Why are books banned?

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Why are books banned

1    Listen to the words and expressions and repeat them after the speaker.

classic — классический
a member — член
to turn up — появляться
Jewish 19-10-18.jpg — еврейский
to go into hiding — прятаться, скрываться
a character 19-10-19.jpg — персонаж
description — описание
to describe smth — описывать что-либо
complicated — сложный
to create smth 19-10-20.jpg — создавать что-либо
imagination 19-10-21.jpg — воображение
a diary 19-10-22.jpg — дневник
the story is set in — действие происходит в...
a reward 19-10-23.jpg — вознаграждение
to be rewarded — быть вознагражденным
supernatural 19-10-24.jpg — сверхъестественный

2    Match the genres of the books with the translations.

1. romance                                       a)    детектив
2. detective story                               b)    приключения
3. biography (autobiography)               c)    научная фантастика
4. history book                                  d)    фэнтези
5. adventure story                              e)    сказка
6. fantasy                                          f)    роман приключенческого или любовного жанра
7. fairy tale                                        g)    ужасы
8. science fiction                               h)    биография (автобиография)
9. horror story                                    i)    исторический роман

3 Copy the table into your exercise books and fill it in.

•    Criminals, robbers, killers. There is always a clever detective or a policeman who catches them in the end.
•    Aliens, spaceships, trips to the moon and star wars.
•    The author describes somebody's life or writes about himself (herself).
•    Wizards, witches and other magic objects and words. Some wizards are bad, some witches are good. The story is usually long and the plot is complicated.
•    Princes and princesses, very bad witches and magic animals that help good people. The plot is usually very simple. Good people are rewarded. Bad people are punished.
•    Pirates, cowboys, boys and girls are always doing exciting things. You also find ships, faraway islands, lost treasure, and a lot of danger in these stories, but there is usually a happy ending.
•    Vampires, witches, ghosts and scary supernatural events.
•    Things that happened in the past. Some characters may not be real, but the description of the period is usually very good.
•    Love and hate. The characters go through a lot of difficulties to come together.

Why are books banned

4 What do you think about these genres? Use neither... nor, both... and, if possible.

Model:  romance and fantasy — I like romance, but I don't like fantasy.
            I like both romance and fantasy. I like neither romance nor fantasy.
100% English

a best-seller — бестселлер
a thriller — триллер

5 Look through the blurbs of the books and match the blurbs with the titles.

1.    London at the end of the 19th century. Sherlock Holmes, the world's most famous detective, and his reliable friend, Doctor Watson, are faced with the creepy legend of a monster: a dog that kills the members of the Baskerville family. The family legend seems just like a story until Sir Charles Baskerville dies a strange death. The last Baskerville in the family, Sir Henry Baskerville, comes to England. He is American and he doesn't believe in old stories, but his life is in danger.

2.    The story about the adventures of an American boy from a little town on the Mississippi river is told with humour. Life with Tom, who is the main character in the book, is never boring. Something is always happening to him. One day he gets punished at school and next day he looks for treasure. He falls in love, gets lost and risks his life, but he never gives up.

3.    Scarlett O'Hara's life is easy and comfortable. Her family has a big house and servants until the Civil War starts in America. Everything changes. Scarlett's mother dies and her father is very ill. Scarlett becomes the head of her family. She learns to work on the land and looks after all her family and friends. But she is not alone: every time Scarlett gets into trouble, handsome Rhett Butler turns up and helps her. He wants to marry her, but Scarlett has a secret: she is madly in love with her best friend's husband.

4.    Once upon a time in a faraway land there lived a man. He had one child, a girl called Vasilisa the Beautiful. When Vasilisa was eight years old, her mother died and left her a doll which could help Vasilisa with everything. Soon Vasilisa's father married again. His new wife had two daughters. They hated Vasilisa and gave her all the most difficult work. One day they sent her to Baba Yaga.
5.    Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who lived in the Netherlands. Nazi Germany invaded the Netherlands in 1940. They killed Jews if they found them, so in 1942 Anne Frank and her family went into hiding. While she was
hiding Anne Frank kept a diary. In her diary she described every day of their life, which was full of hope and fear. Anne's diary survived the war. It was found by one of the people who had helped her family. In 1947 the book was first published. Since then the diary has been translated into more than 55 languages.

6.    If you are interested in history and like to read about the past, this book is for you. The book is set in 17th century France. It is a time of elegance and good manners. Men are strong and brave, women are beautiful and unpredictable (непредсказуемы). Four friends, who are always together, help each other through thick and thin. They serve the King and the Queen, and nothing in the world can stop them. The characters are so real that you want to read more about their adventures.

7.    The writer of this famous book, Mary Shelley, was only nineteen when she began to write the story. It was published in 1818. A young Swiss student, Victor Frankenstein, discovers the secret of life and decides to create a man. Frankenstein's creation wants to make friends but he looks ugly and everybody is afraid of him. He gets angry and becomes a monster and kills people. This example of 19th century science fiction won't help you to get to sleep easily.

6    The books that you have just read about have a lot in common. Try to find one thing which isn't true for all of them. Compare and explain your answers.

a)    They are best-sellers.
b)    They    are translated into hundreds of languages.
c)    They were (are) banned.
d)    They    were written in the 20th century.

7    Answer the questions: Which of the books...

1.    is a classic detective story?
2.    is an autobiography?
3.    describes life in America at the time of the Civil War?
4.    describes the adventures of an American boy?
5.    describes a creepy monster?
6.    describes four friends who serve their king and queen?
7.    will have a happy ending?

For your information

These books were written by different authors and in different times, but all of them were banned in the past and some of them are still banned nowadays.

Verb activator

to turn — поворачивать(ся), вращать(ся)
to turn on / off — включать / выключать
to turn out (to be) — оказаться (кем-то / чем-то)
to turn up — появляться
to turn into — превращать(ся)
to turn down — отказать(ся), отвергать
to turn back — поворачивать(ся) назад
8 Match the verbs from column A with the nouns from column B.

1.    to turn up
2.    to turn down
3.    to turn out to be
4.    to turn into
5.    to turn on
6.    to turn off

a)    an offer of help
b)    a very nice person
c)    the light
d)    a beautiful woman
e)    the water
f)    in time for dinner

9 Fill in the gaps with the correct prepositions. Use the Verb activator for help.


Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess who didn't love anybody. The only thing that she liked was a beautiful golden ball. A lot of kings from different lands wanted to marry her, but she turned everybody...

One day the princess was playing with her golden ball next to the river. She dropped the ball and it disappeared in the water. The princess started to cry. Suddenly a frog turned...

"Dear princess," it said, "I will get your ball if you kiss me."

"I have turned all these handsome kings... I'm not going to kiss a frog," the princess answered and went away. "Then you will never see your ball again," the frog said. The princess stopped. She liked her ball so much. "OK, get me
the ball and I'll kiss you," she said. The frog jumped into the water and turned... with the golden ball in its mouth.

"Now you must keep your promise. Kiss me and run away. Please don't turn..."

The princess closed her eyes and kissed the frog. When she turned... again, there was no frog anymore. It turned... that the frog was a handsome prince. A bad witch had turned him... a frog and only a princess's kiss could save him.


A Copy the table into your exercise books and fill in the information from the blurbs.

Why are books banned

В Copy the table into your exercise books and fill it in with one or two examples. Important: think of new examples, don't use the books that have already been mentioned.

Genre Examples
Detective story 
Science fiction   
Fairy tale  

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1236084776 kr.jpg самопроверка
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