Why sports

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Lessons 1-2 Why sports?



1 Answer the questions.

1 What do these pictures have in common?
2 What is the man's purpose?
3 What is the monkey's purpose?
4 Which one is a sport and why?


2 A. Can you name different kinds of sport?

1 Match the names of the sports.
2 Add more names of sport.


B. Study what we do with sport.

- to playa sport when we speak about games in which one tries to win against another person or team (to play football, tennis, handball etc.).
- to do a sport when we speak about a sport that is not a team sport (aerobics, gymnastics, exercise ete,), It has a more general meaning.
- to be into a sport (informal) when we speak about being interested or absorbed in sport. (She is into jogging.)

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C. Choose the most suitable expression from the ones in brackets.

a) I (swim I go swimming I do swimming) once a week.
b) In Russia a lot of children (play I do I go ) hockey.
c) He is a professional. He (goes skiing I skies I does skiing) four hours a day.
d) I want to be fit. That is why I (go Idol play) aerobics in our fitness club.
e) Jack is really (into I playing I doing) football. He plays himself and has a good collection of football stars' photos.
f) In her teens my mother (swam I went swimming I did swimming) and her best result was bronze in a national championship.

D. Work in pairs. Say what kinds of sport people in your place do / play / go.

E. Match the sentences in A and the definitions in B which correspond to the words in bold.

1 Many parents do not allow their children to do dangerous                                    a) gain, to come to possess

2 The number of football fans has increased dramatically іn                                     b) make better
   the last two years.

3 A serious sportsman, he is proud of his level of fitness,                                        c) general attitude

4 Tennis has helped me to acquire quick reaction.                                                  d) make or become larger

5 As a result of doing downhill skiing I overcame my fear of                                      e) how heavy something or
   high speed, somebody is

6 The usual weight of a baby at birth is just about three                                            f) make or become less

7 The weather is horrible! I only hope it improves by                                                  g) let somebody do something
    Saturday and we'll go yachting.

8 He's got a very positive outlook on life and the world.                                              h) state of being healthy and strong

9 In the last two years the percentage of those who are not                                        i) fight successfully against
   into sports has decreased from 53 to 41. something


3. A. Look through the list of people in the chart.

. Do you think their attitude to sports is positive, negative, or both?
. Tick the right box in the chart.

            positive            negative
       1 Fred, an amateur cyclist

       2 Jack, a disabled basketball player

       3 Tanya, an ex-downhill skier I

       4 Frank, a disabled mountain biker I

       5 Ivan Yarygin, Olympic Champion in freestyle wrestling

 B. Listen to these six people talking about sports in their lives and check your guesses.

C. Listen to the interviews again and put the number of speaker opposite each statement.

o a) Sport allows you to make friends with a number of people
o b) Sport increases fitness
o c) Sport decreases your weight
o d) Sport improves your outlook
o e) Sport gives an increased sense of individuality
o I) It gives you real pleasure
o g) Sport gives you a chance to acquire self-confidence
o h) Sport can be unfair
o i) You learn a lot about life
o j) It helps you to overcome difficulties

D. Look at the pictures. What does sport give to each of these people?

. Use the expressions from ex. 3C.


Language work

4 A. Answer the questions about some sentences from the interviews.

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B. Choose the right version.

The present perfect is used here:

a) to show the action in progress.
b) to show the connection between the past and the present (the result).
c) to show an action that finished in the past.

C. Make sentences in the present which show the result of each of the following statements.

Example: I have overcome some of my difficulties - I don't have so many difficulties now.

1 Racing has given me an increased sense of individuality.
2 Basketball has made me forget about my problems,
3 Sport has become a part of my life,
4 I have developed a deeper understanding of our beautiful planet,
5 My fitness has increased and my weight has decreased.

D. How has sport changed the life of the teenagers in the pictures? Work in pairs. Compare their present with their memories. Write as many sentences as possible about each picture.

Example: Jane's fitness has increased.



5 Divide into two groups supporting one of the statements below.

1 In groups discuss your statements, Speak about the arguments in favour of your statement.
2 In your groups divide into pairs, Each pair joins a pair from another group.
3 In the new groups discuss your position about sport. Use the arguments you discussed in the first two groups.

   I don't think sport IS at all useful,
   Sport is very important.


6 Do one of the tasks below:

.Produce a leaflet "Sport in our city/town". Write about the attitude of the citizens to sport and about the kinds of sport most popular in your city / town. (See also ex. 20.)
. Write a paragraph "Why is it good / bad to do sports?"

. Write a paragraph beginning like this "For me sport is ..." Write about your personal experience in sport. What sports have you done? Are you doing any sport now? Has it changed you or your life? How?

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