On a lake called the Chad...

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On a lake called the Chad...

How to build words        
Суффикс -al

С помощью суффикса -al можно образовать прилагательные от существительных.
Например: tradition — traditional

1 От каких существительных образованы эти прилагательные? Translate them into Russian. Use a dictionary if necessary.

ecological, cultural, magical, environmental, industrial, optional, musical, national, natural, personal

2 Make adjectives from the nouns in brackets and fill in the gaps.

1.    At the meeting they discussed ... problems, (ecology)
2.    Are there any ... subjects in your school? (option)
3.    Yekaterinburg is one of the biggest ... centres in Russia, (industry)
4.    I had a ... letter from Mr Smith last week, (person)

3 Listen to the words and expressions and repeat them after the speaker.

Chad 20-10-13.jpg— озеро Чад
especially — особенно
to hug — обнимать
gentle — нежный
to wander 20-10-14.jpg — бродить
to shine — сиять
heat — жара
a pattern — узор
step — походка
smooth — плавный
dawn — закат
a cave — пещера
a marble cliff — мраморная скала
passion — страсть
a maid — дева
a chief — вождь
fog — туман
slender — стройный
a palm tree [pa:m] — пальма


4 Misha chose to read Nikolay Gumilyov. He was impressed by his poems and brought one for his friends.
Look through the words of Ex. 3 and answer the questions. Sometimes more than one answer can be correct.

1    What is the poem going to be about?
a) an animal
b) dreams
c) love

2    Where will the action be set?
a) Africa
b) somewhere faraway
c) Russia    

5 Read the poem and answer the questions:

1.    What is the poem about?
2.    Where is the action set?
3.    Who is the main character of the poem?



Сегодня, я вижу, особенно грустен твой взгляд,
И руки особенно тонки, колени обняв.
Послушай: далеко, далеко, на озере Чад
Изысканный бродит жираф.

Ему грациозная стройность и нега дана,
И шкуру его украшает волшебный узор,
С которым равняться осмелится только луна,
Дробясь и качаясь на влаге широких озер.

Вдали он подобен цветным парусам корабля,
И бег его плавен, как радостный птичий полет.
Я знаю, что много чудесного видит земля,
Когда на закате он прячется в мраморный грот.

Я знаю веселые сказки таинственных стран
Про черную деву, про страсть молодого вождя,
Но ты слишком долго вдыхала тяжелый туман,
Ты верить не хочешь во что-нибудь, кроме дождя.

И как я тебе расскажу про тропический сад,
Про стройные пальмы, про запах немыслимых трав...
Ты плачешь? Послушай... далеко, на озере Чад
Изысканный бродит жираф.

(Николай Гумилев)


Today I can see that your eyes are especially sad,
And the arms, that are hugging your knees, are so gentle, my love.
Just listen, in a faraway land by a lake called the Chad,
Wanders an elegant giraffe.

His elegant body is shining in afternoon heat.
It's covered with a beautiful pattern which no man can make.
A beauty with which only the African moon can compete,
When its light breaks and moves on the waters of African lakes.

His step is as smooth as the flight of a bird,
From a distance he looks like the colourful sail of a ship.
I know, there are so many wonders to see in the world,
At dawn when he hides in the cave of a big marble cliff.

I know all the legends and tales of mysterious lands,
About the black maid and the passion of a handsome, young chief,
But fog has been holding your heart in its cold, rainy hands,
When I talk to you - you don't listen and you don't believe.

And how will I tell you of gardens, you haven't seen yet,
Of slender palm trees and the smell of mysterious grass;
You're crying. Just listen. By a faraway lake called the Chad
Wanders an elegant giraffe.

(Translated by Marianna Kaufman)

6 Answer the questions. Support your answers with the sentences from the poem and use your imagination.

1.    How is the writer of the poem feeling? Why? (sad, happy, bored, excited, upset, angry, thrilled)
2.    How is the person he is speaking to feeling? Why?
3.    What does the giraffe look like?
4.    What does Lake Chad look like?
5.    What does Lake Chad smell of?
6.    How does the poem make you feel? Why?

7 Misha, Mark and Rob liked the poem very much, but understood it in different ways. Read their ideas. Which one do you think is correct? Support your opinion with sentences from the poem.


The poet was a brave young man. He liked exciting adventures and faraway countries.
He was in love with a young woman who loved him too. This woman was clever and beautiful, but she didn't understand the poet and didn't share his interests, so the poet left her to travel to a faraway country. She was very sad and couldn't forgive him for this. When the poet came back, he tried to tell her about his wonderful trip, but she didn't understand him.


The poet had never travelled himself, but he liked to make up stories. One day his little daughter was ill and he wanted to do something nice for her. He took a big book with a picture of a giraffe in it and showed it to his daughter. But the girl wasn't interested in the book. She had already read it. Then the poet wrote a poem and read it to his daughter. The daughter liked the poem, but didn't believe it.
The poet was a very romantic man. He dreamed about faraway countries, mysterious tribes, beautiful animals. He was bored with his ordinary life and bad weather. He was also in love with a woman who didn't love him. She was very proud and the poet wasn't interesting enough for her. He tried to impress her and made up a story about a faraway country and a beautiful giraffe, but she wasn't listening to him. She was thinking about herself, not about the boring poet.


A Read the rubric Russian in focus and answer the questions.

1.    Who did Gumilyov write his poem for?
2.    Did he love the woman?
3.    In which part of the poem does the poet sound sad? Why?
4.    In which part of the poem does the poet sound happy? Why?
5.    Did they finally get married?
6.    Were they happy together?
7.    Did Gumilyov see Lake Chad before or after he wrote his poem "Giraffe"?
8.    Who was right about the poem: Misha, Mark or Rob?


Russian in focus

The poem "Giraffe" was written in 1908 for another very famous poet, Anna Akhmatova. Gumilyov had been in love with her since they met in 1903 and wanted to marry Anna. But she didn't love him and always said "no". Gumilyov couldn't live without her ----- he tried to commit suicide (совершить самоубийство). Finally, in 1910, Akhmatova agreed to marry him, but their marriage wasn't a happy one. Soon after they got married, Gumilyov left his young wife and went to Africa. It was his first trip to Africa and he had a chance to see the places that he had described in his poem "Giraffe".

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 8 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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