Do you need a hand?

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Do you need a hand


Эта рубрика будет знакомить вас с английскими идиомами. Идиома — это выражение, смысл которого не равен смыслу составляющих его слов. Если переводить идиому дословно, получится бессмыслица.

Look at the pictures and match the idioms and their translations. Only one translation is right.

Do you need a hand
1 Read.

а treasure 8-10-24.jpg — сокровище
to swap 8-10-25.jpg — меняться
top secret — совершенно секретный
to drop smth — ронять что-либо

You are making it up. — Вы все выдумываете.
to deliver 8-10-26.jpg smth — доставлять что-либо
Guess what? — И представляешь?
2 Read the expressions. Put them in the right place.

1.    I am Nick. How do you do?
2.    Excuse me. I can't find the key!
3. It was  vеry  niсе to mееt  you.

Do you need a hand

3 Here is your old friend Agent Cute. He is on the train. Look at the underlined words in the text and the picture and try to guess:

1.    Where will Agent Cute go?                3. Who (кого) will he meet?
2.    What will his case be?                      4. What will they talk about?

4 Read the text and fill in the gaps with these expressions.

1.    My name is Minnie Mouse.
2.    It was very nice to meet you.
3.    How do you do?
4.    Excuse me.
5.    Goodbye!
6.    How do you do.


Cute: Do you need a hand with this bag, madam?
Woman: Oh, yes, thank you very much.
Cute: My name is Cute, Agent Cute. I am going toTunbridge Wells on very important business.
Woman: ...
Cute: ...
Woman: What's your business then?
Cute: I  must deliver a document.It is the last task of a very important case.
Woman: Oh, I love adventures and difficult cases! Please tell me about this case. I won't tell anybody. 
Cute: It's a long story but I can't say no to abeautiful lady. Last year I had a very interesting case. An English boy Rob went to his pen friend Misha Inin in Russia. After that he didn't write to his parents or phone them. His parents came to our agency for help. I worked on the case. I went to Russia and found Misha Inin and his family They had a guest from England — Robin. But he was у strange: he didn't phone his parents, he wore | a Scottish kilt and he could FLY.


Minnie: You are pulling my leg!
Cute: It's true. I watched the boys in Russia, and when they went back to England, I watched them in England. And guess what! Robin was from 1599. He came from the past because he wanted to take the Stone of Destiny from Westminster Abbey back to Scotland. He was a Scottish patriot. And Rob was his great-great- great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandson. The two boys used the time tunnel and swapped places in time and I helped them swap back!
Minnie:This is a good story. Ha-ha-ha! You are making it up, aren't you? And what's your top secret document?
Cute: It's a note. Robin dropped it when he went through the time tunnel back to his time. It was in a secret language and it was difficult to translate.
Minnie: So what is it about?
Cute: Oh! This note is the key to an old family treasure! I am going to give it to Rob MacWizard's family. Maybe they'll find this treasure.
Minnie: Yes it is a very funny story.
Cute: ... It's my stop. Goodbye, Minnie! ...
Minnie: ..., Agent Cute!

5 Listen to the first and the last part of the text and check your answers.

6 Read the text again and answer: true, false or no information. Support your answers with the information from the text.

1.    Minnie Mouse is strange.
2.    Agent Cute likes Minnie Mouse.
3.    Minnie Mouse likes Agent Cute.
4.    Minnie Mouse is a very nice lady.
5.    Cute wants to go on holiday.
6.    Cute is not telling the truth about his important case. 
7.    Cute must deliver very important documents.
8.    Minnie Mouse believes Cute's story.
9.    Cute is a very good agent.
10. Cute is a very nice person.

7 Match the sentences and their translations.

1.    You are pulling my leg.                   а) Это не имеет значения.
2.    It doesn't matter.                            b) Это совершенно секретный документ.
3.    Do you need a hand?                      с) Вам помочь?
4.    This is a top secret document.         d) Вы шутите.


A Translate the words in brackets and fill in the gaps.

1.    Agent Cute had to ... (доставить) a document to Rob Mac Wizard's family.
2.    The document was ... (совершенно секретный).
3.    Robin ... (уронил) the document when he went back to his time.
4.    The document is a key to the ... (сокровище).
5.    I have a cheese sandwich and you have a ham sandwich. Let's ... (меняться).

В Minnie Mouse is writing Cute's story in her notebook. She believed the story. She is really interested in the family treasure! Tell your classmates: What does Minnie Mouse know about Misha and Rob? What did she forget? Put the verbs in brackets    in the right form.

Last year Agent Cute ... (have) a very interesting case. An English boy Rob ... (go) to his pen friend Misha in Russia. His parents ... (come) to the detective agency for help. Agent Cute ... (work) on the case. He went to Russia and ... (find) Misha and his family. They had a visitor from England — Robin. Agent Cute ... (watch) the boys in Russia and, when they ... (go) to England, he watched them in England. Robin ... (be) from 1599. He came from the past because he ... (want) to take the Stone of Destiny from Westminster Abbey back to Scotland. The two boys used a time tunnel and ... (swap) places in time and Agent Cute helped them swap back! He ... (find) a note, it is the key to a family treasure.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 7 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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