Final tеst (6 класс)

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Final tеst

1 Choose the right answer.

1.1 ... get up very early every day. I live near the school,

a) mustn't
b) don't have to
c) won't have to

2.    My mother is ... school teacher.

a) a    
b) the    
c) — (nothing)

3.    Look at the man ... is standing in the corner.

a) who    
b) which    
c) where

4.    We need ... tomatoes. I'm going to the shop,

a) some    
b) any    
c) few

5.    He is very popular and has ... friends.

a) many    
b) much    
c) a lot of

6.    Everybody in our class ... English.

a) like    
b) likes    
c) will like

7.    My parents don't know ... about Star Wars.

a) nothing
b) everything    
c) anything

8.    Kate has a problem. Let ... talk to me about it.

a) her    
b) him    
c) me

9.    Last year our family ... to the sea.

a) went    
b) go    
c) is going

10. Who ... you do your homework yesterday?

a) helps    
b) helped    
c) help
2 Choose the correct reaction.

1.    Pete likes ice cream.

a)    Me too.
b)    I like ice cream.
c)    I too.

2.    I'm very pleased to meet you.

a)    It's very nice.
b)    Pleased to me you too.
c)    Very good.

3.    Hello! Can I speak to Alice?

a)    Yes, you can.
b)    It's me.
c)    Speaking.

4.    How will I recognize your friend?

a)    Who does he look like?
b)    What does he look like?
c)    What does he like?

5.    We are lost! Let's ask the way.

a)    Where is Charing Cross?
b)    Excuse me, could you tell me, where Charing Cross is?
c)    I need Charing Cross.

6.    I think this film is very interesting.

a)    I don't agree with you.
b)    No, it isn't.
c)    This film is not interesting.

7. Let's make a big cake.

a)    Let's do it.
b)    It's a good idea.
c)    Me too.

3 Choose the right answer.

1. Stonehenge is                             6. Everybody in the world knows the Greenwich Observatory, because                       
a) a circle of stones.                                a) the prime meridian passes there      
b) a ballad.                                              b) Queen Elizabeth lived there.    
c) a city.                                                 c) it is the oldest English museum.
2. In 1599 poor people didn't                      
eat ..., because it was very                  7. The Great Fire of London stopped
                                                                 a) life in London.
a) sugar                                                      b) the French army.
b) meat                                                       c) the Great Plague.
c) salt       
                                                          8. The Channel Tunnel links
3. In 1599 the worst disease was           
                                                                  a) England and Scotland.    
a) flu.                                                          b) England and France.
b) the plague.                                              c) England and America.
c) a headache.                                            d) all of them.

4. In November in England                        9. Double-deckers are
a) there is a lot of snow.                                      a) buses.
b) you can see roses and green grass.                 b) trains.
c) people celebrate Christmas.                            c) planes.

5. Traditional Christmas food                     10. Charing Cross is
     in England is                                                a) an airport.
                                                                          b) a station.
a) turkey.                                                            c) a museum.
b) chicken.
c) jacket potatoes.
4  Where will you go if you want to do these things?

Model:If I want to see ravens, I'll go to the Tower of London.

1.    see ravens  
2.    see wax figures
3.    see dinosaurs
4.    see the Queen's home
5.    visit Sherlock Holmes's museum
6.    see the best view of London
7.    see the Stone of Destiny
8.    see the Coronation Chair
9.    see Nelson's column
10. find the beginning of the Earth


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К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 6 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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