Broadsheets and tabloids

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Broadsheets and tabloids

1 Listen to the words and expressions and repeat them after the speaker.

a headline ['hed,lain] — заголовок
condensed 18-10-36.jpg — сжатый
a celebrity 18-10-37.jpg — знаменитость
a crime — преступление
to focus 18-10-38.jpg on smth — сосредотачивать внимание
intriguing 18-10-39.jpg — интригующий
a weather forecast 18-10-40.jpg —прогноз погоды
financial 18-10-41.jpg — финансовый
2 Mark is telling Misha about British newspapers. Look through the text and find the names of the two main kinds of the newspapers in the UK.

3 Read the text and answer the questions.

1.    What was the difference between tabloids and broadsheets in the past?
2.    What is the difference between them nowadays?
3.    What do tabloids write about?
4.    What do broadsheets focus on?


In the UK we have two main kinds of newspapers: broadsheets and tabloids.
Originally these names came from the size of the newspapers. A tabloid format newspaper was smaller and the broadsheet format newspaper was bigger.
But nowadays when we talk about tabloids and broadsheets, we talk about two different kinds of newspapers: easy reading and quality newspapers. Tabloids report news in a very condensed form. They write about celebrities, the British Royal Family, sport, crime stories and scandals.
Broadsheets give their readers long, detailed reports on the latest news and focus on more serious things: politics, economy, government, international events, business, culture.

4 Find the best Russian equivalents for the words. More than one translation is possible. Explain your answers.

а) таблоид
b) желтая пресса
с) легкое чтение

а) широкоформатная газета
Ь) серьезная газета
с) независимая газета

5 Look at the photos and say: Which of these newspapers are tabloids and which ones are broadsheets? Explain your answer.


6 Listen to the speaker and check your ideas. Write down the names of the most popular tabloids and broadsheets.

7 Match the expressions with
the pictures.

intriguing headlines
a weather forecast
crossword puzzles
celebrity gossip
an article about politics

 8 Which of the facts refer to tabloids and which — to broadsheets? Fill in the table.


•    They are heavier.
•    Their information is always very reliable.
•    You an find jokes and crossword puzzles there.
•    Business people start their day with them.
•    Sometimes they don't check their information and get in trouble (имеют неприятности) for that.
•    They always separate facts and comments.
•    They publish a lot of photographs.
•    They write a lot about celebrities and their secrets, scandals and private life (частная жизнь).
•    They publish horoscopes.
•    They never publish gossip (сплетни, слухи).
•    More people buy them.
•    They use intriguing headlines.
•    They sometimes write about small unimportant events because they're interesting.
•    They publish the opinion of the best experts from all over the world.
•    One of their main topics is politics.
•    They have a weather forecast.

9 Where will you look for this information?

Model: If I need information about David Beckham, I'll look for it in the
           tabloids, because they write a lot about celebrities, scandals and
           private lives. — I'll look for it in the sports magazines, because
           Beckham is a great football player.
•    The American policy in Iraq
•    An art exhibition in London
•    The global economy
•    Madonna's new album
•    The private life of "The Matrix" star Keanu Reeves
•    The situation of the financial markets
•    This year's Nobel prize ceremony
•    An expedition to Everest
•    Favourite holiday places for British celebrities


A Complete the sentences with the following words and expressions.

intriguing headlines, broadsheets, tabloids, reliable, serious things, The Times

1.    There are two main types of newspapers in the UK: ... and ....
2.    ... are bigger and heavier, they write about ... and their information is usually very ....
3.    The English Queen starts her day with one of them: ...
4.    ... are smaller, they have more pictures and photos than serious information, but a lot of people prefer them, because they are more fun. Their ... attract millions of readers every day.

В Be ready to talk about a Russian newspaper. Use the questions as a plan.

1.    What kind of newspaper is it?
2.    Do you buy it or borrow it from someone?
3.    How reliable is the information in it?
4.    What does the newspaper write about?
5.    Are there many photos and intriguing headlines in it?
6.    What kind of people read it?
7.    Why is it interesting for you?

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 8 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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