How materialistic are you?

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The root of all evil?

Lessons 1-2  How materialistic are you?


1. Imagine you had 1,000,000 roubles.

What would you spend it on?

чарли чаплин


2. A. Several young people on the streets of London were asked if they thought teenagers today were materialistic. Listen to the interviews and complete the table.

Terry, 24, Canadian, TV producer

Caroline, 21, student from France

Russell,20, South African, student

Alex, 15, at school in London

Olga, 18, student from Russia

1 Are they materialistic? 

2 Were you materialistic
when you were younger?  

yes -

3 What is important for
materialistic people?  

designer labels

В. Listen to the interviews again, take notes, then complete the following reporting statements when the teacher stops the tape.



3 Listen to the interviews again.

1 Give a brief summary of an interview in Russian.
2 Write down the summary.

Tips for your summary:

select only main points, leave out details.
express them In a short way.


4 Rephrase the following sentences using words and expressions in brackets.

1 She IS satisfieeJ with her job at the moment. (be content with)
2 He cares only about money and possessions, (be materialistic about)
3 I used to shock people by my strange hairstyle but now I think it was childish, (grow out of)
4 We really admire the work you've done. (be impressed by)
5 I'm interested in rock music, (be into)
6 I had to pack all my things into the suitcase, (possessions)
7 I've never wanted to belong to any group, (be part of)
8 Music makes young people more materialistic, (promote)
9 It is happening everywhere in the world, (worldwide trend)
10 Young people nowadays try very hard to be more successful than others do, (competitive world)
11 My friend wears only fashionable clothes made by well-known designers, (designer labels)
12 He always makes hIS parents buy him anything he likes, (get what you want)


5 A. Practise talking nonstop.

Work in groups of three.
Ask each other questions using the clues given in the box on the right.
Give detailed answers with explanations.
Use the expressions from ex, 4 for your answers.
Attention! Only correct questions should be answered.

be / materialistic?
have / lots of possessions?
want / be part of a group?  
always / get / want?
important / socIalize?
impress / mates?
want / follow fashion?
be / influence / music?
be / into labels?
buy / secondhand clothes?


be / materialistic?
Student 1: Are you materialistic?
StueJent 2: (Answer) I don't think. I am.
(Add) I am quite contented with what I have.
(Ask) And what about you? Ete.

B. Are young people today materialistic?

Answer this question summarising the ideas you heard while doing the speaking activity.

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