Main rivers. Illustrations

1. Slow survey of motion of water at a blow or touch. Beauty of water is in a slow survey (10 000 shots in a second).

2. What do you know about a water cycle?

The Water Cycle also called the Hydrologic Cycle.
The cycle starts with evaporation fr om the surface, most of which comes fr om the tropical oceans. The water vapor later condenses into clouds in which precipitation forms. Water falling as precipitation may be intercepted by vegetation or fall directly onto the surface. Water intercepted by plants may ultimately fall to the ground and seep into it. Likewise, water falling directly on the surface may seep into the subsurface or runoff to nearby streams. Water seeping into the ground may become soil water or groundwater. Water in the soil may be taken up by plants then transpired to the air. Groundwater may seep into streams or return to the ocean along along a coast. Water found in streams may also empty into the ocean.

3. Look at the selection of video. 

Do you know how to save water?

Let  look 4 videos.

Video  "Uneffective use of water"

Video  "How many everything is used by waters for drink"

Video "Save Water"

4. Water drops in pictures

How often do you enjoy water drops?... Especially when the sun coming out of cloud after downpour opalesces in them... And suddenly you are cheered up without any reason... and you want to rejoice, smiling to the whole world! Have you ever thought why this happens? And probably this is because the beauty of water drops causes happiness hormones to "blaze" in our body...

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