They used to go camping. Grammar Конструкция used to

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They used to go camping

Конструкция used to

Для того чтобы рассказать о действиях, которые регулярно происходили в прошлом, в английском языке используется конструкция used to 9-10-17.jpg, которая переводится как бывало / имел обыкновение.

Например: Не used to play football on Sundays when he was twenty.— Он имел обыкновение играть в футбол по воскресеньям, когда ему было двадцать лет.

When we were young we used to sit on this bench and talk about everything in the world. — Когда мы были молоды, мы имели обыкновение сидеть на этой лавочке и разговаривать обо всем на свете.

Образование утвердительных предложений с конструкцией used to.
I / you / he / she / it / we / you / they used to play the piano two years ago.

Вопросительная и отрицательная формы с конструкцией used to образуются с помощью вспомогательного глагола did.

Не didn't use to play the piano two years ago.

Did he use to play the piano? Yes, he did. / No, he didn't.

What did he use to do two years ago?

Вопрос к подлежащему.
Who used to play the piano two years ago? — He did.


Вопрос: А можно сказать: Iuse to play football on Sundays.— Я имею обыкновениеиграть в футбол по воскресеньям.

             Или  I'll use to play football on Sundays. — Я буду иметь обыкновение играть в футбол по воскресеньям.

1 Fill in the gaps with used to. Translate into Russian.

1.    My friend ... live in Moscow. Now he lives in St Petersburg.
2.    Kate hates cooking, but three years ago she ... cook for her children.
3.    I ... visit my granny every summer when I was a child.
4.    I ... speak very good English, but I can't do it now.

2 Look at the pictures and complete the sentences.

They used to go camping

3 Listen and read.

oxygen 9-10-19.jpgкислород
poisonous 9-10-20.jpg — ядовитый
a stick — палка
a fault 9-10-21.jpg — вина
to play hide-and-seek — играть в прятки
a spaceship race — гонка на космических кораблях
Mars [ma:z] — Марс
to take place — происходить
He started /stopped digging a hole in the ground.— Он начал / закончил копать ямку в земле.

4    Look at the words and answer the question. Explain your answer.

Does the story take place in the future or in the past?

5    Listen, read and choose a new name for the

a)    Camping used to be fun
b)    It was his fault
c)    The saddest birthday


The Bottle

10 July was a very special day In fact, it was Jack Peterson's birthday. On that day    everybody tried to do something nice for    him. Mum and Dad always gave him a lot    of presents and took him to interesting    places. Two years ago they went on an    excursion to Mars. Last year they went to the Galaxy Zoo. They saw interesting    animals there: bats, rabbits, hens and the most  еxсiting  thing: a rеal dog!

Yes, all Jack's birthdays were great, but this    year — 2170 — his Grandfather promised    him the best present. "On your birthday", Granddad said, "we'll go camping!"

"Camping?" Jack didn't know this word, so he wasn't really interested, but suddenly  he heard his mum's voice.   

"Camping!" she cried. "What are you    talking about?" "You can't put the life of    my child in danger!" "It'll be OK, Kate," Grandfather sighed. "We'll wear our masks and we 11 take a lot of extra oxygen with us." "And you won't touch anything! Do you promise, Dad?" Jack's mum shouted. "Of course I promise," Granddad answered. After this conversation Jack really wanted to go camping. "Camping is dangerous - it's a real adventure," he thought.

On the morning of 10 July Granddad woke Jack up very early. They put their masks on and went outside. It was dark. Jack knew about the sun, but he never saw it. They went to the forest. There were six trees and a little river. Grandfather found a stick and started digging a hole in the ground. He looked sad. "What are we going to do?" Jack asked. "Well, you can touch the water in the river, but don't forget to clean your hands after that. Or we can play hide-and-seek," Grandfather sighed. "Is that all camping is, Granddad?" Jack cried. "Then camping is the most boring thing in the world!"
They used to go camping

"It used to be fun in my time," Granddad sighed again. And what was it like?" Jack asked.

"In my time we used to go out without oxygen and masks. The air used to be good and clean, the sun used to shine and it used to be warm." "You are joking, Granddad!" Jack said.

"No, it is true. We used to stay in this forest for two or three weeks. Yes, yes. This forest used to be very big."

"And where did you use to sleep?" Jack asked. "We used to sleep in tents on the ground. This place near the river used to be our campsite."
"And what did you use to eat?" Jack asked. "We used to cook our food on the campfire. We also used to pick berries and mushrooms. They were tasty" "Now I know you are pulling my leg, Granddad," Jack said. "Berries and mushrooms are poisonous. Every child knows that." "They didn't use to be poisonous in our time. And I'll tell you more. We used to swim in this river and drink the water from it." Grandfather stopped digging. There was something in the hole. Jack picked it up. It was a very old plastic bottle. There was some paper in it. Granddad took the paper out and read it. "Sam Peterson loves Susan Brown," the note read.

"Cool! Is that your bottle. Granddad? Who is Susan Brown?" Jack asked. But Granddad didn't say anything. His face was as red as a beetroot. He took Jack's arm and said, "You want to see the spaceship race today, don't you? Then we must go home. I think camping was a really bad idea."

6    Answer the questions.

1.    Why was 10 July a very special day?
2.    How did Jack celebrate his birthday?
3.    What did Jack's Grandfather promise him?
4.    Why did Jack want to go camping?
5.    What did the campsite look like?
6.    What did Jack and his Grandfather find?
7.    Whose bottle was it?

7  a) Find these words in the text and match them with their Russian equivalents:

said, sighed, asked, answered, cried

b) Complete the sentences with these words.

1.    "What do you want to do?" - he... "I want to play football," - his friend...
2.    " Help me! I'm falling!" - she...
3.    "Today we are going to the zoo." - the teacher...
4.    " I can't come to your party because I'm ill."- Ann...

8    Complete the sentences with the words in brackets. Use used to.

1.    The air (be good), the sun (to shine) and it (to be) warm.
2.    They (sleep) in the tents on the ground.
3.    They (cook) their food on the campfire.
4.    They (pick) berries and mushrooms.
5.    They (swim) in the river.

9    Copy the table into your exercise books. Fill in the table with sentences from the text. In some cases you'll have to use your imagination.

They used to go camping

10    Use the information from the second column and describe life on Earth like in Jack's time.

11    Discuss and choose an answer. There are no direct answers in the text.

1.    Jack liked the Galaxy Zoo because

a)    he liked animals and there were no animals on the planet.
b)    it was an interesting place.
c)    everybody went there.

2.    Jack wanted to go camping because

a)    it was something new.
b)    it was something dangerous.
c)    it was his grandfather's idea and Jack loved his Grandfather very much.

3.    Grandfather wanted to go camping with Jack because

a)    he wanted to tell Jack about life in the 21st century.
b)    he wanted to see his old campsite again.
c)    he wanted to have fun with his grandson and he didn't know that the campsite looked so bad.

4.    When they found the bottle, Grandfather thought,

a)    "We used to bury our rubbish in the ground. The tragedy of our planet is also my fault."
b)    "Susan used to be a lovely girl."
c)    "We mustn't touch anything here. It is dangerous for Jack. We must go home".

5.    What didn't Jack's Grandfather and his friends use to do?

a) pick up their rubbish
b) play football
c) think about the environment 


A Match the pictures with the sentences. Write: What is Cranny saying to her granddaughter?

They used to go camping

1.    to play computer games
2.    to listen to rock music    8
3.    to    wear jeans    9
4.    to have short hair    10
5.    to go out with girls and boys    11
6.    to watch TV    12
7. to listen to classical music

В  Think about your favourite pastimes. Write a list. Which of them can Jack Peterson do in his time? Which of them can't he do? Why?

Model:  My favourite pastime is playing computer games. I think Jack Peterson can do it too. — There are computers in his time.


К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 7 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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