When was the Russian State Library founded? Grammar Действительный и страдательный залог

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When was the Russian State Library founded

The Active voice and the Passive voice (действительный залог и страдательный залог)

Залог — это форма глагола, которая показывает: сам предмет или лицо производит действие (действительный залог) или действие производится над предметом или лицом (страдательный залог). Например:

Действительный залог (Active voice): Kate sent a letter last week. — Катя послала письмо на прошлой неделе.

Страдательный залог (Passive voice): The letter was sent by Kate last week. - Письмо было послано Катей на прошлой неделе.

В страдательном залоге часто не упоминается, кем или с помощью чего было совершено действие, но если такая информация нужна, то используются предлогиby (кем) или with (с помощью чего). Например:
The job was done by Ann. — Работа была сделана Аней.
The letter was written with a pen. — Письмо было написано ручкой.

Образование страдательного залога

Страдательный залог образуется с помощью вспомогательного глагола to be, который изменяется по временам, и третьей формы глагола, которая остается неизменной.

Формы глагола в страдательном залоге

      Present Simple 
     A lot of books are printed every year.     Много книг печатается каждый год.
      Past Simple
     This book was printed in 1905.     Эта книга была напечатана в 1905 году.
      Future Simple
     This book will be printed next year.     Эта книга будет напечатана в следующем году.
     Present Progressive      Page 10 is being printed at the moment.
     Страница 10 печатается в данный момент.
     Past Progressive     When the author phoned, his book was being printed.      Когда автор позвонил, его книга ечаталась.
    Present Perfect       This book has already been printed twice this year.
     Эта книга уже напечатана в этом году  дважды.
    Past Perfect
    This document had been printed before the police arrived.
    Этот документ был напечатан до  того, как прибыла полиция.

Образование утвердительных, отрицательных и вопросительных предложений

Действительный и страдательный залог

Способы перевода предложений в страдательном залоге на русский язык

•    с помощью глагола быть и краткой формы причастия страдательного залога.
Обратите внимание, что глагол быть в настоящем времени опускается.

The letter is written. — Письмо написано.
The letter was written. — Письмо было написано.
The letter will be written. — Письмо будет написано.

•    неопределенно-личными предложениями

The room is cleaned every day. — Комнату моют каждый день.
The room was cleaned every day. — Комнату мыли каждый день.
The room will be cleaned every day. — Комнату будут мыть каждый день.

•    с помощью глаголов, которые оканчиваются на -ся

The house is being built. — Дом строится.
The house was being built. — Дом строился.

The house will be built. — Дом построят.

страдательном залоге

Действительный и страдательный залог

1 Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verb to be. Match the pictures with the sentences.

1.    The bench... painted every year.
2.    The bench... just ... painted.
3.    The bench... painted a long time ago.
4.    The bench... painted tomorrow.
5.    The bench... painted now.


2 Translate the sentences into Russian. Pay attention to the passive.

1.    Some libraries were founded by kings and presidents.
2.    This book was published in 1890.
3.    This work will be finished in March.
4.    Your fax is being sent at the moment.
5.    This letter won't be sent until tomorrow.
6.    All my friends are invited to this party.
7.    All the reports at the UN are translated into Chinese.
8.    When he came into the room, his letter was being read.   
9.    We all hope that your lost dog will be found soon.

3    Make the sentences negative.

1.    This bicycle was broken by my brother.
2.    The shop will be closed tomorrow.
3.    Last year English was taught by another teacher.
4.    My favourite book was written by Pushkin.
5.    The fax has just been sent.
6.    Coffee is being made at the moment.

4    Make general questions from the words in brackets. Answer them.

Model:French / teach / in this school - Is French taught in this school?

1.    ten years ago / write / the book
2.    this room / clean / every day
3.    sell / food / in this shop
4.    check / homework / often
5.    shops / on Sundays / close
6.    a lot of mistakes / make / in your last English test
5    Mark these statements true or false. Correct the false statements.

1.    The biggest Russian Library is in St Petersburg.
2.    The Russian State Library was founded in 1918.
3.    The Russian State Library was founded by Lenin.
4.    The Russian State Library was named after Lenin.
5.    The Russian State Library has been renamed four times.
6.    The Russian State Library has been built for about twenty years.

6    Put questions for the underlined words and give correct answers.

1.    The biggest Russian Library is in St Petersburg.
2.    The Russian State Library was founded in 1918.
3.    The Russian State Library was founded by Lenin.
4.    The Russian State Library has been renamed four times.
5.    The Russian State Library was built for about twenty years.
6.    The Russian State Library is closed on Sundays.

7    Misha is telling his friends about Russia's most famous library. Complete the text with these verbs. Use the Present Passive or the Past Passive.

to present, to read, to found, to rename, to call, to give, to build, to rename


Russia's State Library is in Moscow. It is the largest library in Europe and the second largest library in the world. It is also Moscow's first public library.  

The library ... in 1862 and ... the Rumyantsev Library. Originally the library had contained the books from Count Nicolai Rumyantsev's book and manuscript collection. Those books ... by his children. The library grew quickly, and thousands of books ... to the library by private collectors.

In 1924 the library ... after Lenin and became the country's national library. At that time the main building of the library... . It took about twenty years to finish it.

In 1992 the library ... again and became the Russian State Library.

Nowadays there are thousands of ancient manuscripts and unique documents in the library, which ... by thousands of people every day.


8 Listen to Misha and check your answers.


A Look through the texts on page 47 in the Workbook No 1 and answer the questions.

1.    When was ink invented?
2.    Was this invention made by the Egyptians or by the Chinese?
3.    What was used to make ink?
4.    The oldest piece of paper was found in Egypt, wasn't it?
5.    Where was the first official stamp invented?
6.    Why is the stamp called the Penny Black?
7.    What was invented by Samuel Morse?
8.    What is transmitted with the help of the telegraph?
9.    Who was e-mail invented by?

В Rewrite the sentences in the Passive voice.

Model: Somebody robbed the house last year. — The house was robbed last
           year. When did they rob the house? — When was the house robbed?

1.    Somebody lost the keys in the garden.
2.    Somebody will send an e-mail tomorrow.
3.    Somebody has borrowed this book.
4.    They will charge a fine.
5.    They make phone calls every day.
6.    When did they publish the book?
7.    What did they use to make pizza?
С Do the extra exercises in the Workbook.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 8 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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