I travеllеd to thе Futurе

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I travеllеd to thе Futurе

Guess the meaning of the underlined words.

1.    My father was a Scottish patriot 6-10-16.jpg He loved his country.
2.    There is a long tunnel 6-10-17.jpg under this street.
3.    Our cat was lost, but finally6-10-18.jpg we found him.

1    Listen to the words and expressions and repeat them after the speaker.

a way — путь
dangerous — опасный
to be independent from smb / smth — обладать национальной независимостью от кого-либо / чего-либо
peace — мир
silver birds — серебряные птицы

2    Read the first part of the story and mark these sentences true or false.

1.    Robin was a Scottish patriot.
2.    The organization wanted to return the Stone of Destiny to England.
3.    The Stone of Destiny was in Westminster Abbey.
4.    The road to London was safe.
5.    Only wizards knew about time tunnels.
6.    Robin went to the London of the future, because his father couldn't do it.
7.    Rob MacWizard is Robin's age.
8.    Robin's father was an old man.

I travеllеd to thе Futurе
A time traveller

Part I

Rosy: Tell me everything, Robin. Where is my brother?
Robin: Well, it's a long story. In 1599,1 lived in Edinburgh and my father was one of the Scottish patriots. At that time, Scotland was independent from England, but there was no peace in our country. The English attacked us all the time. Our organization believed that the Stone of Destiny could help Scotland. We wanted to return the Stone of Destiny to Scotland. But it wasn't easy. The Stone was in London and the way to London was long and dangerous. The English knew about our organization, and were ready to catch and kill any of our members. Then we thought about time tunnels. Only the greatest wizards knew about them. These tunnels took people to the past or the future. We had a plan. Somebody had to use the time tunnel and get to the London of the future. They had to take the Stone from Westminster Abbey. Then the Stone could bring this person back. There was only one problem with our plan: we needed relatives in the London of the future, but we couldn't find anybody.
Rosy: That's interesting. What for?
Robin: When you travel in time, you take somebody's place there.
This means that somebody takes your place in your own time. This person must be your age and must also be your relative. That was difficult. We read all our magic books and, finally, we found your family in the future. Everybody was happy about this and the organization chose my father for the mission. He tried to open the tunnel, but nothing happened. Then we understood the reason: James MacWizard was fifty and Father was thirty-six. There was no time to look for anybody else and then we thought about your brother Robin. He is my great- great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandson, and he is eleven too. So I went through the time tunnel and came here.
Rosy: I want to believe you, but I can't. People don't travel in time!
Robin: But I did it.
Misha: You'll have to believe him. Think about your brother. He is all alone in 1599 and it wasn't the nicest period in Scottish history!

3  Match the parts of the story with the headings.

1.    How do wizards travel in time?
2.    1599 in Scotland
3.    A relative in London

4  Complete the sentences about Robin and his trip in time.

Model:My father was... — His father was one of the Scottish patriots.

1.    There was ... in Scotland.
2.    We wanted to return...
3.    The way to London was..
4.    Time tunnels took...
5.    We ... a plan.
6.    There was a problem with the plan..
7.    We read ... and, finally,...
8.  I went to the future, because...
9. Father couldn't go, because...
10. Rob is...
5    Make some predictions. What will happen in Part II?

1.    Will Robin travel in time?
2.    Will Robin get to London?
3.    What country will Robin get to?
4.    Who will Robin meet in the future?
5.    Where will Robin stay?
6.    Will Robin get to Westminster Abbey?
7.    Will Robin find the Stone in Westminster Abbey?
8.    What will happen to the Stone in the future?
9.    Who will be Robin's best friend?

I travеllеd to thе Futurе

6    Read the second part of the story and check your predictions. Were you right?

A time traveller

Part II

Dad and his friends looked everywhere: Rob MacWizard was in London. So, next morning, we came to the time tunnel. Dad said the magic words and the tunnel opened. I closed my eyes and flew through time. Dad's last words were, "Remember! The tunnel will open again two days after Halloween. Don't be late! The key to the tunnel is the Stone."
When I opened my eyes, I was in a big place with a lot of people. I saw big, silver birds in the sky. They were very scary. I wanted to go back, but I couldn't find the door to the time tunnel. People around me spoke some strange language. Finally, I saw people with a poster with my name on it. I came up to them and they took me to their home. That was Misha's family. Misha told me that I was in Russia. Then I understood our mistake.
The Inins were very nice to me. Misha told me a lot of things about your time and our people. We went to Misha's school and celebrated my birthday together.
After Halloween, we flew to London to Westminster Abbey. But today everybody knows that the Stone of Destiny isn't in Westminster Abbey: the Queen of England returned it to Scotland in 1996. We tried to fly back to Russia, but we fell next to the Natural History Museum. Next morning we met Alice. She was lost and needed help. We took her to Tunbridge Wells. So we got here and found Rob's family. You...
7 Choose the right answers.

1.    Two days after Halloween is

a)    31st October
b)    31st November
c)    2nd November

2.    The key to the time tunnel was

a)    the Stone
b)    the magic book
c)    Robin's hand

3.    The Inins are

a)    Rob's family
b)    Misha's family
c)    Robin's family

4.    The time tunnel took Robin to

a)    Russia
b)    England
c)    Scotland

5.    When Robin opened his eyes, he was

a)    at the airport.
b)    at the station.
c)    in Westminster Abbey.

6.    Big silver birds were really

a)    trains
b)    dragons
c)    planes

7.    Misha and Robin took Alice to

a)    London
b)    the Natural History Museum
c)    Tunbridge Wells
8 Who could say these words? Who to?

Model: "We are waiting for Robin MacWizard!" — Misha's family
           (the Inins) said to Robin.

1.    "The key to the tunnel is the Stone."
2.    "I made a big mistake."
3.    "You are in Russia, not in London."
4.    "I can't fly any more!"
5.    "I am lost. My friends live in Tunbridge Wells."


A Rewrite the sentences. Use the correct information from the text.

Model:Somebody said the magic words and something opened. — Robin's
           father said the magic words and the tunnel opened.

1.    Something will close two days after Halloween.
2.    Something was the key to the time tunnel.
3.    Something was very scary.
4.    Somebody saw somebody with a poster.
5.    Somebody understood his mistake.
6.    Somebody flew to London, but something wasn't there.

В Do you recognize these verbs? Put the letters in the verbs in the correct order.

declos, tem, emca, lefl, tog, newt, erew, olucd, wsa, idsa, koto, lefw, ndofu. eonped, shoce, edar, asw, adh

С Who did these things? Write the answers. Use the Past Simple.

Model:live in Edinburgh — Robin and his father lived in Edinburgh.

1.    attack Scotland
2.    believe in the Stone of Destiny
3.    want to return the Stone to Scotland
4.    have a plan
5.    look for relatives in the future
6.    choose somebody for the mission
7.    try to open the channel
8.    go to the future
9.    check everything
10.    open the tunnel
11.    see big silver birds
12.    want to go back
13.    tell Robin that he was in Russia
14.    understand somebody's mistake
15.    return the Stone to Scotland
16.    take Alice to Tunbridge Wells
17.    meet the family

D Get ready to retell Robin's story briefly.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 6 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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