My best friend. Grammar Past Progressive. Past Perfect. Grammar Reference

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My best friend

1 Read and try to guess: Who is the kidnapper?


Rosy:  What has happened here guys? Agent Cute phoned me and said, "Rob is in danger."
Mark: Oh, Rosy. Don't worry. Everything is OK now. We have found Rob, but...
Rosy: What?
Mark: We have lost the book and the family treasure.
Agent Cute: I have a plan! The kidnapper knows a lot about school, teachers and pupils. He is from this school, that means: you know him!
Misha: Yes! We'll find the kidnapper and get our book!
Mark: Yes, but let's talk about it later. I have very good news for you. Rosy. Rob has finally found a real friend.

Guess the meaning of the underlined words.

Asthma 14-10-84.jpg is a disease.

2 Rosy is very happy for her brother. She thinks that friendship is the most important thing in the world. Listen and read. Put the pictures in the right order.

Rosy:  You know my best friend Evelyn 14-10-85.jpg, don't you?
Rob:  Sure, she was the most popular girl in your school.
Rosy:  She wasn't always popular. I'll tell you our story.

Evelyn and I went to a new school. Evelyn had been my best friend before that, but at a new school I made a lot of new friends. They didn't like Evelyn. She wasn't good at school, she didn't wear cool clothes and didn't do any sports because she had really bad asthma. She was unpopular and everybody bullied her. Deep down, I understood that the girls were nasty and rude, but I wanted to be with them, and we laughed at my friend together.
One day we were playing in the school grounds when Evelyn came up. She could hardly breathe. She was going to have an asthma attack and she needed help. I could see this but I had to be cool, so I didn't look at her.
Suddenly Evelyn fell down. She was very pale. But the girls just said, "Let's leave her here. Somebody will find her," and we ran away.

Next day Evelyn wasn't at school. I worried about Evelyn all day, but I couldn't phone her parents. I was scared. Finally, I phoned and talked to her mum. "Evelyn is in hospital, but she'll be better in a few days," she said. She was very happy to hear from me. Evelyn hadn't told her anything.

Next morning I went to the hospital. Evelyn was very weak but she smiled when she saw me. I didn't smile back. I cried and cried by her bed. "I am really sorry about what has happened, I have let you down." I said. "It's OK," she answered. "It's not your fault."
When Evelyn got back to school, she became my best friend again. We went everywhere together. "I will stand by her," I said to the others. At first they laughed, but later some of them made friends with Evelyn.
I am so happy that Evelyn has forgiven me.
She is the coolest person I have ever met. When we choose friends, we should look at who the people are inside and not what clothes they wear or what they can do.
My best friend

3 Match the words and expressions from the text with these sentences.

1.    At school pupils were rude to Evelyn. Nobody liked her.
2.    Evelyn's marks were not very good.
3.    Rosy didn't help Evelyn when she needed her.
4.    Rosy said to her other friends, "I'll be with Evelyn through thick and thin."
5.    Evelyn understood Rosy and was her friend again.

4    Put the verbs in brackets in the right form.

1.    Evelyn and Rosy (be) friends before they went to school.
2.    Evelyn came up to Rosy, when she (play) with her other friends.
3.    When Evelyn was in danger, Rosy (not help) her.
4.    Evelyn's mother didn't know anything because Evelyn (not tell) her.
5.    Evelyn is the coolest person Rosy ever (met).

5    Discuss. Prove your ideas with information from the text.

1.    What kind of friend was Rosy to Evelyn?
2.    What kind of friend was Evelyn to Rosy?
3.    Why did Rosy laugh at Evelyn?
4.    Why did Rosy leave Evelyn when she needed help?
5.    Why did Evelyn forgive Rosy?
6.    Why did the other girls become friends with Evelyn?

6    Find the main idea of the text. Do you agree?


A Do you want to be a friend of Evelyn or Rosy? Why? What kind of people are Rosy and Evelyn? Write 4-6 sentences.

В Have you ever had any problems with your friends? Write 4-6 sentences.

And now it's time for Misha, Rob, Rosy, Mark and Agent Cute to say goodbye to you. What happened to the history book? Who is the kidnapper? Will the friends find the family treasure? What will happen in St David's School? You will find the answers to these questions next year in "Happy'.'

My best friend
К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 7 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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