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India has become very popular with tourists in recent years. This beautiful country has so much to offer not just in terms of scenery but also its diverse range of culture and people. Many holiday makers now rent holiday home accommodation while on holiday in India. By staying in a holiday villa or self catering holiday apartment they are able to experience the true culture of India.
A land of rich culture and Heritage, India is unique for diversity in language, culture, landscape, climate and religion. India is home to a five thousand year old civilization. India has become a popular destination among the tourists, across the world.
The diverse attractions of India consists of deep blue seas, mysterious deserts, sprawling beaches, splendid green valleys, majestic mountain ranges, exotic back waters, temples, royal forts, man-made monuments, natural wonders, jungles, national reserves and stunning waterfalls.
The crowning glory of India is the Taj Mahal. Constructed by Emperor Shah Jahan, in the memory of Mumtaz Mahal, his wife, this marble monument is the 'symbol of love'. Built overlooking River Yamuna, the monument was built to enshrine the body of Mumtaz. The design and structure of the monument with an impressive garden, reflective pond, semi-precious stones embedded in the marbles and engravings from Koran is a specimen of architectural brilliance.
Hawa Mahal of the pink city of Jaipur, Rajasthan is another prominent attraction of India. Built in the year 1799, the palace is a five-storey edifice, which is built in the shape of the crown that decorates Lord Krishna's head. The Hawa Mahal is located on the edge of the City Palace complex of Jaipur and is replete with hundreds of screened windows and balconies. The building is smaller than other palaces but the pink hue of the palace and the honeycombed stone work enhance the royal appeal of the palace.
The Bahai temple, popularly known as the Lotus temple is located in Kalkaji, in the southern part of Delhi. This architectural splendor was built in the twentieth century. People from all sects and religions visit this temple. The temple is shaped like a Lotus and is made of white marble, dolomite, cement and sand. The temple, devoid of any images of Gods offers a great setting for meditating and is visited by hordes of people for the peace and tranquility it offers.
A holiday to India is incomplete without a visit to Kerala. Kerala is replete with golden beaches, temples, resorts, natural beauty, paddy fields, palm fringed landscape, churches and back waters. This land of Ayurveda baffles the tourists with its splendid landscape, art forms, culture, heritage and cuisine. The back waters are a major attraction in Kerala. The exotic maze of rivers, lakes, canals and estuaries lined with greenery make Kerala a great boating destination.
The eternal city of Varanasi is the religious capital of India. The city is built along the banks of the sacred River Ganges. A visit to Varanasi and a dip in the sacred waters of Ganges is believed to cleanse a person of misdeeds and sins. The sacred city also houses the Golden Temple. The temple with its gilded towers is the highlight of the city, apart from the Ganges.
Other great places for tourists to visit while on holiday in India are the beaches in Goa. When in Goa rent a holiday villa by the sea. Other places to visit are Kerala, the temples in Orissa, South India and numerous historical places. The opulence and the variety of India have captivated tourists the world over. It is also home to vibrant festivals and tradition. A visit to the various destinations of India unravels the mystery of the enigmatic country, India! It has now, emerged as one among the major tourist hot spots of the world.
Many tourists fall in love with this beautiful country of contrasts. It is a good idea to rent holiday home accommodation on a trip to India. By staying in a holiday villa or self catering apartment in India gives you the freedom to explore the sights and experience the local culture of this magnificent country.

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