The duty of the MacWizard clan

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The duty of the MacWizard clan

2-10-38.jpg Read the story "The duty of the MacWizard clan" on pages 1 88-1 92.


     an ability

     an adapted version of a book

     an exchange programme

     to get upset


     peace and quiet

     to become a diplomat

     to become a politician

     to become a scientist

     to broadcast

     to communicate with people from other                countries

     to earn a lot of money

     to find a job abroad

     to follow smth / smb

     to get access to the Internet

     to go abroad on an exchange                           programme

     to go on holiday abroad

     to look after

     to look at

     to look for

     to look forward to doing something

     to look like somebody (something)

     to look something up in a dictionary

     to make friends with people from other countries

     to make presentations at international                       conferences

     to read books in the original language

     to travel everywhere in the world

     to watch films in the original language

     to work as a secretary

1    Do the quiz. More than one answer can be correct. How much do you know about Scotland?

1.    The capital of Scotland is
a) London
b) Edinburgh
c) Wales

2.    Nowadays Scotland is
a) part of the United Kingdom
b) an independent country
c) part of Europe

3.    Scotland is situated
a) in the south of the British Isles
b) in the north of the British Isles
c) north of England

4.    The symbol of Scotland is
a) the shamrock
b) the thistle
c) the daffodil

5.    The Stone of Destiny is
a) the coronation stone for English kings
b) a magic stone which tells the future
c) the coronation stone for Scottish kings

6.    Nowadays the Stone of Destiny is
a) in Scotland
b) in England
c) in Ireland

2    Listen to the words and expressions and repeat them after the speaker.

3 Look through the story and write out three more names for the Stone of Destiny.

4 Read the story and answer the questions below.

The duty of the MacWizard clan

Weare the guards of Lia Fail. Lia Fail is the meaning of our life. In 840 the King of the Scots and Picts, Kenneth MacAlpine, put a big stone on top of Moot Hill in Scone. It was not a simple stone: when the rightful king sat on it, the stone cried and sang. Ordinary people didn't hear the voice of the stone, but we, the children of this land and mountains, we, the Druids, heard it as clearly as other people hear the sound of the wind. At that time the words of the ancient family oath were heard for the first time: "I am from the Clan MacWizard. By earth and water, wind and fire I swear that I'll give my life to protect Lia Fail. No wrong man will ever rule my country. Let the prophecy come true! Fight for the ring! Fight with the ring! Fight in the ring!"

Since then every Scottish king had been crowned in Scone on Lia Fail. It had been called many names: the Stone of Scone, the Stone of Destiny, the Coronation Stone, but we, the guards, always called it Lia Fail. Very few people knew about us, we didn't show our faces at coronation ceremonies, but every time the king sat on Lia Fail, we heard the powerful voice of the stone. It sang a song of glory to our free country.

Ten years ago we, the guards of Lia Fail, let the enemy take it away and stayed alive.

"Dreaming again, Douglas? You'd better go and get some wood." (Ты бы лучше пошел и собрал немного дров.) Dorell's voice brought me back to reality. I didn't answer, but took my knife and went out of our little cottage in the middle of the forest. In fact, Dorell was my grandfather, but I called him by his name because we had never been close. Maybe a long time ago when I was a child, I loved him, but I don't remember. Ten years ago when I was six, the English came to Scone Abbey to take Lia Fail. All my family had been killed long before that, but Dorell was at the abbey. He is a wizard he could stop King Edward, I knew it, but he did nothing. He stood and watched

The duty of the MacWizard clan

as the English king took our stone and carried it away. I can't forgive Dorell for that.

It was a lovely spring day. On a day like this you can easily forget all your troubles, but this was Scotland in the year of Our Lord 1306, a country which had seen nothing but (кроме) war in the last twenty years.

So when I saw a group of armed men, I wasn't surprised. One of them was riding in front of the group. They were Scots and they were in trouble. From where I was I could see another group following them. These were the English and there were a lot of them. I hated the English. They took our land and our castles.

I sighed with relief when the Scots noticed the danger too and ran in different directions. They had hoped to hide in the forest, but their enemies were faster. Five of them attacked the Scots' leader. He was a strong man and fought bravely.

Four of the attackers were killed, and the Scot ran into the forest. I ran towards him to help, but when he came closer, I was sorry about my decision. I could clearly see the red and gold coat of arms of Clan Bruce of Annadale. The man in front of me was Robert the Bruce, the most important person in Scotland and the claimant to the Scottish throne. A lot of people loved him and hoped that he could become our leader in the war against the English, but Bruce could never make up his mind. He was half Norman, half Scottish, and his lands in England and in Scotland made him a very rich man. So though he liked to talk about his love for his country, in fact he preferred to wait, watch and be friends with everybody.

"A man like Bruce doesn't need my help," I thought and was going to run away when I heard Bruce's voice. "Help, please, don't leave me, boy," he whispered. "I'm wounded." I couldn't leave anybody to die even the two-faced Bruce, who deserved it. I took Bruce to our little cottage, put him by the fire and gave him some medicine. When he got better, he offered me a reward for my help. I didn't want to take anything from him, but suddenly I saw a big
golden ring on his finger. It had Celtic snakes on and was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. "I want your ring," I said. Bruce's face darkened: "This ring is my greatest treasure. I got it from my father and he got it from his grandmother Isobel. The family legend says that she was the daughter of Robin Hood." "Well, then keep the ring and forget your promise," I laughed. "Don't worry, you've broken more important promises in your life." Bruce took the ring off his finger and gave it to me. "You are right boy, a promise is a promise," he sighed as usual.

In the evening Dorell came home and saw our guest. To my surprise he didn't shout at me. For a moment I even thought he was glad to see Bruce. Unfortunately, Dorell sent me out of the house for the whole night. The next day was 25 March a date I'll never forget.

Dorell called me early that morning. "Get ready __ for the coronation ceremony," he said. "We don't
have Lia Fail anymore, so the MacWizards, have to come to the ceremony and declare Robert the Bruce our new king." I said nothing: it's useless to argue with Dorell the Druid, the head of our clan. I didn't love him before but then I really hated him. Dorell was going to give the crown of Scotland to the murderer who had killed the other claimant to the throne. He had chosen the man who had betrayed William Wallace to be our king!

Everybody knows the story. Ten years ago there was hope for Scotland. Our leader was a brave, noble man called William Wallace. He wasn't afraid of the English and started a rebellion against them. Wallace got support from all the Scots. They left their villages and went to fight for freedom. Wallace beat the English many times, but then he made a big mistake. He trusted Robert the Bruce who had promised to fight on his side. The battle at Falkirk was difficult for Wallace and his soldiers. They were faced by a bigger, better-armed army. At the most important moment just when he was needed, Robert the Bruce left Wallace and his soldiers and rode away from the field. That day Scotland lost its army, but Bruce kept his.

How could Dorell forget all that? What was he thinking of?

I got through the coronation ceremony. There were very few people in the Abbey, only the most important nobles who supported the future king. Bruce was sitting on the Coronation Chair. For the first time it was empty: Lia Fail wasn't there any more. The crown was put on his head and the scepter in his hand, and everybody knelt in homage (все опустились на колени в знак почтения). In the end Dorell stepped forward and greeted Bruce in Gaelic: "Hail Robert, son of Robert, son of Robert..." and named all his ancestors back to the legendary Scota, the daughter of a pharaoh.
2-10-38.jpgAnswer the questions.
1.    Who is the main character of the story?
2.    What was the duty of his clan?
3.    Who was Dorell?
4.    What couldn't Douglas forgive Dorell for?
5.    How did Douglas and Robert the Bruce meet?
6.    What did Douglas think of Robert the Bruce?
7.    What did Robert the Bruce give Douglas for his help?
8.    What happened in Scone Abbey on 25 March 1306?

5 Match the names of people, objects or places with their descriptions. What information wasn't mentioned in the story?

1.    Robert the Bruce
2.    Scone Abbey
3.    William Wallace
4.    Falkirk
5.    Lia Fail
6.    Edward I

a)    King of England who conquered Wales and tried to conquer Scotland.
b)    King of Scotland who was crowned in 1306 in Scone Abbey.
c)    A Scottish leader in the war for independence. After he lost the Battle of Falkirk, he hid in the Highlands. In 1305 he was captured and executed by the English in London.
d)    The coronation place of Scottish kings.
e)    The sacred stone in Scone on which all Scottish monarchs had been crowned before. In 1296 it was stolen by Edward I.
f)    The place where the English king, Edward I, beat the Scottish army.

The duty of the MacWizard clan

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 8 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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