The ring of the Druids

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The ring of the Druids

1 Listen and read.

The ring of the Druids

The ring of the Druids

ВС - Before Christ [kraist] - до нашей эры
AD — Anno Domini 9-10-78.jpg — наша эра

2 Before you read. Try to choose the right answers.

1.    Кто жил на Британских островах до нашей эры?

а) кельтские племена
Ь) римляне
с) англичане

2.    Кто пытался завоевать Британские острова в начале нашей эры?

а) кельтские племена
Ь) римляне
с) англичане

3.    Кем были друиды?

а) воинами
Ь) кельтскими священниками и учителями
с) римскими священниками

4.    Каковы были отношения между завоевателями и коренным населением Британских островов?

а) были врагами
Ь) были друзьями
с) иногда были врагами, а иногда друзьями

5.    Какой город был столицей Англии в те времена?

а) Рим
Ь) Лондон
с) Колчестер

6.    Кем был Юлий Цезарь?

а) римским императором
Ь) римским аристократом и впоследствии императором
с) писателем

3    Answer the questions:

1. What is the story about?
2. When does the story take place?

4    Read and check your answers. Use a dictionary.

The ring of the Druids

The Ring of the Druids

"Grandpa, why do you always look so sad when    you look at that big gold ring with snakes on?" my little grandson Mark asked me today. I can't tell him    now The story is sad. But I am old, my time is    coming. When Mark is eleven, he will get the ring    and this letter. Then he will understand.   

I was born in Rome in AD 41 and, to me, it was    the best place in the world. But when I was fifteen, my family moved to Britain - a dangerous island, full of wild Celts. We lived near Cambridge in a small house. Not far from our house there was a big wall. Roman territory ended there. The wall was very long. A Celtic tribe, the Iceni, lived behind it. They were not enemies, but they were not friends either.   

One day I was sitting next to the wall, when а stone landed at my feet.   

"Roman pig! Get out of our land!" (убирайся с нашей земли) a voice shouted. I looked up and saw    a girl standing on the wall. Suddenly she slipped and fell right off (упала со стены)\ She didn't move. I thought she was dead. But she opened her eyes and smiled.   

"Nothing can happen to me," she said. "I am    wearing my father's ring." She showed me a big gold ring on her finger.   

"Who is your father?" I asked.   

"He is a Druid!"   

I was really scared then. My granddad told me about Druids. He was with Julius Caesar when the Romans first came to the British Isles. My granddad never forgot the tall, angry men with long white hair and long white clothes.

The ring of the Druids

"They cursed (прокляли) us! Caesar had so much trouble with them that he soon went back to Rome!" the old man always said.

The girl read my mind (девчонка прочитала мои мысли).

"Don't be stupid," she said. "Druids are our doctors, teachers and leaders. They learn their magic from plants. By the way, I am Helori. What's your name?"

We became friends and met near the wall or in the forest. We had wonderful talks about everything in the world. I knew a few Celtic words, but Helori's Latin was better, so we spoke Latin. Helori told me about the trees, the birds and the animals in Britain and I told her about Rome and the great Roman roads and bridges.

There was only one cloud on the horizon. Helori's mother was the sister of Boudicca, the queen of the Iceni tribe. Helori loved her aunt.

"She is strong and clever and fair," Helori said. "She will always fight for our freedom."

I didn't like it when Helori spoke about Romans and Celts, and the trouble between them. One day I knew why: I was in love with her; I wanted to marry her. When I told Helori about my feelings, she said, "I love you too. Let's get married."

Three months later we had a secret wedding. We didn't tell our parents or our friends. But our happiness was short. I was in the army, and our legion had to move to the north.   

When I was saying a last goodbye to Helori, she suddenly said, "Come back alive, Patrick. Come back for your son (вернись ради своего сына)"

The ring of the Druids

I was far away in the north when I heard the terrible news. The Romans were starting a war with the Iceni. They were killing their men, women and children.

"You must give us your money and your land," the Romans said to Queen Boudicca. Boudicca started a revolt. She burnt the Roman capital, Colchester, and killed all the Romans there. Then she burnt Londinium. The woman had no mercy, but I could understand her. Our legion rushed back (поспешил назад) to Colchester. When we were near the town, we saw that it was too late. Our families and friends were dead. There was only one thing we wanted to do — find Boudicca and her people and kill them all. Our legion left the next morning. I had to go too. I was a soldier.

We found the Iceni not far from Londinium. There was a terrible battle. Romans and Celts were dying around me, but I wasn't looking around. I was fighting for my mother, for my father and for my five little sisters. Suddenly I saw Helori. She was under a big oak tree. An old Druid was standing next to her. Roman arrows were flying around him, but he didn't notice them. He had something in his arms.

I ran towards them. Helori was bleeding, but she smiled when she saw me. "Why didn't your father's ring protect you?" I shouted.

"I don't need it any more," she said, and I saw tears in her eyes. "My life is in the life of the Iceni. Our tribe will die together. We cannot change that! But there is hope — our son. He is half Roman and half Celt. Take care of him! Goodbye my love!" And she died.

Suddenly the Druid spoke.

"I don't like you, young Roman. But I can't hate you. You are the father of my grandson. My daughter loved you. Here is your son. Be a good father to him. Take the ring too. The magic of the Druids will protect you." He gave me my son. Then he took the ring off his finger and put it into my hand. "Save your son," he said. 'And remember the Druids."

I ran into the forest. My son was crying in my arms. When I turned round, I saw the Druid under the big oak tree. He was dead.

The ring of the Druids

5 Look at the text again and match the names with the descriptions.

1.    Iceni tribe
2.    Boudicca
3.    Helori
4.    Rome
5.    Colchester
6.    Celts
7.    Romans
8.    Londinium
9.    Patrick
10. Latin

a)    The name of the Iceni girl
b)    The Roman capital
c)    The name of London then (в то время)
d)    The name of the writer of the story
e)    The people who came to the British Isles from Rome
f)    The people who lived on the British Isles before the Romans came
g)    The name of the Iceni queen
h)    The language of the Romans
i)    The place where the writer of the story was born
j) The name of Boudicca's tribe
6    True or false? Read the sentences from the text and explain your answers.

1.    The Romans were good builders.
2.    The Druids were dangerous people.
3.    The Celts and the Romans were enemies.
4.    Julius Caesar came to Britain with his army, but he didn't stay long.
5.    The Iceni wanted to be free.
6.    The Romans wanted the Iceni's land.

7    Who said these words and in what situation?

1.    "Grandpa, why do you always look so sad when you look at that big gold ring with snakes on?"
2.    "Roman pig! Get out of our land!"
3.    "They cursed us! Caesar had so much trouble with them that he soon went back to Rome."
4.    "Come back alive, Patrick, come back for your son."
5.    "You must give us your money and your land."
6.    "Why didn't your father's ring protect you?"
7.    "Save your son and remember the Druids."

8    Answer the questions.

1.    Who is telling the story?
2.    Where was the writer born?
3.    Where did he live in England?
4.    Where was the end of the Roman territory?
5.    How did the Roman boy and the Celtic girl meet?
6.    Why didn't the girl die when she fell off the wall?
7.    What was the girl's name?
8.    Who was the girl's aunt?
9.    Why was the Roman boy scared of Druids?
10.    Patrick and Helori got married, didn't they?
11.    Who started the war between the Romans and the Celts?
12.    What happened in the end?
13.    What did the ring bring in this story?


A Fill in the gaps with the words and complete the information.

Londinium, roads, Celts, queen, Romans, Latin, Julius Caesar, Colchester, enemies, tribes, bridges

More than two thousand years ago ... lived on the British Isles. They lived in groups. We call these groups .... Every group had its king or ... . 

The ... first came to the British Isles in 55 ВС. They came with their leader .... They won a lot of battles and left.

The Romans came back in AD 43. They came with 40,000 soldiers. The Romans were great builders. They built cities, ... and .... Their capital in Britain was .... Romans built London too. They called it ... . Romans spoke ....

A lot of Celts learnt this language. Sometimes Celts and Romans lived together, but sometimes they were .... The Romans wanted the Iceni's land and in 60 AD the Iceni tribe revolted.
В Listen and check your answers.

С Do the crossword and find the first key to the treasure.

1.    The name of the girl
2.    The nationality of the boy
3.    The name of the boy
4.    The nationality of the girl


The ring of the Druids


К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 7 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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