Do you need a player?

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Do you need a player

1 Play a game.

Answer the questions.
Do you know anything about football? Do you like football?
Have you ever played football? Did you like it? Have you ever watched football? Did you like it?

If most of your answers are "yes',' go to the left of the classroom. If most of your answers are "no" go to the right of the classroom.

Make two teams from both groups and do Ex. 2, 3.

Do you need a player

2 Answer true or false. If false, give the right answer.

1.    There are ten players in a football team.
2.    No player can touch the ball with his hands.
3.    The most important thing in football is to score a goal.
4.    Football was invented (был изобретен) in America.
5.    Russia's most famous football goalkeeper is Lev Yashin.
6.    Italy has never been the world champion in football.
7.    There is a game called (под названием) rugby football.
8.    There is a game called American football.

3 Answer the questions.

1.    Name as many Russian football clubs as you can.
2.    Name as many English football clubs as you can.
3.    Name as many Russian football players as you can.
4.    Name as many English football players as you can.
5.    Say as many football terms in English as you can.
6.    Name as many games with a ball as you can.


Guess the meaning of the underlined words.
This team has won the final [fainl]. They are the champions 13-10-41.jpg.

4 Listen and read.

to beat smb — победить кого-либо
to lose [lu:z] — проиграть
a draw 13-10-42.jpg — ничья
to end in a draw — закончиться вничью
a score 13-10-43.jpg — счет
to score a goal — забить гол

a goal 13-10-44.jpg — ворота (футб.)
three — two — 3-2
before — до (прежде)
a forward — нападающий
a defender — защитник
nil — ноль (в футболе)
5  Misha wants to join the Tigers football club. He is talking to the team. Listen and choose the right answer.

The Tigers will take Misha into their team because

a)    Misha is very good at football.
b)    their best players are not there.    
c)    the match is not important.
d)    Mark    is his friend.

6 Read and answer the questions.

1.    Why is the best forward not in the team?
2.    Why is the game important?
3.    Did the Tigers lose to the Foxes?
4.    How many games did the Tigers win last year?


Misha: Hi, guys. Do you need a player?
Jim: Yes, we do, but we don't need you!
Mark: Stop it, Jim. He is our last chance. Jackson has broken his arm, Andrews has caught a cold, Graham has left the school and Black has joined the choir.
Jim: Why did he do that?
Mark: He went there with his best friend Kate Small. Ha-ha-ha!
Jim: It isn't funny. He was our best forward. Last year he scored three goals. And now he's not with us!
Misha: Is this match very important?
Mark: It's the final. All our team worked really hard for it last year. In March we beat the Bears. The score was 2-1. Then we played with the Sharks and they lost one-three. In April we played with the Foxes. The game ended in a draw: 3-3. So tomorrow is the most important match of the year.
Misha: If you give me a chance, I can try to help.
Jim: Have you ever played football before?
Misha: Yes, I have. It's my favourite game.
Jim: OK, Inin, you are in the team. We have no time to train you. The match is tomorrow morning. You'll be a defender. Try to help our goalkeeper, that's all you have to do.
Misha: Don't worry, I will.
Mark: See you tomorrow.
Misha: Bye!

7    In pairs

A.    See    this page. Ask your partner and write last year's results. Use the phrases: Which teams played? What was the score? Who won? Who lost?
B.    See page 1 84.

Do you need a player

8    Answer the questions.

1.    What is the strongest team?
2.    What is the weakest team?
3.    Who is going to play in the final?

9    Listen and check your answers.

10    Use information from the text and match the pictures and the people.

Andrews, Jackson, Black, Graham

Do you need a player

A Fill in the gaps and complete the dialogue.

score, to beat, to win, match, nervously

—    Have you seen the ... between "Spartak" and "Lockton"?
—    No, I haven't. Who has ...?
—    "Spartak" has ... "Lockton'.'
—    What was the ...?
—    1-0.
—    How did the teams play?
—    "Spartak" played very well, but "Lockton" played ....

В Who are these people? Match the words and the pictures.


С Who  does  these  things?

1. ... stays in the goal.
2. ... attacks the goal and scores.
3. ... protects the goal.
4. ... trains the team.
5. ... officiates (судит) the match.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 7 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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