Are you ambitious?

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Are you ambitious

1 Listen to the story about Mother Teresa again and fill in the gaps.

She was born .... She was a ... and the founder of the charity missions. These missions helped ... and ....

In 1979 she got... Prize for her work. She ... her work in Calcutta, but later her followers opened other missions in many other parts of the world.

Today there are about ... in different countries. These centres give food to 500,000 families and help ... sick people every year.

мать тереза
2    Look through the text again and find

•    прилагательные в функции существительных
•    предложение в Past Perfect
•    числительные

3    Answer the questions.

1.    How often do people get the Nobel Peace Prize?
2.    Why do people get the Nobel Peace Prize?
3.    Do you know any Russian people, who have got the Nobel Peace Prize?

4    True or false? Correct the mistakes.

1.    Bill Gates was born in the USA.
2.    Bill Gates went to Eton.
3.    Harvard is the best university in England.
4.    Bill Gates met his future business partner at university.
5.    Bill Gates didn't graduate from the university.
6.    Today Bill Gates is a very poor man.
7.    Microsoft is a computer software company.

5    Listen to the story about Bill Gates again and write questions for the answers.

1.    He was thirteen.
2.    He met his future business partner, Paul Allen.
3.    After school he went to Harvard.
4.    He left Harvard two years later.
5.    Because he wanted to work for Microsoft.

6    Listen to the story about Lomonosov again. Write the names of the subjects according to the model.

Model:Geographer — Geography

chemist, physicist, mathematician, poet, writer

7    Fill in the file about Lomonosov (see Workbook). Sometimes you'll have to use your own knowledge.

8    Try to remember as much as you can about the man from the fourth story. Complete the sentences, then listen and check your answers.

1.    His name was ....
2.    He lived in ... .
3.    He was twenty when ... came to his country.
4.    He fought against ....
5.    He was ... when his enemies caught and executed him.
6.    He died for the ....

9    Listen and read.

Are you ambitious

10    Write the opposite of the following words.

generous, modest, ambitious, intelligent, hard-working, mean, friendly

11 Answer the questions.

•    What qualities do you respect in people?
•    What are the worst qualities?

12 Read the sentences about Mother Teresa, Bill Gates, William Wallace and Mikhail Lomonosov. Does the speaker like or dislike the people in the sentences?

1.    When Bill was at school, he was very ambitious. He worked day and night.
2.    Mother Teresa was very kind and modest.
3.    Bill Gates is very bossy.
4.    Lomonosov was very hard-working.
5.    William Wallace was brave but ambitious, so the English caught him.

13 What do you think? What were Mother Teresa, Mikhail Lomonosov and William Wallace like? What is Bill Gates like? Use the words from the list and these words.

clever, talented, kind, friendly, brave, successful, workaholic, to like the challenge, to love people, to be interested in science

14    What qualities do all the role models have? Why will people always remember them?

15    Discuss. What qualities do you need if you want to be successful in life? Write your formula for a successful person.

16    Read the stories again and answer the question: What were (are) the most important things in the lives of Mother Teresa, Bill Gates, Mikhail  Lomonosov, William Wallace? Try to answer in one word.


A Choose the right answer.

1.    Mother Teresa was

a) a nun
b) a doctor
c) a teacher

2.    Bill Gates is

a) a Scottish patriot
b) a multimillionaire
c) a great poet

3.    Mikhail Lomonosov is

a) Russian
b) American
c) English

4.    The founder of the Moscow State University was

a) Bill Gates
b) Mikhail Lomonosov
c) Alexander Pushkin

5.    William Wallace fought against

a) the English
b) the Saxons
c) the Vikings

6.    Mother Teresa started her work in

a) Macedonia
b) Calcutta
c) Seattle

7.    ... got the Nobel Peace Prize.

a) Mother Teresa
b)Bill Gates
c) Mikhail Lomonosov

В Do you have a role model? Is there a person you respect? Use the Cut Out page and write about this person. Be ready to talk about him or her in class.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 7 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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