Grungers and Preppies

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1 Listen to the words and expressions and repeat them after the speaker.

a loose T-shirt — свободно сидящая футболка
to influence smb / smth 24-10-82.jpg — влиять на кого-то / на что-то
to dye one's hair — красить волосы
to put a label on smb — зд. наклеивать ярлык на кого-либо
to be labelled — зд. быть причисленным к определенной группе подростков
Nike [naik] — Найк
a hooded top 24-10-83.jpg— куртка с капюшоном
jewellery 24-10-84.jpg — ювелирные изделия
fake — поддельный make-up — грим

2 Mark is explaining his attitude to clothes. Look at the pictures and try to guess which four groups of people Mark is talkinc about? Read the text and match the pictures with the names the groups. Explain your choices with the facts from the text

Model:Number 1 is a... He's wearing...

I often ask myself, "Why do people pay so much attention to image?" But I have no answer.
A lot of my friends dress in order to be a part of a group; they choose a hairstyle to fit an image. Why do they do that?
Before Rob and I went to public school in Yorkshire we went to an ordinary comprehensive school in London. All the pupils there were labelled and put into groups: they weren't just Marys, Johns or Kates, but grungers, goths, preppies or townies. Every new pupil who came had to join one of the groups and got labelled forever. A lot of the names for the groups came from the music people listened to: grunge, rock, punk, or pop music.
If you listened to grunge music, you had to follow the grunger style. Grungers had skateboards, and they wore baggy jeans, with baggy, hooded tops, loose T-shirts and silver or black metal jewellery or chains.
And if you listened to gothic punk, you were labelled a goth, or someone who liked the darker side of things. Goths wore black clothes, and both girls and boys used black and white make-up and dyed their hair black. The teachers didn't like them at all.


"They worship Satan and listen to awful music," they used to warn us. But they were wrong; a lot of goths were actually very nice, interesting people.
The goths' enemies were the townies, or "the children of the street," as they liked to be called. Their uniform included: fake "gold" jewellery, fake Adidas or Nike trousers with white socks and baseball caps. They talked to each other in a "yeah, ah'm cool, ah'm cool" manner and a lot of them smoked because "it's alrigh', innit?"
Rob and I were labelled preppies because we came from a rich family, wore shirts instead of T-shirts, and trousers instead of jeans. Some people were jealous of us, and some people liked us; but I didn't want to be labelled. I just wanted to be myself, listen to the music I liked and live my own life.
My father says that it's bad when people put a label on you. Very true, but I think it's even worse when you put a label on yourself and let it influence your tastes, interests and your lifestyle.
I always try to be myself and hope that other people will respect me for that.

3 Find examples of direct and reported speech in the text (Ex. 2).

4 Are these statements true or false?

1.    Mark says that everybody in his London school was labelled.
2.    Mark thinks that it is good to be part of a group.
3.    Mark thinks that it is bad to be labelled.
4.    Mark explains that people join groups and wear unusual clothes because they don't want to stand out.
5.    Mark thinks that people shouldn't put labels on each other.
6.    Mark hopes that other people will respect him because he is a preppy.

5    Find in the text: a) the verbs for the nouns dye, influence, label; b) the adjective for the noun fake. Make a list of verbs and adjectives formed in the same way.

6    Answer the questions. Talk about yourself, a friend or someone you have heard about.

Model:Have you ever had any problems because you wore unusual
           clothes? — I personally have never had any problems because I wore
           unusual clothes, but one of my friends who listens to heavy metal and
           wears chains had some problems with his parents.

1.    What are your interests?
2.    What kind of music do you listen to?
3.    Is it necessary to wear unusual clothes to show what your interests are?
4.    Have you ever had any problems because you wore unusual clothes?
5.    Have you ever had any problems because you chose to be alone and didn't want to join a group?
6.    Is there a particular group in your school or your neighbourhood you want to join? Why?

7    Discussion. Do you think people who wear unusual clothes and make-up do so because they want to be a part of a group or because they want to stand out and show their individuality? Give your own examples or ones from your friends' experience.


A Tell your friend that...

1.    you don't pay much attention to image.
2.    your friend has choosen a hairstyle to fit an image.
3.    all the pupils in Rob's school were labelled and put into groups.
4.    your brother has influenced your tastes, interests and your lifestyle.
5.    your sister doesn't want to be under any label.
6.    you like to wear casual clothes.
7.    your friend's sister is a shopaholic.
8.    you don't like to stand out.
9.    her brother wears baggy jeans, with baggy, hooded tops, loose T-shirts and silver chains.
10.    goths wear black gothic clothes, use black and white make-up and dye their hair black.
11.    townies wear fake "gold" jewellery, fake Adidas or Nike trousers with white socks and baseball caps.

В Write about what teenagers wear in your school and neighbourhood.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 9 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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