How do you spend your holidays?

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How do you spend your holidays

1    Read Sasha's story again, fiil in the gaps and answer the questions.

1.    Where ... he go to?                4. What was the weather ...?
2.    Where ... he stay?                 5. What ... he promise his friends?
3.    What ... he see?                    6. ... postcards did he write?

2    Look at the pictures and describe what is happening.

Model:  1. Sasha is saying goodbye to his friends. He is promising to write.

How do you spend your holidays

3    In pairs. Try to remember: What places did Rob visit in Moscow? Which places do you want to visit?

4    Read Olga's story again. Here are her answers. Ask her some questions.

Model:  Where did you go? — We went to Turkey.

1.    We went to Turkey.                                6. The food was disgusting.
2.    We stayed at the Larmona Hotel.            7. They were unfriendly.
3.    No. I didn't.                                            8. It was boring.
4.    It was small and dirty.                             9. Because a cockerel woke us up.
5.    It was cold.
5    Olga wants to make up a good story about her holiday. Help Olga change her story. Think of a good ending.

This April we went to Turkey to Bodrum. I liked it there! We were ... with the weather and the sea was .... Our room was ... and ....... TV The food in the restaurant ..., the waiters ... and the entertainment team ... . There was a mini- zoo next to our hotel, so every day a cockerel woke us up at seven o'clock in the morning. It was very good because ....

6    Look at the text on pages 51 and 52. Compare Olga's and Anya's stories. Use the plan.

The sea


Model: Olga went to Turkey and Any a went to the Crimea.

7    In your exercise books fill in the table with these activities. 

to put up a tent, to play the guitar, to go windsurfing, to swim, to speak English, to milk cows, to make jam, to make a campfire, to dance, to cook on the campfire, to find the way in the forest, to go horse-riding, to make friends, to pick berries and mushrooms, to bring in the harvest, to feed hens and chickens, to do shopping, to see places of interest, to take pictures, to go by underground, to go fishing

How do you spend your holidays

1.    Which of these things can you do?
2.    Which of these things do you want to learn?

8 In pairs. You are going on holiday. What is the most important thing for you? Use Ex. 6 for ideas. Write down your friend's answers.

Model:  A. What is the most important thing for you when you go on holiday?
             B. The place is the most important thing. It must be beautiful and quiet
             (тихий). And what about you?
9 In groups. Discuss with your friends and find out: Which of the following factors are the most / the least important for your classmates?

place, time, weather, sea (river, lake), activities, friends, family


А Rob is in the forest, but he is talking to his brother Mark on his mobile phone. You can hear only Rob's words. Read and answer the questions:

1.    Where is Mark?
2.    Is he alone?
3.    Are they lucky with the weather?
4.    What is Rosy doing?
5.    What is Mark doing?

How do you spend your holidays

Rob: Where are you?
Mark:  ...
Rob: That's great! Spain is beautiful. What's the weather like?
Mark: ...
Rob:    Oh, no! That's very unlucky. So what is Rosy doing?
Mark:    ...
Rob:    In the swimming pool?!
Mark:    ...
Rob: You're joking! The water is cold, isn't it?
Mark:    ...
Rob:    OK, I see. And what are you doing?
Mark:    ...
Rob: Again! I think it's the most boring film in the world!
Mark:    ...
Rob:    All right then. (Ну ладно.) Say hello to Mum and Dad! Bye!
Mark:    ...

В Listen, check your answers and answer the question: What is Rosy wearing?

С Find the mistakes and correct them. Answer the questions.

1.    Do more people speak the Chinese or the English?
2.    Which is the largest country in the world?
3.    Is the Africa larger than the Europe?
4.    Which sea is smaller, the Baltic Sea or the Black Sea?
5.    Are the Himalayas or the Alps the highest mountains in the world?
6.    The deepest lake in the world is the Lake Ontario, isn't it?
7.    Is the Caspian Sea or the Dead Sea the saltiest in the world?
8.    Is the Amazon shorter than the Nile?
9.    Does the Nile flow through the Egypt or through the Iran?

D Get ready for the project. Make a poster.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 7 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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