We must pack our backpacks

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We must pack our backpacks

1 Look at the pictures and match them with the words from the box.

   a warm sweater, a pair of trainers, a pair of trousers, a warm jacket,

   a backpack, a tent, a sleeping bag, a guitar, some medicine, a compass
    a mug, a spoon, a pair of Wellingtons, a pair of socks

We must pack our backpacks

2 You are going camping. What will you take with you? What won't you take with you? Start with: It is important to have..., It doesn't matter if I don't have...

3 Listen and read. Choose the best translation for the underlined expression.

а) лучшая пара

b) лишняя пара

с) запасная пара

2-10-38.jpg How many pairs of swimming trunks is Rob going to take with him?

Misha: Wc must pack our backpacks. What arc you going to take?  
Rob: Oh, that's easy. We'll sleep in the sleeping bags, so I must take that. Then I'll wear my Wellingtons because  
it is going to be wet and muddy in the forest. I'll wear U my yellow T-shirt and my blue jeans because they look    VV
nice on me. Oh, and I must take these white socks. They are very nice too, aren't they? I'll take an extra pair of swimming trunks. And let's take a cassette recorder because life without music isn't fun.

4    Do you agree with Rob? Does he have the right things?

5    Help Rob pack his backpack. Fill in the gaps with the words.

extra pairs of socks, a torch, a box of matches, a pair of Wellingtons, a pair
trainers, warm sweaters and warm jackets, a water bottle, a camera

1.    It can be muddy in the forest, so they'll need ....
2.    They are going to walk for a long time, so they'll need ....
3.    They can get thirsty, so they'll need a ... .
4.    It is going to be dark in the forest, so they'll need a ... .
5.    They are going to make a campfire, so they'll need ....
6.    It can be very cold at night, so they'll need ....
7.    Their socks can get wet, so they'll need ....
8.    They are going to see a lot of beautiful places, so they'll need a ... .

6    In pairs. A memory game. Look at Misha's backpack for a minute. Close your book and try to remember: What did you see in the backpack?

We must pack our backpacks

7    Yesterday Misha made a list of things to take with him. Look at his backpack and listen to Misha's list. What did he forget?

8    Tell your classmates: What things do you take when you go camping?


A A quiz. What kind of camper are you? Choose your answer.

We must pack our backpacks

1.    At the weekends you normally...

a)    spend a day on the sofa and watch TV
b)    spend your time with friends.
c)    walk your dog or go jogging.

2.    Which character do you like best?

a)    Harry Potter
b)    Robin Hood
c)    Peter Pan

3.    You are lost in the forest. What will you do?

a)    climb a tree and cry
b)    sit on the ground and wait for help
c)    use a compass and try to find the way

4.    You are camping near the lake. There is no hot water, but you want to wash your hair.

a)    You won't wash your hair and wait for your cosy bathroom.
b)    You'll warm up some water in the cauldron and ask somebody to help.
c)    You'll wash your hair in the lake.

5.    What is fun about sleeping in a tent?

a)    It's not my idea of fun.
b)    You can have a good fight and a good laugh in a tent.
c)    It is good for you to sleep in the open air.

6.    You are camping. You get up early in the morning. Everybody is still asleep. What will you do?

a)    read a book
b)    cook    breakfast
c)    make a campfire

7.    You are going by car, so you can take one heavy thing with you. What will you take?

a)    a TV
b)    a    cassette recorder
c)    a boat

8.    When you go camping, your backpack is normally very heavy because you carry

a)    a lot of warm clothes
b)    a lot of nice snacks
c)    a lot of things for your friends

9.    When you get home after camping what is the first thing you do?

a)    Go to the bathroom and have a long hot bath.
b)    Phone all your friends and tell them all about your adventures.
c)    Go to the kitchen and have something to eat.

We must pack our backpacks

  Mostly As - You are a SLEEPING BAG. Camping isn't your idea of fun.
                   The ground is cold and the backpack is very heavy. So it's better for you to go by car. But you are clever. If something WW happens, you have good ideas which help everybody And your friends really like to listen to your stories by the campfire.


Mostly Bs - You are a CAMPFIRE. Everybody likes you. You are always the centre of any group. You sing, you dance, you make jokes.

                 Camping without you isn't fun.  But you are not always ready for difficult situations - you need your friends like a campfire needs a lot of wood.


Mostly Cs - You are a TORCH. You are a very good camper and will survive in any situation. You always help your friends if they ask for help.

                 You can make a campfire and cook food, you  can carry heavy things. There is only one problem: Your light is very important, but it is not warm enough.

2-10-38.jpg  Do you agree with your results? Why? Write 2-4 sentences.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 7 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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