it down.
Example: 1= We went on a two-week holiday.
1.    We went on a holiday for two weeks.
2.    He broke the record for the10,000 metres race.
3.    She went for a walk early in the morning.
4.    I saw a documentary about a man who is 120 years old.

Aim: to reinforce the new words. Англ.мова, 7 кл, тема 42, рис. 1.jpg

Chat show    documentary    game show    soap opera       the news  website    fashion magazine   tabloid newspaper

T: Let’s have a look if you have remembered the words of our lesson.
See if you can find the words in this search.

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