Library rules

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Library rules

How to build words

Суффикс -ity

С помощью суффикса -ity можно образовать существительные от прилагательных.

necessary — необходимый
necessity — необходимость


1    Translate the words into Russian.

activity, possibility, responsibility, nationality, regularity, similarity, speciality

2    Form the nouns from the adjectives in brackets and complete the sentences.

Is there any ... that we can help her? (POSSIBLE)
She has got the Nobel Prize for her ... . (ACTIVE)
There was no ... in his actions. (REGULAR)
People of different ... live in Russia. (NATIONAL)
It was his ... to walk the dog. (RESPONSIBLE)


3    Mark and Rob have come to St David's School library. There are a lot of notices on the walls. Scan the Short Loan Collection notice and choose the correct answers.

To charge a fine means
a) to take money from somebody who has done something wrong
b) to do something nice
c) to borrow some money

The best translation for Short Loan Collection is
a)    коллекция краткосрочного пользования
b)    коллекция маленького займа
с) читальный зал

Short Loan Collection

When a lot of students and teachers need the same book, the library does not buy a lot of extra copies. We put one copy of the book in the Short Loan Collection, where it is available for two hours. These books are used inside the library.
After two hours the books are returned to the Desk. Short loan books are also borrowed overnight — two hours before the library closes — and must be returned by 9 a.m. on the next working day. Fines of 50p per hour per book are charged for late returns.

4    Mark these sentences true or false.

1.    Books are put in the Short Loan Collection because they are very rare or expensive.
2.    Books from the Short Loan Collection are never used outside the library.
3.    If a book is popular, the library always buys a lot of extra copies.
4.    You can use books from the Short Loan Collection for two hours.


5    Make questions for these sentences. Start with the words in brackets.

1.    These books are used inside the library. (Where)
2.    After two hours the books are returned to the Desk. (When)
3.    Short loan books are also borrowed overnight two hours before the library closes. (What)
4.    Fines of 50p per hour per book are charged for late returns. (What)

6    Listen to the information about opening times and correct the mistake.


7 Look through the notices for the Short Loan Collection and the opening times again and complete the sentences.

1.    If I want to photocopy something from the library on Saturday, I have to come not later than at ... o'clock.
2.    If I want to borrow a book from the Short Loan Collection overnight on Monday, I can do it between ... and ... o'clock.
3.    If I borrow a book from the Short Loan Collection on Friday night and return it at 3 p.m. on Saturday, the library will charge a fine of ... .
4.    If I borrow two books from the Short Loan Collection on Saturday night and return them at 11 a.m. on Monday, the library will charge me a fine of ... .
8 Read the do Library Rules notice for detail. Use a dictionary if necessary.


Library Rules

•    Ail library equipment and books should be used carefully
•    Conversations should be kept to a minimum and as quiet as possible
•    Personal stereos should not be used in the library
•    Mobile phones should be turned off before readers enter the library
•    No food or drink is allowed
•    All borrowed books should be brought back by the due date
•    Fines for the late return of the books should be paid
•    All books should be shown to the librarians before you leave the library  
•    Everybody should be treated very politely    

Library Cards
You should

•    have your library card with you when you are in the library.
•    not lend your card to anybody else.
•    show your card to any librarian who wants to see it.
•    inform the library if your library card is lost.
•    inform the library if your address changes.

9 Answer the question: Will you be able to do these things if you come to St David's School library?

borrow books, listen to music, talk loudly, talk to friends on the phone, borrow books from the Short Loan Collection, have a snack, drink some tea or coffee, lend your library card to somebody else, speak to people rudely, ignore the fines, use the photocopiers, recall books from other readers, come to the library without a library card

Model:  I will be able to borrow books from the library. /1 won't be able to borrow books from the library.
10 Find the sentences in the passive. Why was the Passive used in those sentences?

11    When Mark's sister, Rosy, was at St David's School, the rules in the library were the same. Rewrite the Library Rules in the Past Simple.

Model:All library books and equipment were used carefully.

12    If you come to St David's School library in some years, the rules will probably not change. What will they be like?

Model: All library books and equipment will be used carefully.

13 Copy the table into your exercise books. Listen to the speaker and complete the information for the "Number of books and periods of loan".


Number of books and periods of loan

The number of books a reader may have on loan at any one time and the normal periods of loan are:

     Senior school
    Sixth form

These are maximum periods of loan. Please do not keep books any longer. Fines will be charged if you don't return the books on the due date at a rate of 20p per day. For Short Loan Collection books the fine is 50p per hour.

14 Answer the questions.

1.    Who can borrow the smallest number of books? Why?
2.    What will happen if a reader returns the book late?
3.    How much will a reader have to pay if he / she returns three books a week late? How much is it in roubles?
4.    How much will a reader have to pay if he / she returns a book from the Short Loan Collection a day late? How much is it in roubles?

For your information

Senior school — средняя школа. В возрасте 11 лет по окончании начальной школы английские школьники идут в первый класс средней школы, в которой они учатся 5 или 7 лет. В возрасте 16 лет они заканчивают пятый класс, сдают государственный экзамен GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) и получают сертификат о среднем образовании. В шестой класс (Sixth form) идут те школьники, которые хотят продолжить обучение в университете. В шестом классе они учатся 2 года и по окончании сдают экзамен на A-level (уровень повышенной трудности). Экзамены сдаются по выбранным учениками предметам.


A You need to borrow three books: "Doctor Zhivago", "Three Men in a Boat" and "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes". Check your online search results and say:

1.    Who is the author of
                      "Doctor Zhivago"  
                      "Three Men in a Boat"
                      "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes"?
2.    Where and when were these books published?
3.    Which of these books are available at the moment?
4.    When will the other books be returned?


К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 8 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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