Reading for pleasure

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19-11-1л.jpg 30. Look at the picture. Listen and find Mike, Ann, Bob and Tom in the picture. Describe them.

Example: Bob has a green T-shirt on and he likes to
                play computer games.


31. Look at the picture. Describe the classroom. Use: There is / are ... in the classroom.

32. Write the words that are missing.

Example: write - wrote

1) ... - counted           5) ... - read [red]
2) ask - ...                 6) ... - learned
3) ... - listened           7) draw
4) ... - spoke              8) tell - ...

19-11-3.jpg  33. Read funny stories about teachers and students. Choose the story you like best. Act it out with your classmate.


Jason: Miss Chatter, my dad does not know what a horse is.
Miss Chatter: Why do you think so, Jason?
Jason: Because I drew a horse yesterday and showed it to my dad and he asked me what it was.


John: Would you be angry (cepдиться)
with a student for something he didn't do?
Teacher: Of course not.
John: That's good because I didn't do my homework.


Teacher: Bob, why don't you wash your face? I can see what you had for breakfast this morning.
Bob: What was it?
Teacher: Eggs, I think.
Bob: No. That was yesterday!


Becky: Simon, your father is a teacher but you cannot read and write.
Simon: So your father is a dentist but your little brother Bill still has no teeth.
19-11-1л.jpg 34. Listen and say which subject Mag likes.


19-11-1л.jpg35. Listen to Mag's story once more (em;e paa) and complete the sentence. 

Mag likes her school because...
A: she can skip and jump very well.
B: she's got a lot of friends there.
C: she likes to read and draw.

36. Say which subject you like and why.

Example: I like Music because I like to sing songs.

37. Create sentences from the words. Say which subject John likes. Answer John's question.

Example: live, the, I, in, country.- I live in the country.

1) is, big, school, My, not.
2) in, I, the, form, third, am.
3) got, four, every day, We, have, lessons.
4) PE, lesson, is, favourite, my.
5) can, run, swim, I, and, well, very.
6) you, school, like, your, Do?

19-11-2.jpg 38. Do you remember that Mag's favourite subject is Reading? Read a fairy tale from her texbook.


The King and the Cheese

Once upon a time in a faraway (далекой) country there Ii ved a king.
He lived in a beautiful palace. He had everything he liked. He liked cheese best of all. His cheese makers made the best cheese in all the land (на всей земле) .

Everyone in the palace could smell the cheese. Everyone in the town could smell the cheese. Everyone in the country could smell the cheese.

One day a little mouse smelled the cheese. He told all his friends about the cheese. Soon, every mouse in the country ran to the palace.

The mice were very happy. They lived in the palace and ate the king's cheese. But the king was not happy. He called his wise men (мудрецы) and asked them, "How can I get rid of (избавиться) these mice?" "That's easy," said the wise men. "We know how to get rid of them."

And the wise men brought in cats: big cats, little cats, fat cats, thin cats. The big cats, the little cats, the fat cats and the thin cats all began to chase (преследовать) the mice. They did very good work. Soon all the mice ran out of the palace.

39. Say these phrases in Russian.

1) once upon a time
2) the best cheese in all the land
3) everyone could smell the cheese
4) the king called the wise men
5) how to get rid of the mice
6) that's easy

40. Arrange the sentences in the correct order. Choose the right variant.

 The mice lived in the palace and ate the king's cheese.
 Everyone in the country could smell that cheese.
 The king called his wise men to help him.
 "That's easy," the wise men answered.
 He lived in a beautiful palace and he liked cheese.
 Once upon a time there lived a king.
 He asked, "How can I get rid of these mice?"

41. Say to a classmate who said these words:

a) "How can I get rid of these mice?"
b) "We know how to get rid of them. That's easy."

42. Look at the pictures. Match the pictures with the text. Read the text in the correct order.

 A The wise men brought in dogs: big dogs, little dogs, white dogs, spotted dogs. The dogs chased every cat out of the palace. 

 B Now the cats were very happy. They liked to live in the palace. But the king was not happy. He didn't want to live with the cats.

 C Now the dogs were happy. They liked to live in the palace. But the king was not happy, he didn't want to live with the dogs. 

 D The king called back his wise men. "How can I get rid of these cats?" he asked them. "That's easy," said the wise men. "We know how to get rid of them." 

 E Once again the king called in his wise men. "How can I get rid of these dogs?" he asked them. "That's easy," said the wise men. "We know how to get rid of them."

43. Answer the questions:

1) What did the wise men say the first time?
2) What animals did the wise men take to the palace the second time?
3) What do you think the wise men did then?

44. Look at the pictures and tell the story.


45. Now read the end of the story. Answer the question: "How did the king solve (peшил) his problem?"

The mice chased every elephant out of the palace. But now the poor king was right back where he started (пришел к тому, с чего он начал)! Mice! Mice! They were everywhere! Mice! Mice! Eating his cheese!

"What can I do?" the king thought. For three long days the king sat and asked himself that question. After three days of thinking, he thought of the only answer.

The king called all the mice together. "Listen, mice, let's make a deal (давай договоримся)," said the king. "I'll learn how to get along with you (уживаться с вами). And you'll learn how to get along with me."

From then on (c тex пop), the king shared his cheese with the mice and the mice learned to eat with very nIce manners.


46. What is the main idea of the story? Choose and explain these sentences:

a) It's very important to eat cheese with nice manners.
b) Even little mice can win the battle (выиграть битву) wi th the king.
c) There is always a way to get along with each other.

19-11-4.jpg  47. Explain your reason for the main idea. Discuss it with a classmate.

48. Would you like to visit Tiny and his friends in Great Britain? Are you ready to speak English with them? Make your choice.

1) Do you like English?
a) It's great.
b) It's OK.
c) No, I don't like it.

2) Do you usually do your homework in English?
a) I prefer (npe,n;nOtIIiTaro) to watch TV.
b) Yes, I do.
c) Sometimes I do.

3) How often do you get good marks in English?
a) Every lesson.
b) Sometimes.
c) Not very often.

Look and learn!

get good (bad) marks -
получать хорошие
(плохие ) отметки

4) Do you read English fairy tales at home?
a) Of course I do.
b) No, I never do.
c) I do if I have time.

5) Do you like to write letters in English?
a) I think so.
b) Yes, I do.
c) No, I don't.

6) Would you miss (пропустить) an English lesson for (из-за) a football match or an interesting film?
a) Never.
b) Maybe. (B03MomHo.)
c) Of course would.

Now mark your score: a) = 3 b) = 2 c) = 1
If your score is 13-16, you are ready to visit Tiny.
If your score is 10-12, you will soon be ready to
meet Tiny.
If your score is 8-9, you should (CJIe.n;yeT) work some
I more on your English.

19-11-3.jpg 49. Interview two classmates. Find out who is more ready to meet Tiny and his friends.

50. Do you know your classmates well? Complete the form.


19-11-3.jpg51. Now interview your classmate and find out if you were right or wrong.

52. Make up a story about your classmate.

Enjoy English. 4 класс. Биболетова М.З., Денисенко О.А., Трубанева Н.Н., Обнинск: Титул, 2007. - 144с.

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