Why has Jane been crying?

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Why has Jane been crying

Present Perfect Progressive может употребляться без указания на период времени, в течение которого происходило действие. В таких случаях из контекста понятно, что действие только что закончилось и оставило своеобразный "след", который служит объяснением положения вещей в момент речи. Например:

Why has Jane been crying

1 Write answers for the questions. Use the ideas in the box.

work at night, talk to the director, run, make a fire

1.    Why do you look so pale?
2.    Why are your hands dirty?
3.    Why are you breathing so fast?
4.    Why is she looking tired?

2 Look at the pictures and say: What has been happening?

Model:1 — He has been working in the garden.
Why has Jane been crying
3 Translate the sentences into English.

1.    У нее красные глаза. Она плакала.
2.    Крыши домов мокрые. Шел дождь.
3.    Его футболка грязная. Он играл в футбол.


Но ведь время Present Perfect тоже употребляется для выражения действий, которые произошли в прошлом, но результатом связаны с настоящим. В чем же разница?

Ты абсолютно прав. Однако обрати внимание: Present Perfect Progressive употребляется в тех случаях, когда мы говорим о длительном процессе: I have been reading this book all night.
Present Perfect употребляется тогда, когда нам важен факт совершения или несовершения действия: I have read this book. It's interesting.

4    Read the expressions.

to laugh one's head off — смеяться до упаду
to spot smth — заметить что-либо
to get jealous — ревновать, завидовать

5    It's St Valentine's Day and Mr Grams has just entered the room. Look at the pictures and say: "What has been happening?" / "What has happened?" Use the words and expressions.

to look for smth, to fight, to cry, to laugh one's head off, to get a valentine, to send a valentine

Model:Misha and Ben have been fighting.

Why has Jane been crying

6 Try to guess. Why have Misha and Ben been fighting? Make up a short story.

7    a) Listen to the conversation. Do you think the situation is funny? Why? Why not?
      b) Read the conversation and find sentences in the Present Perfect Progressive and Present Perfect.

Why has Jane been crying
Mr Grams: Who's on duty today? What has been happening here?
Boys:     Misha and Ben have been fighting. Jane
          has been crying. The other girls have been looking for presents in their bags, but only
          Emily has got one. And we have been laughing our heads off.
Mr Grams: I don't understand. Tell me everything from the beginning.
Boys:     It all started with Jane Becker. In the first lesson she opened her bag and saw
          that somebody had put a present there. She told everybody about the present and during
          the break we all waited for the demonstration of the present. She opened the box and found a
          really nice bear. All the other girls got jealous and opened their bags to look.
          They hoped to find some secret presents too. Then Jane spotted a valentine in the box.
          It said "To a very special girl. Grandad." Jane started to cry. But then we forgot about
          her because at that moment Emily Wilson found two valentines: one was from a secret admirer
          and the other one was from Misha. Then Misha and Ben started to fight.
          They both sent valentines to Emily Wilson.

Why has Jane been crying
Mr Grams: I don't see anything funny about it. On Valentine's Day we send presents to everybody we like, not just boys to girls and girls to boys. Jane, you're lucky to have such a nice present from your grandad. You should send him a valentine too. Emily, congratulations, now you know that you have two friends who'll never let you down.

8    Write the questions for the answers.

Model:Why have the girls been looking for presents in their bags? — Because they got jealous.

1.    ...? — Because they got jealous.
2.    ...? — Jane Becker found a secret valentine present.
3.    ...? — Because she has received a present from her grandad.
4.    ...? — Because they both sent valentines to Emily Wilson.
5.    ...? — Because they thought that the situation was very funny.

9    Think of a short funny story from real life. Finish it with: We laughed our heads off.


A Last year Misha, Rob and Mark read the MacWizard family history book. They wanted to find the seven keys to the lost treasure of the MacWizards. They had only read three and a half stories when they lost the book. Mark is still hoping to find the book again.

2-10-38.jpg  Read the conversation. Найдите в тексте и выпишите глаголы в форме Present Perfect Progressive, когда действие уже закончилось к моменту речи, но явственно виден его "след".

Why has Jane been crying

Misha: What's wrong with you, Mark? You look pale and your eyes are red. Have you been crying?
Mark: Of course, not. I have been surfing the net all night.
Misha: What have you been looking for?
Mark: I have been looking for the MacWizards' family history book.
Misha: Oh no, not again. How can you find it on the Internet?
Mark: Of course, I can't find the book. There is only one book and we've lost it. But I found the second part of the story about the Normans and Elmer.
Misha: Really? Tell me all about it!
Mark: I went to the Senate House Library website. They have a lot of old books and manuscripts there. I put the key words of the story into their search engine and... I found a copy of our story in the library. A hundred years ago my great-grandfather gave some copies of our family manuscripts to the library.
Misha: That's wonderful! When can we read it?
Mark: I wrote a letter to Rosy. She'll go up to London, get a copy of the manuscripts and send them to us.


For your information

Senate House Library is one of the most important academic libraries of the United Kingdom. It dates back to 1838 and has about two million titles, most of them in Humanities and Social Sciences. It also has a good collection for History and Philosophy of Science, Technology and Medicine.

В Choose the correct answer.

1.    What is the Internet?
a)    a worldwide network which connects millions of computers
b)    a computer
c)    an electronic letter

2.    What is a website?
a)    an electronic letter
b)    a page on the net with some information
c)    a piece of land

3.    What is a search engine?
a)    a car
b)    a special computer
c)    a programme which looks for specific information by keyword


К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 8 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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