What's thе mattеr with you

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What's thе mattеr with you
1   Listen to the words and expressions and repeat them after the speaker.


if — если
What's the matter? - Что случилось?
a disease 6-10-65.jpg - болезнь
nose drops — капли для носа
cough syrup 6-10-66.jpg - сироп от кашля
the plague [pleig] — чума
to cure 6-10-67.jpg — вылечить
to have a cough 6-10-68.jpg— кашлять
to be ill — быть больным
to have / get flu — заболеть гриппом
to have / get a cold — простудиться
I have a headache 6-10-69.jpg.- У меня болит голова.
I have a sore throat 6-10-70.jpg- У меня болит горло.
to be pale — быть бледным forehead 6-10-71.jpg — лоб

Guess the meaning of the underlined words.

1.    His temperature 6-10-72.jpg was high.
2.    I gave him some aspirin 6-10-73.jpg.
3.    His symptoms 6-10-74.jpg are dangerous.

2 Read the second part of the story and answer the questions.

1.    How did the soldier look in the morning?
2.    Why were the people scared?
3.    What did Rob understand?
4.    What happened to the soldier?
5.    How did Rob help him?
6.    Did the soldier die?

Rob's story

Part II

What's the matter with you?

Next day I opened my eyes and saw the soldier. He was in bed and his face was very pale. He had a very bad cough too. "What's the matter with you?" I asked, "Have you got a cold?" "I don't know," said the soldier, "but' I have a headache and a sore throat."

I wanted to call the doctor and tried to open the door but I couldn't. I looked out of the window and couldn't believe my eyes. All the people from our house were in the street. They closed the door to the house. "Please help us! The soldier is ill," I cried.
"If you go out, you'll kill us. It's the plague," they answered and ran away.
At that moment I understood everything. I wasn't in Russia, and it wasn't a game. But how did I get to the Edinburgh of hundreds of years ago? Was I mad? Was it a bad dream? I didn't know the answer.
I looked at the soldier. He was real. I touched his forehead. His temperature was high — that was real too. "If I don't help him, he'll die. And I'll die too," I thought and opened my rucksack. There were a lot of medicines in my rucksack.
I had an aspirin, some nose drops and some cough syrup. I gave my medicine to the soldier. "If you don't have the plague, my medicine will help you. You must stay in bed and drink a lot of water," I said to him.
Two days later the soldier was better. It wasn't the plague. It was flu. But when I told him about it, he didn't believe me. "You have some
secret medicine and you can cure any disease," he said. "I must go back to London tomorrow. If you come with me, I'll do everything for you.'
The soldier and I went to London. His name was Phillip and he wasn't a bad man. The road to London was long and difficult, but finally we got there.

see            saw
think          thought
give           gave
have          had
say           said
go            went
get           got

3  Who said these words?

1.    "What's the matter with you?"
2.    "If you come with me, I'll do everything for you."
3.    "If you go out, you'll kill us. It's the plague."
4.    "If I don't help him, he'll die and I'll die too."
5.    "If you don't have the plague, my medicine will help you."

4 Fill in the table with these words.

aspirin, a high temperature, nose drops, to have a cold, to have a cough, cough syrup, plague, flu, a sore throat, to be pale, to have a headache

Diseases Medicine Symptoms

5 Мotсh  the nouns with  the  verЬs. 


a disease, a high temperature, nose drops, a cold, a cough, cough syrup, medicine, flu, a sore throat, a headache

6 Fill in the gaps with the correct words and complete the sentences.

cough syrup, headache, flu, medicine, disease, cold, cure

1.    She's very pale and has a high temperature. I think it's ....
2.    Close the windows please. Everybody's going to catch a ... .
3.    She needs some ... for her cough.
4.    Don't speak so loudly. Maggie has a ... .
5.    The plague is a very dangerous ....
6.    This medicine will ... your sore throat.
7.    What do I have to take for my cold? — Don't take any ..., but drink a lot of tea.


A Find the odd one out.

1.    cough, cough syrup, nose drops, milk with honey
2.    the plague, cold, aspirin, flu
3.    sore throat, headache, cough, high temperature

В Read the text and answer the questions.

Tim, Dennis, Adam and Laura were ill last month. Tim had to stay in bed for two weeks and take a lot of medicine. Laura couldn't listen to music for a day. Adam had to drink a lot of hot milk with honey and couldn't eat any ice cream. Dennis had to stay in bed for two days. His mother gave him some nose drops and some cough syrup.

1.    What was the matter with Tim?
2.    What was the matter with Laura?
3.    What was the matter with Adam?
4.    What was the matter with Dennis?

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 6 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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