Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day

1 Misha is phoning Rosy MacWizard. Read their conversation and answer the questions.

1.    How do people celebrate Valentine's Day?
2.    Who does Misha like?
3.    Why does Misha need Rosy's advice?
4.    What was the problem with valentine cards three years ago?
5.    What is Rosy's advice?

Valentine's Day

Misha: Hi, Rosy. It's Misha.
Rosy: Oh! Hi, Misha, how are you getting on?
Misha: I'm OK, thanks. And how are you?
Rosy: I'm fine.
Misha: Well, mmm..., what's the weather like?
Rosy: It's been raining since this morning.
Misha: That's boring.
Rosy: Yes, it's bad. Look, Misha. Is there something I can do for you?
Misha: Well, yes. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.
Rosy: That's right.
Misha: Well, you know, girls and boys send valentines and little presents to each other, if... you know...
Rosy: If they like each other.
Misha: Yes. And I have been thinking about one girl for a long time... She has been helping me a lot since I first met her.
Rosy: And you want to send her a valentine, don't you?
Misha: That's right. Her name is Emily Wilson. I have known her for six months and she's very special to me. But I'm not sure about English traditions.
Rosy:Oh, I see... Well, Valentine's Day used to be a big deal at St David's. When I was there, we used to organise a post box and after class teachers opened it and gave out valentines to the students. There was only one problem: some people who were unpopular never got any valentines and got very upset. So three years ago the teachers changed the rules: if you want to send valentines, you have to send them to everybody in your class.
Misha: Oh! That's impossible! What shall I do? It's nine o'clock already.
Rosy: But there's no need to worry. I can give you some advice. Put your valentine in Emily's bag when nobody is looking at you.
Misha: Thank you, Rosy, I'll do that.
Rosy: OK, Misha, I have to answer my mobile now. Somebody has been trying to get through all this time.

Valentine's Day

В диалоге вам встретились незнакомые формы грамматического времени глаголов. Попытайтесь выбрать правильный перевод следующих предложений, ответив на вопросы:

1.    Произошли ли действия, описанные в предложениях, в прошлом или они начали происходить в прошлом и все еще происходят в настоящий момент?
2.    С какими обозначениями времени они употребляются?

1.    It has been raining since morning,

а) С утра шел дождь,
b) С утра идет дождь.

2.    Somebody has been trying to get through all this time.

a)    Все это время кто-то пытался дозвониться.
b)    Все это время кто-то пытается дозвониться.

3.    I have known her for six months,

а) Я знаю ее полгода,
b) Я знал ее полгода.

4.    She has been helping me a lot since I first met her.

a)    Она помогала мне во всем с тех пор, как я ее впервые встретил.
b)    Она помогает мне во всем с тех пор, как я ее впервые встретил.

5.    I have been thinking about a girl for a long time.

a)    Я уже давно думал об одной девочке.
b)    Я уже давно думаю об одной девочке.

2 Find the best translation for the expressions from the dialogue.

A big deal —
а) большая сделка
b) большое событие
с) выгодный случай

She's very special.—
а) она специальная
Ь) она особенная
с) она обычная

There's no need to worry. —
а) Не надо их беспокоить.
Ь) Нет повода для беспокойства,
с) Не делай из этого трагедии.

3 Listen to Misha and Rosy's conversation and answer the questions. Support your answers with the sentences from the text.

How is Misha feeling when he's talking to Rosy?
a) He's surprised,
b) He's feeling very shy and uneasy, upset.
c) He's very upset.

How is Rosy feeling when she's talking to Misha?
a) She's upset,
b) She's interested,
c) She's amused.

4 Repeat the conversation after the speaker.

Valentine's Day

For your information
There is a beautiful legend behind St Valentine's Day.
Saint Valentine lived in Rome in the third century AD. At that time the Emperor of Rome was Claudius. He wasn't very popular because he was trying to get more and more people for his army. The men didn't want to go to the army and Claudius thought that it was because they didn't want to leave their wives and children. "If they don't get married, they'll join the army," he thought and passed a law (закон) which banned (запретил) marriage.
Valentine was a Christian priest who didn't like the new law. He secretly married people who were in love. One night the Emperor's soldiers caught him and put him in prison. Valentine was going to die.
Many young people felt sorry for Valentine and visited him in prison. One of them was the daughter of a prison guard. On the day of his execution Valentine wrote a note to her and signed it "Love from your Valentine". This was on 14 February 269 AD.
Since then 14 February has been the Day of Love, when people send love letters and presents to each other. They don't sign the cards with their names, but write "Guess Who" or "Your Valentine".
At first this was a European tradition, but then it became popular in other countries. It came to Russia too, but a lot of people say, "If you love somebody, you should show it every day, not only one day a year."

5 Misha has written his valentine. Look at it. Are there any mistakes in it?

Valentine's Day

6 What do you think of Valentine's Day? Do you want to celebrate it at school? Use the words and expressions.

It's а / no big deal. It's romantic. It's interesting.
It's a nice tradition. It's very unfair. People get upset. It helps people show their love.


A Valentine Quiz

1.    Valentine's Day is on
a) 14 February,
b) 14 January,
c) 14 March.

2.    On this day people
a) send long letters to each other,
b) get married,
c) send cards to each other.

3.    The day got its name from
a) a girl's name,
b) a priest's name,
c) the name of a Roman Emperor.

4.    St Valentine went to prison because
a) he secretly married people,
b) he secretly got married,
c) he didn't go into the army.

5.    How should you sign a valentine?
a) Yours faithfully
b) Best wishes
c) Guess who?

В Match the prefixes with the verbs and adjectives and make the opposites.

Prefixes: un-, in-, il-, im-, ir-, dis-, mis-
Verbs: understand, lead, appear, connect, agree
Adjectives: friendly, regular, usual, possible, kind, lucky, honest, comfortable

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