We can't drink this water

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We can't drink this water

1 Listen and read.

polluted 8-10-99.jpg
glass — стекло litter — мусор  
a campsite — кемпинг
There has been a forest fire. — Здесь загрязненный был лесной пожар.


Guess the meaning of the underlined words.

1.    Never play with dynamite 8-10-100.jpg. It is dangerous!
2.    You can buy Coke in a plastic 8-10-101.jpg or a glass bottle.

Некоторые существительные в английском языке образованы от глаголов путем прибавления суффикса -tion 8-10-102.jpg.
Например: to celebrate - celebration, to execute - execution.

2 These are the verbs. Add the suffixes and write the nouns.

Model:to protect — protection

to decorate, to illuminate, to examine, to educate, to instruct, to prevent, to collect

3 After a long day Misha, Rob and their friends get to their favourite campsite. They want to stop for the night, but they can't. Look at the picture and say why.

Olga:We can't stay here! There has been a forest fire!
Rob: Look! The fish in the river are dead! The water is polluted! We can't drink it!
Misha: There are plastic bottles under the tree. Vasya: There are a lot of tins and paper plates all over the place.    
Anna: Be careful! There is glass on the ground!
Sasha: Where are the trees?

We can't drink this water

4    Look at the pictures on page 60 and answer the question: What litter did the friends find at the campsite?

5    Write about what happened. Use these expressions.

to start a fire, to pollute the water, to kill the fish, to leave litter, to cut down trees

Model:Somebody started a forest fire.

6    Look at the pictures and fill in the gaps.

litter, campfire, to wash, river, to cut down, dynamite, campfire

1.    Four men came to the forest by car.
2.    The men ... the trees for their ....
3.    The men killed the fish with ....
4.    They ... the car in the ....
5.    The men didn't pick up their ... and left ....

7 Write green rules for campers. Use the key words: trees, fire, litter.

Model:Don't pollute water.


A Read and translate with a dictionary. What is the story about?

Once there was a wise old man. He could answer any question in the world. Everybody knew about him. One day two boys said, "We're going to fool that old man. We'll catch a bird, go to the old man and say, 'We are holding something in our hands. Is it alive or is it dead?' If he says, 'Dead,' we'll let the bird fly, and if he says, Alive,' we'll kill it."
They caught a bird and they carried it to the old man and they said, "We are holding something in our hands. Is it alive or is it dead?" And the wise old man looked at the young people and smiled. "It's in your hands," he said.

2-10-38.jpgWhat is the connection between the story and the topic of lesson 1 ? Choose the right answers.
1.    Our planet is in danger.
2.    Our planet will be in danger in the future.
3.    If we don't do anything, our planet will be in danger.
4.    The future of our planet is in our hands.
5.    We can't help our planet anymore.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 7 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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1236084776 kr.jpg интерактивные технологии 

1236084776 kr.jpg задачи и упражнения 
1236084776 kr.jpg самопроверка
1236084776 kr.jpg практикумы, тренинги, кейсы, квесты
1236084776 kr.jpg домашние задания
1236084776 kr.jpg дискуссионные вопросы
1236084776 kr.jpg риторические вопросы от учеников

1236084776 kr.jpg аудио-, видеоклипы и мультимедиа 
1236084776 kr.jpg фотографии, картинки 
1236084776 kr.jpg графики, таблицы, схемы
1236084776 kr.jpg юмор, анекдоты, приколы, комиксы
1236084776 kr.jpg притчи, поговорки, кроссворды, цитаты

1236084776 kr.jpg рефераты
1236084776 kr.jpg статьи 
1236084776 kr.jpg фишки для любознательных 
1236084776 kr.jpg шпаргалки 
1236084776 kr.jpg учебники основные и дополнительные
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1236084776 kr.jpg прочие 

Совершенствование учебников и уроков
1236084776 kr.jpg исправление ошибок в учебнике
1236084776 kr.jpg обновление фрагмента в учебнике 
1236084776 kr.jpg элементы новаторства на уроке 
1236084776 kr.jpg замена устаревших знаний новыми 

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