What does the future hold

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Lessons 1-2 What does the future hold?


1 Look at the pictures and answer the questions below.

What will follow books?
Can it replace books in the way books replaced other means of storing information?



2 A. Read the words and their definitions. Three of them are mixed. Find and match them properly.

1 access (something)
2 doubt
3 current
4 on-line
5 predict (something)
6 provide (somebody with something)
7 remain
8 replace (something)

a) have the ability or right to enter or use
b) a feeling of being unsure
c) take the place of something or somebody
d) belonging to the present time
e) see or describe the future
f) to supply
g) continue to be unchanged
h) connected with the computer network

 B. Listen to what different people think about the future of books and computers.
Tick the correct column.

       Dana       Michael
   Paper books will always exist

   Books and computers will coexIst

   Computers will replace oooks

 C. Listen to the tape again and tick the arguments each speaker used.

a) Computers allow us to access the latest information really quickly.
b) It's much easier to edit and print documents using a PC.
c) Interaction with the world is a great advantage of a computer.

a) Books are enjoyable things.
b) One of the good thIngs about a book is that you can take it to Oed.

a) A printed page is better for human eyes than a computer screen,
b) Printed books are cheaper and easier to use.

a) Printed books don't need electricity.
b) Books have always been a part of human culture, so they will be used as well as computers.

a) Large amounts of information become available through computers
b) Computers are better at storing information.


D. Read one more opinion on the future of books.

Fill in the gaps with the words from the left column in ex, 2A.
Listen to the tape and check your answers.

There is no (1) ,.. about the advantages of books (2) .... They are going to (3) printed books in future, Printed books will (4) ... only in scientific libraries and only specialists will have an (5)... to them, But even tlleywill prefer computers to books to (6).. most (7) .. information, It IS Impossible to (8) everybody with books on-line bit I'm just (9) ,.. the future in the way I see It.

E. What do you think about the future of books and computers?

Prepare a one minute talk (6-7 sentences), For ideas see ex, 2B, 2C, 20.

дон кихот


3 A. Read the article by Irma Larrea and answer the questions alongside the text.

Translate the highlighted phrase.

английский язык

Do you prefer to read a book or use a computer? Do you think that a book is too heavy to carry? Are you a person from the Internet era? Every day, these ideas go through my mInd.

Many years ago, Marshall McLuhan who was a communication theoretician predicted that, in the future, humans will prefer computers to printed books. He defined computers as extensions of the human nervous system, and he thought that they wIll allow people to reach every part of the world, in only a few minutes or seconds. He was right, but he never saw the accomplishment of his prediction, because he died in 1980.

английский язык
B. This summary contains four factual mistakes. Find and correct them.

The author raises the problem of the future of books, She agrees with Marshall McLuhan's opinion that computers will conquer the world. She says that printed books have no future, Irma has some sentimental memones about how she read "Don Quixote de la Mancha". But the electronoc era has changed her relationship with books and now she thinks that books on-line are entirely replacing printed books.

C. Who do you think is right - Marshall McLuhan or Irma? Give your reasons.


4 Recall the names of the objects in the picture.


Language work

5 A. Compare the sentences below.

Which verb torm expresses the strongest degree of certainty (cтепень уверенности)?
How do you know? If necessary refer to the

1 Computers are going to replace bOOks in the future, (There's much evidence of that.)
2 Computers will replace books in the future, (I'm quite sure.)
3 Computers may replace books in the future, (It is qUite possible,)
4 Computers might replace books in the future, (It is possible,)
5 Computers could replace books in the future, (It is possible.)

B. Below on the scale try to place the verbs in bold according to the degree of certainty they express.

английский язык

C. Compare the negative sentences.

Which expresses a stronger degree of certainty?

1 Computers won't replace books in the future, (I'm sure.)
2 Computers may / might not replace books in the future, (It is quite possible / possible they won't.)

D. Which one, (a) or (b) is closest in meaning to the sentence given on the left?

  1 It's possible that paperback books will become less popular.    

     a) Paperback books are going to become less popular.

      b) Paperback books might become less popular.

   2 Certainly, people will get their news by electronic  media. 

      a) Most current information will come through computers.

      b) Most current information may come through computers.                                                                                                                                  

   3 I'm sure computers will never replace teachers                 
at schools, schools.

       a) Computers might not replace teachers at

        b) Computers won't replace teachers at schools.

   4 Paperback books will probably be read by the  poor, the old, and collectors only.     

        a) Paperback books might be read only by the  poor, the old, and collectors.
        b) Paperback books will be read only by th"e poor, the old, and collectors

   5 It's likely that most libraries for books will disappear. On-line books are becoming more popular.  

       a) Most libraries for books may disappear,

       b) Most libraries are going to disappear.


6 You are going to write a time capsule.

Think what will happen to books and computers in 10 years' time,
Write a paragraph on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place.
Read it in 10 years to see it you were right.


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