Do you remember us? Grammar Артикль

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Do you remember us

1 Listen, read and guess the meaning of the underlined words and expressions.


 Если в тексте вам встречаются незнакомые слова, воспользуйтесь моими советами:
1.    Попытайтесь вспомнить, нет ли похожего слова в русском языке. Если такое слово есть - значения русского и английского слова, скорее всего, тоже будут похожими.
2.    Попытайтесь догадаться о значении слова с помощью предыдущего и предшествующего предложений.
3.    Подумайте - к какой части речи относится слово. Это глагол, существительное, прилагательное? Подумайте о значении этого слова: оно положительное или отрицательное?    

Do you remember us

Hello, let me introduce Agent Cute. He is a really nice guy. He speaks English, German, Turkish and French, and he is learning Russian. He likes sports, but he is not very strong. His favourite pastime is watching TV Cute is not my best agent, but I always give him the most interesting cases because he is my brother. Last year an English boy got lost in Russia and Cute found him. That was good work, so I am going to give Agent Cute a present: he is going on holiday next month.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Do you remember us

Hi, everybody! Meet my boss! He is the head of our agency Boss is very clever. He speaks English, German, French, Japanese 8-10-4.jpg. Chinese 8-10-5.jpg, Italian 8-10-6.jpg, Spanish and at the moment he is learning the language of the Tapagungu tribe in Africa. He is a workaholic - his detective agency is his business and his hobby. He doesn't get a lot of money but he likes to help people. Last year the boss helped me find a lost English boy. I made a lot of mistakes, so the boss was often angry. This summer the boss is going to take his first holiday. That will be interesting!                                        

Do you remember us

Hi, I am Rob MacWizard. I come from an old family of MacWizards. I like reading books and playing computer games. Last year I was in a very difficult situation. I had a pen friend in Russia and I wanted to visit him. But my great-great-great-great-great-great- great-great-great-great grandfather Robin MacWizard came to Russia from 1599 and I went to the Edinburgh of 1599.1 didn't like it there, my life was in danger, but Misha and Agent Cute saved me. I am staying with Misha and his family this summer. Maybe, we'll be friends.

Hi, I am Misha Inin. I am from Lukinsk. I live with my father and mother and my sister Masha. I am an ordinary boy from an ordinary family and I go to an ordinary school. But last year changed my life. A boy from the past came to me. His name was Robin MacWizard. He was from the Edinburgh of 1599. Robin was my best friend, but he had to go back to his time. Life is not fun without him. My hobbies: football, books and languages are boring without Robin. But now Rob is staying with me. In August we are going camping together. I hope he'll like Russian forests and rivers.

Do you remember us

  Hi, I am Betsey MacWizard. I have three children: Rosy, Mark and Rob. I never worry about Rosy and Mark - they have a lot of friends, do sports, go horse-riding and read books. But Rob is always alone, and he doesn't have any friends. Last year we lost him in Russia. He was away for three months but he never talks to me about it. Now he is in Russia with Misha Inin. I am going to buy a new computer for Rob when he gets back. He loves computers.


2 Match the piсtures  and  the sentenсes.

1. Нe / Shе  is  in dangеr.
2. Нe / Shе  is a workaholiс.

Do you remember us

3 Copy the table into your exercise books. Fill in the table with sentences from the text.

 He / She does it regularly / normally / never.
  He / She did it last year. He / She is going to do it in the future. He / She will do it in the future. He / She is doing it now.
Misha goes to an ordinary

Rob MacWizard   


Agent Cute


4 Look at the pictures. Find the relatives.

Model:Agent Cute is Boss's brother. Boss is Agent Cute's brother.

Do you remember us

Артикль (The Article)

Вы уже знакомы с некоторыми случаями употребления определенного артикляthe и неопределенного артикля а, а также с теми случаями, когда ни тот, ни другой артикль употреблять нельзя. Чтобы вспомнить пройденный материал, соедините в правильном порядке вопросы и ответы.

1. Когда употребляется артикль а?

а) Определенный артикль the может употребляться с любыми существительными в необходимых контекстах. Артикль the употребляется, когда речь идет о лице / предмете, которые упоминались ранее:I bought a new book yesterday. The book is interesting.

2. Где должен стоять артикль в словосочетании прилагательное + существительное?

b) An употребляется перед исчисляемым существительным в единственном числе, если оно начинается с гласной:an apple, an end.

3.    В каких случаях употребляeтcя  фopмa неoпpеделеннoгo  apтикля  an?

с) Перед именами людей артикль не употребляется:It's Pete. Pete is happy.

4.    В каких случаях употребляется артикль the?

В сочетании прилагательное + существительное артикль ставится перед прилагательным:Alice is a nice girl. This man is a good doctor.
5. Употребляется ли артикль перед именами людей?

е) Артикль а произошел от древнеанглийского числительного "one" и употребляется в основном с исчисляемыми существительными в единственном числе, когда какое-либо лицо или предмет называется впервые: Suddenly he saw a boy. — Неожиданно он увидел мальчика.

6. Употребляется ли артикль перед притяжательными местоимениями?

f) Перед притяжательными местоимениями артикль не употребляется: VII have to speak to your father. —Мне придется поговорить с твоим отцом.

2-10-38.jpg Познакомьтесь с новыми случаями употребления артиклей.

Артикль а употребляется перед существительным, когда оно является частью составного именного сказуемого:

My friend will become a great doctor. He loves people. — Мой друг станет отличным враном. Он любит людей.
Do you know Ann? She's an old lady from flat 3.— Вы знаете Анну? Это пожилая женщина из третьей квартиры.
I left without ту friends. It was a big mistake. — Я ушел, не дождавшись своих друзей. Это было большой ошибкой.

5    Use the, а, - (no article).

1.    Не is ... my friend.                     4. It was ... interesting film.
2.    She will be ... vet.                     5. Cute is ... bad agent.
3.    ... Simon is ... happy                 6. It was ... their house.

6    In your exercise books fill in the table with adjectives from the text.

Do you remember us

7    Listen to the speaker and check your answers. Repeat the words after the speaker.

8    Complete the sentences.

Model:He is from China. He speaks ....— He is from China. He speaks Chinese.

1.    She is from France. She speaks ....
2.    He is from .... He speaks Japanese.
3.    They are from Spain. They speak ....
4.    We live in ... . We speak Turkish.
5.    In Italy they speak ....

9    Answer the question.

What language do people speak in the USA?


A Complete the sentences. Use the expressions:

your life will be in danger, to be a workaholic, to be the head of smth

1.    Our boss works day and night because he...
2.    If you cross the road and don't look,...
3.    "I need to speak to your director" - "That's me. I... of this school."

В Look at the menu of the Food of the World restaurant. Match the food and the country.

Model:Sushi is Japanese. You can have the best sushi in Japan.


2-10-38.jpg  What do you think about this type of food?

Model: I like Japanese food. /1 don't like Japanese food. /
           I don't know anything about Japanese food.
С Use the, a, - (no article).

1.    Olga lives in ... Russia. It is ... very big country.
2.    He can t speak ... German. If he goes to ... Germany, hell need ... translator.
3.    Did ... Robin come from ... Edinburgh or from ... London1?
4.    Do you speak ... Japanese? Is it ... difficult?
5.    We want to go to ... Turkey next year.- Go in September. It is best time m ... Turkey.    
6.    He lives in ... France, doesn't he? - Yes, this man is ... doctor from ... Paris.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 7 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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