The easiest way isn't always the best

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The easiest way isn't always the best

1    How much do you remember?

1.    Artos is

a) a Roman
b) a Celt
c) a Saxon

2.    Artos's tribe is in danger because

a) the Angles and the Saxons want their land
b) the Romans want their land
c) other Celts want their land

3.    King Arthur

a) protected the Celts
b) was a Saxon king
c) was Artos's father

4.    In the fifth century AD the Celts were

a) Christians
b) pagans
c) Druids

5.    Artos had a very strange dream because

a) he had the ring on his finger
b) he was scared
c) he was a wizard

2    Listen and read.

a slave - раб              Wealas 13-10-15.jpg - одно из древних названий Уэльса
Picts — пикты           Scots — скотты

3    Read and check your answers.

The easiest way isn't always the best

The next morning was bright and clear. The meeting started in the afternoon. Everybody went to the special meeting place near the mountain. All the members of the tribe were sitting in a huge ring. Usually people made jokes and smiled, but today everybody was gloomy.
Suddenly a thousand voices shouted "Who has the ring?" "I have the ring," Artos's father, Cedric, answered. "Speak, we are listening," shouted the tribe. "What's the motto?"
"Fight for the ring! Fight with the ring! Fight in the ring!" a thousand voices shouted again.
Then Cedric started: "You know the bad news, but we mustn't lose hope.

Yes, we will lose our farms, our animals and our houses. But we are together and we have the tribe's gold. It will help us in the new land. Today we'll have to choose. Where do we go?

We can go to the West where our brothers and sisters Celts live. It is a beautiful green land with lakes and mountains. We can find safety there - for a while (на какое-то время). There we will be with friendly Celtic tribes — for a while.
But if we go to the West, the pagan Germanic tribes will follow us - in ten years or in fifty years or even in a hundred years. Where do we go then? Into the sea?
The alternative (другой выход) is the North, the cold, dangerous land of Picts and Scots. The Angles and the Saxons will not follow us there — ever (там англы и саксы никогда не будут нас преследовать). Many Celtic tribes are already there. We will not be alone."
Cedric sat down. A man of about forty stood up. He came up to Cedric and took the ring. His face was angry.
"Cedric is old and mad," he said. "I have two daughters. They will want to live a civilised life, marry a civilised husband, have civilised children. They don't want to live with horrible Picts and Scots. We don't even know their language. The West for me!" Somebody laughed.
Suddenly Artos ran forward and snatched (выхватил) the ring from the man.
'Artos, please. We have no time for your nonsense," shouted Cedric.
But nothing could stop the boy. "I have the ring," he said "I can speak!"
People smiled. "Let him speak! He has the ring!"
"Yesterday Artos said, "I was playing with the ring. I put it on my finger and I fell asleep. I had a dream. I must tell you about it."
Everybody was listening now.
"Suddenly I was flying. Up, up, over the mountains. Over rivers. Over forests. I was in the West. I saw people. They were cold and wet. I looked into their faces.

They were you. Then everything changed. It was the same place, but there was a small town there. Everybody was happy. The houses were nice." "You see — the West is best," shouted the man. "Sssshhh! He has the ring, the ring speaks," said the people. "I was still in that land, but everything changed again," said Artos. "There was a big castle near the small town. The people in the castle were tall and rich. They had many soldiers. But they didn't speak our language. They called that land Wealas, the land of slaves. The people who lived in the small town spoke our language. They were poor and unhappy. I think they were our grandchildren. Then I heard a voice, 'The easiest way is not always the best' it said." The crowd was silent.
"Then I flew north into the land of the Picts. I saw the same people again. They were working day and night. The land was poor, the lakes cold, the winds strong and the mountains unfriendly, but those people were free and happy. A voice said to me "Your way is the hard one."
Artos finished, but nobody spoke. The people's faces were sad but brave. They were thinking about the long and dangerous way to the North; the way to freedom.

4 Answer the questions.

1.    Who could speak at the meeting?
2.    Did the tribe have a leader?
3.    Where could the tribe go?
4.    Which was the easier choice?
5.    Which was the more difficult choice?
6.    Which way did the people choose?
        (Show the place on the map.)
7.    Why did they choose it?

5 Look at the text again. Match the names from the text with modern names (совре менные названия). More than one answer can be right.

1.    Scotland
2.    Wales

a)    Wealas
b)    the North
c)    The West
d)    the land of Picts and Scots


6    Complete the sentences: What did the ring say?

It will be difficult, but the people will be free if...
It will be easy, but the grandchildren of the people will be slaves if...

7    Match the parts of the sentences. Complete the explanations.

1.    People from the tribe call Wales the West...
2.    In the future people will call the West Wealas (the land of slaves)...
3.    Cedric calls the Angles and the Saxons pagan Germanic tribes...
4.    Cedric calls Scotland the land of Picts and Scots...
5.    People call Scotland the North...

a)    because other Celtic tribes — the Picts and Scots — live there.
b)    because it is in the north of Great Britain.
c)    because they weren't Christians and came from Germany.
d)    because it is in the west of Great Britain.
e)    because the Angles and the Saxons will come to that country and the Celts will become slaves.

8    What are the reasons (аргументы) for and against the West? Who said the words?

       Who said it?
    For (за)

   Against (против)
The man    
The voice   

9 What were the reasons for and against the North? Who said the words?

           Who said it?     For (за)     Against (против )
The man  
The voice

10 Choose the answer and find the second key to the treasure.

What was the most important thing for Artos's tribe?
land, gold, the ring, freedom, religion

A   Do the crossword in the Workbook and check your answer.

1.    Artos fell asleep by the ....
2.    Artos' tribe are the people of the ....
3.    Some Celts went to the... because it was not far away.
4.    The person who gave Artos good advice was a Christian ...
5.    The name of the land of Picts and Scots today is ... .
6.    The table of King Arthur and his knights was ....
7.    The special meeting place was by the ....


В Translate into English.

В пятом веке на Британские острова пришли англы и саксы. Это были германские племена. Кельты были христианами, а саксы — язычниками. Саксы нападали на кельтов и забирали их землю. Некоторые кельтские племена ушли на запад. Сейчас это Уэльс. Другие кельтские племена ушли на север. Сейчас это Шотландия.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 7 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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